Conradino23's "Survivors Are The Champions" organic experimental grow in Air Pots!

Hi everybody in this beautiful growers' commmunity!

Welcome to Conradino23's "Survivors Are The Champions" organic experimental grow in Air Pots!

Basically, I just signed up to this forum yesterday, but after browsing through couple of very interesting threads, I figured I should have got involved ASAP :smokin: Certainly, we're talking here about some hot ladies grown :)

As this is my 2nd indoor grow after long break - in the meantime I've been growing outdoor and my last grow was finished three years ago - I thought I could share my rookie's efforts with you, getting some help when necessary. I've seen some real monsters on this forum. They were amazing!

Anyway let's get to the point, ladies and gentlemen!

First thing is, that I'm starting my grow journal in 2nd week of indoor flowering, precisely this is 10th day under lamp.

Before, my plants were vegged outdoor, on a parapet, with about 4-5 hours of sunlight a day (I know a lot of people wil say it's not enough, however...). I planted 4 different varieties from feminized seeds 23/04/10 (it was Twilight, Bubba Kush, Red Dragon and Critical Neville's Haze) and one on 24/04 (which was AK-48). From these five germinated seeds only two sprouted (my fault, soil was too loose). Lucky survivors were Twilight and AK-48 and with them this story continues :cheer: From July they were joined by small automatic variety, Himalayan Blue Diesel.

AK-48 and Twilight were vegging approximately for 2,5 month, till the middle of July, when I forced flowering outdoor by putting black bags on both plants, thus shortening light period. It worked, both have shown preflowers, however flowering was very lousy and slow, thus I decided to move them indoor last Tuesday eventually (07/09/10). Himalayan was doing well, but due to the lack of proper amount of light it flowered slowly, hence it went under lamp as well.

My set up is a budget one, nothing fancy as I was skinned after holiday when decided about making this investment :)

You'll find all details below.

What strain is it?
AK-48 (Nirvana), Twilight (Dutch Passion), Automatic Himalayan Blue Diesel (Short Stuff).

Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages?
AK-48 is a 60% Sativa/40% Indica hybrid, Twilight is 100% Indica, Automatic Himalayan Blue Diesel is a hybrid of Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis with mostly Indica and Ruderalis features.

Is it in Veg or Flower stage?
This is an early flowering stage, apart of Himalayan Blue Diesel being in advanced flowering.

If in Flower stage... For how long?
This is really complicated, they started to show preflowers in the middle of July outside and didn't move on untill I stuffed them into my grow room. They've been flowering vigorously for 10 days, so I'd say it's end of 2nd week/beginning of 3rd one. Himalayan Blue Diesel will be probably ready in a week or two.

Indoor or outdoor?

Soil or Hydro?

If soil... what is in your mix?
It's an organic mix containing potting compost (about 50%), perlite (about 30%), natural river soil with couple of earthworms (about 10%), egg shells (about 5%), bone meal (about 3%), composted tomato leaves (about 2%).

If soil... What size pot?
They are 6L (1,6 gallons) Superoots Air Pots.

Size of light?
400 HPS (Sylvania Dual Spectrum Grolux Bulb, 58,000 lumens, new one).

Is it aircooled?

Temp of Room/cab?
It's a grow room. At the moment it's stabilized around 28°C (83°F), but in my first week indoor it was going up to 36°C (98°F).

RH of Room/cab?
I don't have a clue, I don't measure it.

PH of media or res?
I don't know, I don't have a PH tester.

Any Pests?
Nothing, pure organic approach.

How often are you watering?
Now every 2-3 days.

Type and strength of ferts used?
Organic Miracle Glow till the middle of July, some egg shells' tea, hydrated lime once in August, then some bone meal straight in the soil and bone meal tea in August. Saturday both plants got organic Miracle Glo again with coffe grounds, Monday I watered all plants with molasses sugar tea.

Any training?
Ak-48 and Twilight have been topped after 4th node of leaves and then again after two or three weeks. They've been both LST-ed extensively outdoor, which resulted in AK's bottom branch being ripped by the wind (taped and stabilized though). Then they were falling off my parapet and this bent all branches a bit, which looked dramatically (however no major damages occured). To be honest there was a day, when Twilight fell down like three times and lost a branch, used for cloning straight away. Then AK just splitted in two when LST-ed too much, but survived after taping and tying both stems together :)

That's probably all you need to know by now, folks!
I'll try to post some iPhone pictures as well (that's all I have), so you can check them out). Thx for looking and dropping a line! Any help with this grow will be highly appreciated, as it is a big experiment for me.


Re: Conradino23's "Survivors Are The Champions" organic experimental grow in Air Pots

They are pictures of both air pots, I'm using currently:


Re: Conradino23's "Survivors Are The Champions" organic experimental grow in Air Pots

They are iPhone pictures of my indoor grow, taken today.
Sorry for the quality, but I'll have a good camera available not sooner than Monday.

Ak-48 on the left, Himalayan Blue Diesel at front and Twilight on the right.


These ones are AK-48's early flowers only.

Ak-48's flowers on the left with Twilight's flowers on the bottom right.

Thx for looking!
Re: Conradino23's "Survivors Are The Champions" organic experimental grow in Air Pots

Thank you, it was an important decision to move them indoor :p
At the moment I'm trying to lower the tallest branches of my AK-48 by using LST in orede to push them away from the lamp. They're still gonna grow up a bit. I'm satisfied with my small field of buds, which look a bit like SOG :)

I've experienced some bottom fan leaves yellowing, which I just trimmed off eventually. Most probably due to lack of light and small nitrogen deficiency. After giving them some molasses this problem stabilized... I'm not even sure if it is just not supposed to be like that.
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Welcome Conradino23. I'm pretty new here myself and I can tell you that this place has a nice vibe.

