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What's up with the Blueberry and Amnesia Haze seeds? Did you start another journal without posting it here again?
No.... 0 for 2x2 so far. I seem to be having trouble getting them to pop. I drowned the first set and fried the 2nd set. Dropping another pair tonight and IF I can get them going they'll be tracked here. Nooo more new journals for me.
Thanks for checking in. I've been hesitating on the drop so this nudge is helpful


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Heard about the earthquake up there and hope all is okay where you are!
It was almost 600 miles from me, so all's ok here.
I heard there are 40 spots where there's damage to roads. But overall there was far less damage than you'd expect in an event of this magnitude. No injuries or deaths. The aftershocks continue, which must be very unnerving


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Didn't think I'd ever toss clones with a root but I did. Three in fact!! One was the winner by a mile and I just decided I don't want any weaklings for this next batch. No problem child allowed (yeah right, every grow has one, right?!)

The lone survivor is the lucky Guinea pig for my first run in the "gro-bucket" (yes, I'm going back to coco)

Check out those roots!! The other 3 had a single root each


I was able to remove most of the rockwool, it had algae on the top


I added a gallon to the res and it was soaked up in a day!



She was planted in the bucket 2 days ago. I added another half gallon today. She's also still getting top fed for a few more days. Then the res takes over. No more daily feeding followed by extraction!


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Same concept as the octopot, I guess. I was about to order that when I found these. I'm mildly concerned (or maybe curious) about how to check or monitor the stats in the res. For now, tipping the bucket works (there's a small overflow hole) but I don't think it will with a full grown plant. Maybe this is an opportunity to learn to read the plant.


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I found a large syringe at the grow supply shop and added an extension. At first I used 1/4" air tube but the curve wouldn't let it reach the water


So I opened a kitchen drawer to look for a skewer and found a plastic straw.... perfect!!


And check out this clone!! Ready to be bent, I think?



I know we've got a long way to go but I think I'm really going to like this bottom feeding gro-bucket. However I think they'll be better for autos, and small photos.... keeping them small has not been something I have been able to achieve. I'm going to try with this one by flipping in 2-3 weeks.... I better set a reminder :rolleyes:


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bend that clone rather than top it?
It's like you read my mind. I pulled out the wire to do it but didn't. I've had a couple of nice toppings and would love to replicate how Mystery turned out (but without the unsolvable deficiency) So top it is!! Is she ready or should I wait a few days? Oh no.... not wait because I'm determined to do a short veg. Honestly it's at least 2 weeks before there's room in the flowering areas


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