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DgC's Multistrain Hempy LED Grow 2012

DgC 4Life

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Hows it going long time lurker but finally decided to register to, in all honesty, get some advice with my grow and hopefully become more motivated to keep better notes. Alot of helpful members here so decided it was time. Anyways down to the good stuff...

Unfortunately I couldn't start from the very very beginning but its not to far from it. I didn't have that much start up money to get everything I would have liked, so you will see my homemade tent is still very much a wood frame but I try to make it work. The lights I hesitantly decided on was the DS400 From Advance LED. I say that because everyone was trying to talk me out including local hydro store owner and the price didn't help justify anything, but after seeing results on here and weighing some of the benefits (electricity, heat, Thermal Imaging) I went for it.

Being my first serious attempt at a successful grow I decided to start some seeds I had laying around to go through all the "beginner" mistakes with those and not with the seeds I purchased. Again not a lot of startup so I had to make the best with what I could. Gave myself a $30 budget and came out with 2 fem seeds and a freebie & of course shipping.

I only dared to start the freebie after I got the Bag seeds to germinate. Freebie I recived was Power Kush

Power Kush
Afghani x Skunk#1
Indica-Sativa (50%-50%)​

The seeds were placed in a room temp cup of tap water for a day then in between wet coffee filters placed in a zip lock for 1 more day and then finaly to a rockwool cube. After about 3 to 4 days my little orphan kids begin to hatch and where taken out of there humidity dome.....

Temps & RH During seed sprouting

This is my unfinished tent that still needs some....well....finishing

Unfortunately for me this damn light is really bright but my tent is incomplete so I sealed off the window....(just for now) from curious neighbors wondering why it looks like a ufo has landed in my room.....

After I say 5 to 6 days from hatching the kids were looking good

The Freebie Power Kush in the back there grew out kinda funky but I didnt wanna mess with it so I had to let it do its thing and hope for the best. The rest are all bagseed from some regs that come full of seeds.....poormans weed....but i dont descriminate gentlemen weed is weed to me i just gotta clean some more than others...lol

I also happen to plant some more bagseeds but in a egg carton as I didnt wanna waste all my rockwool on a practice run. As a result I ended having to transplant right away into some mini hempys I made outta small plastic cups I picked up at the corner store. so you can see there alot smaller then there rockwool brothers and sisters.

The mini Hempies where made with the traditional 75/25 mix of perlite/vermiculite and where going good for a while until along came another noob mistake...I decided to feed them way to early not knowing.......and now I have been trying to nurse these damn orphans back to health. I was having issues with my leaves curling down almost rolling into itself prior to the feed attempt.

I am using Blue Plantet Nutrients 3 part elite. I gave them 2ml of micro, grow, and bloom in a gallon of distilled water
Distilled Water
PH : 5.6
PPM : 002​

And After The Mix

Seedling Mix
PH : 5.4
PPM : 154​

According to BPN's Nutrient calculator I was feeding these girls
Total ppm:152​

Have already Flushed twice since then with 6.0 distilled water

Only issues now are some leaves look pretty hurt, some have stoped creating new growth, edges curl up to light. I messed up pretty good but at least that was the purpose of bagseed, to iron out the kinks. Here they are in the Recovery room after a BPN attack, no suspects have been named as of yet....:24:

Not all have been hurt by my mistake...

Some more than others

And then....The Unlucky

The Power Kush also made its little comback....

I just finished up my DIY fermenting yeast CO2 reactor but have yet to place it in the room. Fan blows directly on plants and my tent aint a tent yet

My plan is to do a 2liter hempy sog as inspired by 420fied grow, even made the 50 site aero cloner just waiting for clones......besides these orphans obvious health issues I also worry about how many is too many once i get the sog running....its only 1 light, although i though about adding 95w (300w rating) cfls for side light but just not sure. The tent is 3' x 5' but growing in a 3' x 4' space just leaving six inches on bothsides for unforseen events and any equipment. I can fit 50 2liters in this space but fear that maybe too much for one DS400 LED with suplemental cfl lighting.....
Anyways up all night putting this together :nomo:
Hope its not too many pictures and will update with pics later today or tomorrow as new groth is already noticible in the healthy few but more spots on leaves emerging like the ones above. Could this still be from a nutrient burn or are they getting hunrgy yet? Thanks for taking the time and Checkin out my thread....hopefully it will come along well.


DgC 4Life

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Some of the leaves are twisting to the side, one is bad and looks like fan from top view. Still Green though, and camera is not around at the moment. Does anybody know what these symptoms represent.....like is it from overwatering, nute burn, improper PH, light distance, ect. Will update later when camera is available to me, just curious how I can fix up my mess....