I just finished growing a Nirvana AK48 about a month ago so I can tell you a little bit about it. First off, you know that there are 2 or 3 phenos of this strain. I got the more Sativa like cherry pheno characterized by it's taller height, light green color, fruity scent, long white pistils and thinner, sativa like leaves.

I can't speak for all AK48s but the one that I grew was the most finicky, sensitive plant that I've seen. It was very fragile as a seedling, slow growing as a youth and then very sensitive to nutes as an adult. I burned her a couple times during flower and had to flush her a lot. And then I grew out a couple of clones but they burned to death one day from 95 degree temps in my tent about a month into flower. They literally looked like they had been scorched in a wild fire. I had no idea what happened because the other plants were fine so I just concluded that it had to of been the heat.

Anyway, that's my experience with an AK48. I think the more Indica like pheno is hardier and a much bigger producer. Plus it's supposed to knock your azz out. This smoke is a little funny. It gives you a nervous, heart racing jolt for the first 15 minutes and then it eases into a strong body stone. Very stony. I have fallen asleep at the computer while on it which is amazing because I have the most serious kind of sleep problem.

Anyway welcome.
Re: Conradino23's "Survivors Are The Champions" organic experimental grow in Air Pots

Cheers, mate!
Pics should be coming in two days and they're flowering rapidly, so I really want to show these flowers! I repotted my small automatic plant yesterday as it's coming to an end :)

Zzoomm100: Thx for the info about AK-48 phenos, I became aware of their existence after browsing through a couple of forums. They say there are two: cherry pheno (your case) and piney pheno (it seems like my case). My plant has a delicate, forest smell on early flowering, but has very sturdy shape (due to LST) and very thick, dark green leaves. I grow organically only, so there's minimal risk of nute burn, however I suspected my leaves started to drop not only due to lack of light and nitrogen deficiency, but also cause I gave it too much bone meal :D This is the only problem worrying me at the moment, still hope it's the nature's way of solving the problems at that stage. That plant very leafy!
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Finally we took some high quality pictures of my grow!
Unfortunately a battery died after 5 minutes, here are 5 photos we managed to take! More pics are coming tomorrow!

Here we can see Twilight's early buds, they are very delicate:

Twilight in zoom here:

Here's my field of buds, made into a compact bush by using LST:

Here you can see some AK-48's buds:

And this is Himalayan Blue Diesel almost ready to chop (I reckon in about three days):

Thx for looking :thumb:
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To be honest, I got shitloads of buds just tying them down. Both plants have four main colas each and about 6-8 medium ones... plus 12-20 popcorn buds, which I cannot decide to chop down. Shall I leave them? Maybe someone could tell me!

What can I say? Both plants are dropping leaves not penetrated by light, which bleak, get light green and then yellowish (sometimes with brown tips or spots). Overall, they look healthy though, speeding up towards the light. At the moment I give them pure water only after treatment with bone meal and molasses. I have some clones cut as well, two are rooted and ready to be given away. I really don't have a space for keeping clones 24/0... I just do it, cause I'm a growing addict :yummy:

William S. Burroughs wrote it was more addictive than smoking anyway and my both hands go up here :hookah:
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Here we go again!
HBD went under a black bag yesterday after lights were off and I'll keep it there till tomorrow morning. Not a big yield though mainly to shitty weather outside in July and August, switching to lamp for last two weeks helped to squeeze some bud growth anyway. It smelled next to nothing for two months and only in the last three days it developed deep citrus aroma. I don't think that automatic strains are good for outdoor growing in the end. Probably you'd have to keep it 24/0 for three months and that would do the job.

In the meantime, AK and Twilight stretch a bit and I'll have to tie them down again, rearrange bud field and maybe trim a bit on the lower branches. I ordered some worm castings hoping to help my plants with breaking down all organic nutrients I gave 'em.
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All right, some water in the river has flown and so we've jumped to 5th week of flowering... and I managed to get a camera again :yahoo:

They smell and produce shitloads of resin, I hope to chop them down in about 18-21 days :yummy:

Below some current pics of my gals.

Here they're together:


Here we have AK-48:


Here we have Twilight:


And here's how they look with air pots:


Thx for looking!
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Cheers, mate!
Unfortunately I'm under big pressure to finish my growing adventures in my current spot, so I'm transporting my plants to a location nearby :)
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Quick update in this tread, some pics from 6th week of flowering taken in an old spot - in the meantime both plants have been securely transported to a new grow room - they're in the middle of 7th week of flowering now and waiting to be chopped down between 49th and 52nd day of flowering ;)

I really would like to chop them tomorrow, on the day of full moon, but trichs say they're not quite ready yet! Not this time, sisters :)




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Cheers, mate :)

What else to add?

Leaves on Ak-48 have turned purple in the end of 5th week and I find it very cool :cool:

Both plants are being watered with pure water only (strictly no more fertlizing) and their smell is currently changing from skunky-rotten-matter-fresh-shit into more grapefruit-hot-rum-mild-incense :)

From my estimates I should have about a pound of buds when harvested... we're gonna see!
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Awesome buds dude, great looking plants... :)
I got a grow goin, airpots, cfl veg, 400w hps hopingfor some big sticky fat ones too :tokin: ...once again, grreat job...bp
Re: Conradino23's "Survivors Are The Champions" organic experimental grow in Air Pots

You didn't open any journal here, did you?
Always willing to take a look at other organic efforts, especially in air pots :)
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