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Chillson's DWC Hashberry Grow


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:) Chillson here, migrating from a much less active forum. Looking to get some help with my grow as I am new to this process, this is seemingly a great forum to do so! Right Now I am nearing the end of 2 weeks into the grow. Maybe 3, who's counting.

Strain: Mandala Hashberry (Mostly Indica)
Cycle: Currently in Veg (2-3 weeks in)
Medium: Hydro; 4-pot DWC bin with 2 8in Airstones
Room: (closet) 2x4x5'4 lined w/mylar
Light: 400w EyeHort
Fan: EcoPLus supreme 4in @ ~170cfm
System: Bake-a-round cooltube w/ hood
Temp: Flux from 59F - 88F

Week 1: 5.8 PH 200ppm

Week 2: 5.7-6.0 PH ~580 ppm

Week 2(end): [RES CHANGE] 6.4 PH ~550 ppm



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Phew... ok... now that we're all caught up...

growth seems to have stalled regardless of the res change. Ive been very weary of upping nutrient level for fear of over fert'ing but I read up a little bit and I think the yellowing of the veins of lower leaves are due to nitrogen defficiency. So I added some nutes to the res, going from about 550ppm to about 820ppm, well under AN's suggested ppm of 1020 within the 3nd week of veg. Im going to see how the plants react to the nutes and continue to up the numbers and see how they react. I have read many times that AN's nute suggestions are on the aggresive side, and Mandala states that the hashberry strain needs less nutrients than common, so I need to take both into consideration.


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TODAY: :cheer:

EC: 1624 uS (~850ppm)
PH: 5.8
Res Temp: 73F
Room Temp: 82F

The plants seem to be reacting well to the spike in nutrients. However there's been a bit of buildup on the roots... it looks green to me, but I cant be sure looking at it under an HPS, and I'm colorblind. It is grainy, rather than goopy. Seems like wet sediment. Doesn't smell at all so I'm betting against root rot. But does anybody have any idea of what could be causing the buildup and if it's a problem?

Right now Im thinking I'll just wait it out until tomorrow and see if it gets worse. If it does I will either flush or pick up some enzyme from the hydro store.

Any help?! Thanks!



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Wow man. That is some tight node spacing!! Good luck with your grow!


haha i know, I was surprised at how bushy they have been growing. Do you think the tight spacing could end up being a problem when it comes flowering time?

Thanks for stopping by!


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Yah, Nice!!! Super bushy!!! I dunno if that could be a bad thing, but I am also a newbie... Nice looking grow.

BTW welcome, glad to have you here at 420mag :peace: :bravo:


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sweet. Thanks for the welcomes and helpful insight! Anybody have an input on the situation I've got with the roots?

Dee House

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sounds like root rot i would cover the hydroton rocks light could b leaking threw them n 2 the rez that needs complete darkness... the ideal rez temp is between 60-70 f 73 is warm.


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sounds like root rot i would cover the hydroton rocks light could b leaking threw them n 2 the rez that needs complete darkness... the ideal rez temp is between 60-70 f 73 is warm.

Thanks for the help, the only reason I think it may not be root rot is because there is no smell and I taped up the whole res with reflective tape. I can wipe off the residue and the roots are white underneath. There is no algae in the clear level indicator, and the buildup was very rapid. About 12 hours after I changed the res with almost double the amount of nutes they were given previously. But I will still take the precaution and cover the pots to prevent any chance of rotting.

add 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide to every gal of water for the next couple of fill ups.... it will help your roots. this is what i do for my DWC set up.

added 10 tablespoons to compensate for the 14 or so gallons of liquid in my 18 gal res. Figured I would see how they react to the change and then build up to the 2 tbs/gal you have suggested. Thanks for the advice!

Looking good so far,
:slide: thanks man


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The lil ones are doing well! Except for the runt of the litter... still very much a runt. I dont know why but she just doesnt have anywhere near the vigour the other 2 do. The plants are starting to get even more bushy, and starting to get a little more vertical growth as well.

The roots seem to have cleared up after adding some h202 to the res :goof:

[last pic] A leaf on this plant was just randomly split in half. It looks like it grew that way... Im thinking it might have something to do with the wind (it's the closest plant to the fan).
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