DgC 4Life

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Plants are looking alot better gonna start misting leaves with watter to see if it helps some of the brittle curled leaves. Im also gonna change from watering every 2 days to every 3 and begin the next feeding on half strenght and work my way up every week. feeding 2 - 3 time a week. again these are just for trial as i dont relly wanna spend alot of time on these mysterious bag seeds... just wanna make the rookie run up to the point there mothers and then be ready to do my other seeds.....any major flowering mistakes wont hurt as much as i can always grab some clones from momma plant.......update with pics when i feed tonight......

DgC 4Life

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Well another update......

Group shot of some "healthier" ones....

What looks like a PH issue but then again I fed to early so could also just be 1 or more deficiencies from over abundance of nutes.......but than again im still a noob what do I know.....

This is the worst looking one....again most likely multiple deficiencies from my errors

And lastly the only known seed of the group Power Kush.......

See the one orange spot on the leaf (pictured above) unfortunately that was only the begining and has further progressed since then......

still unsure if its just a ph issues or it just resembles multipple issues and is really all back to me nuting too early.... I guess all rookies make sometype of mistakes just some more severe than others. As far as Ph & Tds i I water with distilled and from bottle to bottle its consistant PH 6.0 PPM 000

If i dont use the whole gallon and store it for few days my PH is 6.2 and PPM 002
I test the water going in 6.0 the run off 6.4 and and i tried to test the media by letting some ditilled water sit overnite in a container with 75/25 perlite / Vermiculite and drained as much water out to test ph and came up 6.5 but dont know how effective that test was...

IMPORTANT: I should note that I failed to read enough so therefor failed to realize I needed to wash the perlite clean I hear some folks dont and have no issues but its my understanding that is just luck with them......but again noob talkin....at least the medicine I recieve is always full of seeds....lol more trys

Even under my couch cushin .....

Couple other things: i flipped my grow tent on its side so i have a smaller growing area, greater height, and less space consumption in my bed room. The lights have not been put up yet but got two 100 watt equiv cfl's on the plants now (so far 1 day only) and the seem to stretch upward more than under the led's...
Few more updates later today with pics.... and again if anyone got any advice for me or just help me confirm some of my suspicions will be great help...... I hope my mistakes help someone out there as most of what I think I know comes from countless other members and there grow journals.....:adore:


DgC 4Life

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As am I.....I first heard bout it while looking at another strain (cant remember name) that was crossed with it and like 3 others and in the description it stated it had the narcotic type high of jack herer (being crossed with it) and I said to myself I want the full blown original.....white widow im pretty siked about also having never had tried it....:yummy:


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Yea I just got a free white widow seed from dinafem so it'll be nice to see how white widow does in a Hempy before I start the seed of I decide to. I almost ordered jack herer, but it was 32 a seed at single seed centre... So I went with the reserva privada sour D, genetics were too good to pass up. I also am growing power kush and it is a real nice smoke, very stinky... Don't really have much advice for you though, looks like your on track. Ever thought of building a small cloner? They go really nicely with the Hempy method

DgC 4Life

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Lol the first thing I built was 420fied's 50 site aero cloner except i have yet to install the sprayers but its cool i dont need it just yet but its there and finished (w/$5 more in materials) as far as the seeds I didnt see the seed bank as a sponser (i dont think) so i wont mention but the White Widow was $9 The Jack Herer was $9 those were for a single feminized seed and the power kush was freebie and my shipping was $12 so $30 for the 3 seeds.
My original plan was to take these mini hempys after I determine sex pick vigorous mother and keep em as bonzai moms in small little chambers with 40 watt cfls think they like 150watt equiv. and fed some co2 from the yeast. Hopin to get some plans for a cheap DIY distiller and ill start buyin wine yeast and fructose as its cheaper then the regular cane sugar.

On another note here some updates of the plants and pics of the frame after i flipped it...

Got some shiny white card/poster sheets for free that were being thrown out

Decided to be cheap and put it up since i still got no transpo and no panda plastic but this just for now I seen ebay had some pretty cheap prices on reflective mylar material like the tent ones.

and some of the plants......

And the Power Kush

Still dealin with issues but got two looking good....lol.....started getting less descriptive as I started getting more high :29: so took lot pictures......sorry......

DgC 4Life

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These plants seem to be looking progressively worse only thing i can think of is the first time i tried feeding em it was to early and the straight out the bag unwashed perlite.....and my vermiculite was wet in the bag and its supposed to be dry(was a bag i used over a year ago then stored and was wet by time i used) so i got some other seeds from my couch bank bout 3 or 4 soakin in cap full tap wata and gonna clean my perlite this time around doing the hempy again although soil has crossed my mind several times already but $$ tight so trying to work with what i got. these plants going to be kept growin to see but the only other thing i can think of is my air exchange in the room but would just that really make the plants that severly affected......so hoping to see some greener and hopefully faster healthier plants....just a bump in da road :Namaste:

DgC 4Life

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well watered today and worked on a few plants.....removed the most damged leaves from two of the most affected plants theres others that could've been taken but only testing on 2 plants and if all goes well i will do it to the rest. the seeds soakin in tap were placed between 2 coffee filters in a ziplock so if not later tonight then tomorrow i will plant in 100% perlite hempy cup (cleaning first of course) i got 4 so maybe 2 straight in the hempy and 2 in rockwool cubes then to hempy....i dunno here some pics

One of the worst affected ones.....

