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Amateur Hour 2012

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Re: Amateur Hour '12

Not necessarily weaker.. but I'd say less developed. The ones I've taken recently have a thicker layer around the stem. I noticed because when I take clones I scar the tissue at the end of the stem.

I think my buds look lovely at day 25 of being under 12/12, although rather leafy. I'm not sure if it's just the strain (might be the obvious choice) or the nutrients.. Anyone have experience in using Thrive Alive B-1 in flower? I read it was supposed to aid density, but I've also read to stear away from it's use in flower. I'm loving it for veg, transplants, and preventing shock. The buds show no sign of slowing growth though so I'm not worried.

The soil I used had some fertilizer in it, I bought the cheapest shit I could find. That might be the cause for the excessive foliage. Once my supply is out I'll invest in some higher quality stuff, for now I just flush the soil before transplant.
I don't like the feeling of my expensive nutrients being wasted.

or looking at lopsided pictures. My bad, yet again.. If I wasn't lazy I'd go back and rotate them all, but tough titties.

Here's some buds,
looking frosty forsure!
I wish I could capture them fully in a picture, but all the goddamn leaves get in the way. Believe me, they look better in person. As I'm sure is the way with all the dank pictures on this site.
I need some opinions on whether or not I should introduce Snow Storm Ultra into these ladies diets?

See how they've grown?
I can't wait to see what these ladies produce.
15th day of 12/12 for the first batch.
5th for the second.

The mother that has been supplying the SOG clones.
She was nicknamed Y

And in order from left to right;
Back row is Frisian Dew, Twilight (midget), and Cotton Candy
The front row are all Y clones which I should start Flowering any day now.
The 1st sounds good to me.
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HEY Everybody! I apologize in regards to my absence these past few months. But I confess.. I got in way over my head and the mistake I made is losing sight of practicality.
Like really.. who did I think I was believing I could manage that many plants on different nutrient schedules. :p The SoG idea was cool and it worked, I filled my little box up but what a pain it was to water em all with a Turkey Baster So scratch that. That is now my Drying /Clone/Veg Box.

The first four plants I had going turned out just like I had wanted them to, dense and large. At least until their final feeding.. I had been using TechnaFloras 3-part system. And oddly enough their system calls for varied proportions of each bottle. So I ran out of Boost and was not sure of what substitute to use. And my Amateur Ass figured a new different type of nutrients won't hurt it for the final feed. Sadly I was wrong. They hated it, I could feel their hatred emanating when I got close. The bud seemed to get fluffier and lose its delightful aroma shortly after so I chopped em sooner then expected. Got roughly a Quarter lb of dried not stanky bud. Sold some to make up a little of the expense but kept the majority of the larger nugs for myself. It was still some bomb stuff just not the dense buds I had previously got from the same strain.

Here's some shitty cellular pics. I believe I have better pics on my camera, just need to locate it.

After those four were done I filled up the room with a mother, 3 Mid Sized plants in 1-Gal smart pots, and about 12 other clones in 1-liter bottles. They all looked great until last week.. I went to a a close friends wedding and we all went camping out of town afterwards. Being the genius I usually am I hired my buddy to look after them for a few days, low and behold someone doesn't like to be cautious and take the extra step of zipping the zipper an extra 3 inches to reach the bottom of floor. :thumb: So lets say I have quite a few plants that budded for a month and are now drying out. They will not go to waste though, I'm thinking of trying to make some bubble hash or just get some dry ice and separate the Keif.

And my current operation.. Frisian Dew on back right, Twilight back Middle, and Cotton Candy Back Left. I have the Original Mother plant who is now well over a year old going in for a second budding. And then a Fair sized X-clone in front of the Frisian Dew. Also one 1-liter from the batch who got light leaked on them, and then some new 1-liters who have Vegged for about two weeks.

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HAPPY 4th of JULY!

3 Days of 12/12
1 Feeding
I will be Feeding every Monday and Thursday. With watering the day after.
With the Possibility of introducing Bush Master into the Cotton Candy or Frisian Dew. The Cotton Candy has stretched like 8 inches (edu. est.) on the very top with the rest of the branches stretching out towards the light. If you guys notice I have the Bulb hanging low in the Wing so there is less reflected light compared to direct light. This gives me a more Crescent shaped light spread allowing the plants to grow 2-3 inches above the sides of the Wing and still receive adequate light. The shorter plants would receive more reflected light if the bulb were hanging higher in the Wing, but then I would need to raise the wing altogether to let the tall beasts get their light. But anyways, my hopes are that the side lighting on the tall plants will help prevent too much upward stretching.

Also has anybody seen something like this. I tried searching around and found one other thread of the Frisian Dew Strain with a flat stem. It was only a few posts but the grower explained bud never was produced from the branch that had a flat stem. He also seemed to have reason to believe it was a lack of Silica buuut.. I find it strange I have the same exact strain from the same breeders with the same mutation. Dutch Passion must be using Nuclear Radiation as a stimulant lol.

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I figured out what this Mutation is. It's called Whorled Phyllotaxis.
I've researched some Cannabis grows that demonstrate this odd formation of plant Nodes and Leaves.
From what I could find some Cannabis strains produce strange hulk like buds on their whorled branches, yet some don't produce anything.
Sooo fuck it. I'm leaving the branches on. They grow from the same Node at the the very bottom of the plant, but one stretched a little higher then the other. The shorter one I topped and cut the twisted bunch of leaves off the end to experiment.

But if they don't start to show buds by the time the rest of the plant does I'll probably chop em. I don't want no retard sucklings reducing my overall yield.
How did this grow turn out?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info! :1:

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read the photo gallery tutorial:
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I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Thanks and hope all is well in your world.

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine.