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Greetings all, I've been slacking! When I go down later to turn the fan off for the night I will try and remember to take a few pics.

I am way behind the curve with this grow. As of the 22nd, it has been two months since I dropped seeds in RO water. They have only been in gallon nursery pots for two weeks and they are nowhere near where they should be. That said, I know the issues and next grow will probably only take half as long in veg. First off, I didnt keep them warm enough. Now that I have that under control with a heater and thermostat, they are picking up speed. Secondly, I didnt do anything to fix my humidity issues. I just figured I would do regular foliar sprays until this spring when humidity levels rise. It really wasn't enough. Now, with the hygrostat, ultrasonic humidifier, and a humidifier (for later this summer) I can keep the humidity where I need. They seem to appreciate it. Third, I didnt keep the lights close enough to the plants until recently. They are getting a LOT more PAR as of a week ago. They definitely seems to like that! Lastly, I started the seeds in crappy soil. I was mislead that FFOF was too hot for seedlings. I used a crappy potting soil that turned out to have a non organic slow release fertilizer in it. I had also added some compost as well and it was a bit too hot. Then, when It came time to up pot, I was down for two weeks with pneumonia and I did not get down to water them often enough. Not only that, but the soil became completely exhausted during that time and they began to show some deficiencies before I was well enough to up pot in a good, organic, super soil.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I kept the humidity domes on too long when they were seedlings and they were way too damp. Hardening them up burned some leaves when they didnt have any to spare. So all that said, I know what I did wrong and I am ready to kick ass and take names when my next group come into veg.

On an irritating note, I broke two tops on a plant today when I tried to supercrop it. It is a leggy plant and I can see that if I dont take more drastic measures on this plant, it will get too tall. I was able to tape it up, so we will see what happens. On the plus side, I suspect that plant may end up being a Male, so it wont be any loss if it turns out to be true. Anyway, that's my ramble for tonight. Possibly pics later, but they are just so small I'm almost afraid to post pics. Happy smoking all.
Ok, here is a teaser pic. A small plant to be sure, but very healthy!
Thanks Em. Good to see you! Did you happen to read my entry a few posts back where I outlined what I did wrong so far? As you can see, I've identified my sins on this grow (so far anyway) and I am chomping at the bit for my next round. I cant wait to do everything properly from the start. I have already learned so much just from the first couple Months... This is getting to be a lot of fun.
Guys, Pics to come later tonight, but I got the girls into their 7 gallon fabric pots two days ago. Are they ever starting to spring to life! They were starting to look kinda rough again and I was pretty shocked at how they were beginning to decline the last day before I got the chance to up pot them. It appears I underestimated the speed at which the rootball would grow in the gallon pots and super soil. They were already starting to get root bound and had used up all the nutrients in the gallon pots. So... I can already see how I can shave 3-4 weeks from my next grow. I also have come to the conclusion that it IS more work to grow multiple strains at once. Trying to force them all onto the same watering schedule was an exercise in futility which ultimately ended up with some plants too dry and some too wet. Now I look at every plant 2 to 3 times a day and cater to each individual plants hydration requirements. They definitely appreciate it. Enough rambling for now. Pics later tonight.
The girls had a medium defoliation last week. They were getting so bushy that inside leaves were dying and stayed damp a lot. Not good. So I gave them a haircut. About a week later you wouldnt even know it if you didnt see what they looked like before. They seemed to recover well and the small leaves are growing in to the vacant areas astonishingly quick. I am really loving these plants! Here are a few long awaited pics. Sorry about the blurple. I cant find the dang white balance on this thing! Lol happy 420 y'all. Hit it hard!


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So, I'm taking some clones from the girls tonight. I have identified 2-3 good candidates for clonies on all the girls, but I'll have to force myself to stop at 18 clones. That's because 18 plants is the max capacity of my 4×8 grow tent if I stay with 7 gallon pots. I am hoping to get at least 9 clones to root. That would fill one half of my tent after the current ladies are harvested. Then I can try some new strains for the other 9 slots. I do have another place to veg the clones once I flip these girls. I'll keep everything posted as things progress.
So guys.... I have been the worst at this journal as my girls were coasting for a while as I dealt with a little calmag issue. Anyway everybody is looking good now. It was really only two plants that were an issue. Everybody else was nipped in the bud before it was an issue. Anyway, I'm gonna flip them tonight and as they are back on track I will update this journal at least weekly if not more. Here is the last pic before the flip.
These are the other three plants I'm flipping with "the nine." They are only 2 1/2 months old as opposed to the almost 6 months of the nine. I learned more about how to grow these plants and it shows in the other three. They achieved mature size much more quickly than the nine.
The first two are Alaskan purple from Seedsman. The last is a mystery indica from a bagseed. It is an interesting plant and I took a few clones. I would like to try and ID it as it looks like it might even be a landrace strain. It's very low and squat, almost NEVER needs water, and has an interesting appearance to it. The seed popped in less than twelve hours and it was above the soil in less than 36 hrs. It is a very sturdy plant with thick branching. I hope I can figure out what it is.
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