After its Trim up.........

Just Expirementing to see......dunno on savin the deformed one but dont really wanna take its life cuz how it looks....lol maybe it can give deformed buds that are retardedly potent....na but really just keep around to see how far is too far.....

Another one that recieved a trim but forgot to take a before photo............

The damaged removed....

watered plain distilled and misted leaves and they started lookin alittle better compared to past few days....

DgC 4Life

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started letting the babys sleep like 4 hours and cleaned the shit out some fresh perlite and added 2 more seeds to the mix. I also did some research on my tap and i guess it falls under soft water ppm usually 48 - 54 tested it about 4 seperate occasions and ph of 7.0 so gonna see bout saving some bucks on that distilled water ima mix my nutes and check ph to even see bout ph lowering with just that. beside that all my plants look hurt but majority show symptoms of under feeding so time to chef em something up. got a question though if some1 can help me out. when u feeding nutes u dont feed molases water anymore? ive never done this or used it just learned bout it but everything i read seems to use it as like a pre feed (something seedlings and such) got 2 young 1's that havent surfaced yet & if molases good 4 em I think i got a bottle they brought me 4 house warming gift (never used). thanks 4 stoppin by hmu

DgC 4Life

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alright were to begin.......couple things did different I tryed to water with mollases/water (only once so far) but dont think they like it but my ph was around 6.7 so dunno if thats too high for the hempys highest they got before was 6.0ph'd distilled but seeing as im using my tap my nutes drop ph in water but when i try givin plain water my tap is high so just wanted to see if molasses droped it any i mixed it up let sit for like 2hours and checked ppm and ph so i dunno gonna lay off it for now till i get some more info. I read its good for flowerin but aint hear much for veg. only that it helps to boost matabolisim but also makes leaves hard.... about plain watering well gonna check but belive today is nute feedin but going to pickup some battery acid and make some ph down assuming i got containers to hold it...anyways here some picks cuz this whole post started to be bout something else i had planned...

My " " dunno what to call it........how bout plant house

My light Blocker for my fan

Got air suckin out the plant house

Setup really ghetto but making due with what i got but really debating adding to more support peices and just putting up some thin drywall and paint inside white (for now)

:blunt: :blunt: :blunt: :blunt:

This the old one i trimed that was worst looking one
here old pick


Stoped growin up but off to the side cuming up under where the big burnt retarded leaves where

And these the 2 seedlings i decided to add to this test run late seeds placed in wet towel on 5/20 and placed in the 100% perlite cups on 5/26 hence the m26(may 26) tag they got

Damn learning curve.....:6:......lol


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6.7 is way too high for Hempy, also the seedlings feed themselves for the first few weeks, nutes are not needed, and when they are the plant will tell you via lighter Green leaves coming in as newer growth, the nitrogen gives them that dark green you want. Keep your ph between 5.5 and 6.5 I personally keep it between 5.8 and 6.1 but every strain is different. Most of your issues look like ph problems.

DgC 4Life

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also the seedlings feed themselves for the first few weeks, nutes are not needed
LOL no no no I LEARNED this mistake already the hard way th new seedlings got there perlite cleaned prior to anything and just plain tap thats been sitting out.....and also heard that spilling some of your nute feed on the leafs can be harmfull......but today is nute day and i slept in kinda late (work graveyard shift) so gonna roll one and hit up the auto store for some batt acid to make some ph down solution to use as my ph was only under six on the distilled water with nutes...now i got tap and my ppm pretty low just gotta get the ph down appreciate the advice Thawk but now its time to roll something and make some food for these little brats i been neglecting......also a question if anyone can help me with......i know after time alge may build on top of perlite but when it does will this be harmfull to plants or roots when watering? should i be removing top alge layer and replace with new layer of perlite? & another.....lol..... I heard placing the seed to grow straight in perlite (no rockwool or seed starters) is not a good move as it gives plants no support when grown big? anyways thanks for checkin this thread guys and all the help.

and Thawk the Jack Herer aint in the mix yet as i wanted to get everything dialed in and on point before i mess with that or the white widow fem seeds......first time with out soil first grow alone and only other grow was over 10 years ago and ended with bad mite infestation never made to flowering (but were bout 2.5 feet tall) so i deffinatley expected some failures before i can show some success.....still so intrested in smoking some of that jack and some widow...... later ppls
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