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Virgin ground

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Good morning GT! Thanks for the invite to check out your qb. I appreciate it. Plants look real good.


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Well quite a lot has happened since I last updated here. I've been busy in the hydro journal, mainly because that's where my focus has been.

If I'd relied only on the twin Laughing Buddha hydro vs coco comparison, logic would have said stick with coco. My hydro Guinea pig cannot be called a success, yet (see that optimism?!) But I sure have learned a lot.

Here's hydro LB today (61 days old)


She's still struggling to recover but the new roots look much better than those she shed


Coco LB was moved into the flowering tent 2 weeks ago. I'll have to get an updated pic later, for now here's one from a week ago


The difference in the two that started as a comparison is kind of amazing. The reason I don't give up on hydro and stick with coco is the confidence I've gained back from this grape ape clone...


She was taken 31 days ago when the mother was 15 days into 12/12. This is later than I would normally take a clone but it seems to be working out. She's finally reentered veg state, with weird 1 and 3 fingered leaves. I've seen this in clones before so I'm not concerned.



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Time to revive this journal for a bit. The failed Guinea pig was tossed (should have done it sooner)

Grape Ape clone has gotten too big and needs to be moved into the tent for flowering. Her updates are happening over in my hydro journal.



I have a Laughing Buddha clone that's got a bit stretchy and not fully healthy


Up next is Zkittles. She just popped out of her shell today (finally!)


A mystery seed dropped at the same time didn't make it sooooooo.... I need to decide: drop the last Nukeheads mystery seed or a known strain? Or a mystery bagseed??!!


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Laughing Buddha clone has a decent split up top so I gave them a tug


But she's looking sad. I think it's time for a flush. Also I got these cool air stone alternative units (reusable!) I'm hoping she recovers quickly because I want to flip her soon. I say that every time but I'm so determined to flower one under the qb.



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