Anxiety & Anger


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I use for such reason, any specific strains to use?
try them all,,,, one will work for you i'm sure,, i like blue dream but i'm still looking.....
Yeah Blue Dream is allright. I like sunshine but it has a horrible come down, which makes me irratable.
Eh, I wasn't that impressed with it honestly.
+1 UP for Blue Dream.

Sativa ( 80%) |Blueberry x Haze

Aroma & Taste
Sweet and fruity.

Great sativa high. I stay functional during the day, then sleep really well at night.

Growing Blue Dream
Sativa dominant so expect a bit of extra wait. Here is a good discussion on growing Blue Dream. One recommendation is to push single kola stretchers vs. training or shrubs.
For anxiety it would be an Indica...personally I like pure Indica like master kush. However all though most dispensaries tout Blue Dream as a 75/25 Sativa It has been documented it is 50/50 and is a strain I use mixed with Harlequin. Thing is with Indica during the day is an issue with me as far as motivation is concerned. I'll mix some Blue Dream or Sativa with Indica to be more alert during the day. You should consider concentrated cannabis works WONDERS for depression & anxiety and does so much more. Best of luck.
How do I get some of this Blue Dream?!
I suffer from PTSD and I am sure that I can use some of that!

So does my Son (PTSD). Hooked him up with some Blue Dream/Harlequin concentrated oil and it took the 10,000 yrd stare away, got him off the computer and became very productive. It was working amazing, thing is he wouldn't try to get off the meds the VA has him on. Morphine, Oxycodone & Prozack (11 yrs) and then he began doing it for the euphoric side. When he starting dosing wrong it messed with his other meds and I cut him off...but, the seed was planted. He's addicted and doesn't want to loose his meds.
If he is addicted then the best way to help him is going to be the hard way IMO. Will have him to stop cold turkey and he will go through withdrawls, but once it is over (it's going to be extremely hard btw) he will be clean and hopefully want to stick to the plant, because to me it seems like that is working much better than the pills as it always does. It's just my 2 cents tho, because my father in law had to do the same thing, because he was addicted to oxycontin. Now he just sticks with the herb, because it helps more.
I found that the strain Jack Herer is great for mood disorders. My fiancé struggles with aggression problems and the Herer we got did just the job. She was able to be social and not get aggravated by the littlest thing. Also the come down is very gentle, almost no feeling of coming down. I love it. It's my personal favorite. Good luck to all
I'm looking for clones to crop Jack's strain. Blue Dream was a fav strain...but as of late it seems more on the Indica side (cut I had was 80/20 sat. dom.) so I'm looking for a great daytime strain for concentrated oil. BTW your GF would love this strain in a concentrate. Just sure its anxiety or is it depression? Sativa for depression and indica for anxiety which looking the specs of the strain looks to cover both. Can't wait to get this crop under way. Tks for the post.
Its a mix of both. As a child she was "diagnosed" with pre bi-polar symptoms but her parents would not allow them to fully diagnose her b/c they would just start force feeding her chemical drugs to "stabilize" her mood. They were more under the impression that it was part of growing up and going through rough female puberty. She also had doctors "diagnose" her with PMDD. Saying she has a hormone imbalance causing mood swings. When i met her she had never smoked marijuana and her moods would switch left and right. But as she became a toker and as she grew out of puberty her mood h as balanced out. She still has bouts of swings usually associated with her period. Normal stuff really. I grew up with all girls, i was the only boy in my family of 5. Learned early that women have crazy mood swings and its normal. My fiance symptoms are bi-polar in the nature but i dont think its severe enough for it to be bp. I can definetly tell when she smokes a strain that really helps. We had some purple kush which is 100% indica that really helped her mood. I personally use medically for my knee and hip pain along with anxiety. I am currently growing a little plant i plan on turning into RSO. I have read a lot of good things on it. Helps with all of the above and also has the cancer healing powers. Well that was a ramble lol!! Have a great day everyone!!
Headed in the right direction Brother ! Concentrated Cannabis Oil covers the spectrum of health...after almost 2 complete years of dosing daytime/nighttime oils correctly the benefit list keeps growing. In fact MJ and Hemp is ASTOUNDING in so many uses !!! All from a WEED !
The only issue this MARVEL WEED has as an opponent is GREED & more GREED, purposely giving FALSE information to the public. However people who have family/friends with Illnesses are taking actions into their own hands because the medical system failed in their treatment and they simply want to save their own or others life. Is this a CRIME? Or are the LIES and misinformation, corruption, propaganda and GREED the WORD. Every time I read an article where someone has taken action to save their lives or a loved one using Cannabis is a ROCK thrown in the right direction. They can say all the BS they want...but each article posted about MJ curing their woes people take heed and open their minds to the possibility of the TRUTH and healing properties of this fantastic weed. You cannot STOP faith !
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