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Ed's 12/12 Tent Version 3

ed the head

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440w equivalent LED TSRN That Shall Remain Nameless: (actual 230w)
2x4 tent
6 inch input fan
Carbon filter
6 inch output fan
3 gallon fabric pots
Fox Farms Ocean Forest
Fox Farms Happy Frog
Dr. Earth 1-1-1 liquid fertilizer
Fox Farms Open Sesame fertilizer
Fox Farms Beastie Bloomz fertilizer
Fox Farms Cha Ching fertilizer

Photoperiod tent Version 3 is attempting to correct my tent overstuffing tendencies :sorry: and permit the little beauties to more easily reach their full potentials.

On April 7th, a topped 12 inch Wappa clone was placed in a newly vacant position. I've since harvested 2 more from the tent with about 2 weeks to go before the remaining 2 are harvested. By May 7th my first clone should be about halfway through her flowering cycle, so another topped 12 inch clone will be put in the tent. The plan (maybe more like a hope) is to put 1 clone in every 30 days and harvesting 1 ripened clone about every 30 days.

We'll be sticking with Wappa for a while but I've got my sights on replacement mothers. I was particularly impressed with the performance of Glorianna Grandaddy Bruce & Caydence Coco Melon in V2 tent so as they are harvested I am leaving some bottom foliage and setting them outside to see if any re-veg. With warm temps outside now it's at least worth a shot. If that fails, I have another fem GDB bean to start over.

So, hopefully we'll be looking for a 30 day cycle of Wappa harvests starting around June 7th.

Below, Wappa Clone1 sits atop 2 paint cans + 1 Christmas Cookie Tin to reach the canopy, Caydence Coco Melon left of frame, Giulia Gelato in the right frame with 1-2 weeks to go.
04 13 2021 PhotoPeriodV3.jpg

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Was she pretty smooth growing?

She was an absolute joy to foster ... full of pleasant surprises from day 1.
She was predicted to be tall like her Sativa ancestor - but she wound up shorter than 4 Indica leaning sisters. Her leaves never resembled sativa either, being fat just like her sisters (most akin to the Blueberry I grew). She also ripened up faster than predicted. Seed bank listed 10-12 weeks flowering, she was loaded with colored over trics a couple days short of week 10. It will be about a month before she is cured, but even in the over crowded tent she looks to have produced somewhere between 60-90 grams. I think I referenced it at the start, but to save you time, it is a Canuk Coco Melon Fem from TrueNorth seeds. HIGHLY recommended!
'Caydence' Coco Melon Grow

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Flip Day #26 and Flip Day #6.

As mentioned in my previous journal 12/12 Tent Grow#2 this 12/12 tent now houses up to 2 ladies in a 30 day rotation, except I jumped the gun and it's a 20 day rotation first go around :sorry: :3:

I am hoping the extra room will allow each lady to reach about half of the tents running average max, or about 125-130 grams each :oops: that is a far cry from Grow1 average 62 and Grow2 average 52 I know but one has to reach, no?

05 02 2021 Lil Wils.jpg

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Flip Day #28 for Lil Wil1 - :yahoo:4 week mark! - About halfway there. :3:

I am very happy with the new setup. Lil Wil1 spread herself wide open and is growing beautiful juicy buds all up and down her lobes. I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch but, it looks like coupling topping with a whole lotta more room will increase the per plant yield nicely. It's hard to get all of her in a shot without moving her, sorry for the partial images.
05 04 2021 LilWil1.jpg

For Lil Wil2, today is Flip Day #8 - :sorry: I missed your 1 week birthday! :3:
As happy as the new setup makes me with Lil Wil1's progress, it is blowing my mind with Lil Wil2. Just now starting her pistil production, she is already about 25% larger than Lil Wil1. She sits directly on the floor while her sister sits atop 1 paint can and 1 cookie tin to get +-14 inches closer to the light. She is opening, reaching and spreading more than Lil Wil1 I have high hopes for her indeed.
05 04 2021 LilWil2.jpg


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LilWil1 Wappa Clone Flip Day #47 - about lucky 13 to go.

No bud burn and very pleased with this grows revisions:
More elbow room;
Raised light.

05 23 2021 LilWil1.jpg

She's got 5 beautiful main colas and significant bottom and center bud growth. What a beauty! Giving off that strong Juicy Fruit smell again and sparkling with crystals.

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LilWil1 has been air drying about 10 days now. On my trip up to Nieuw Nederlands Noord today I will check on her and hope she's ready for jarring.

She'll be the first in the revised setup so I am hopeful that she will break the 60 gram ceiling I've been hitting.

She looked very promising at harvest.

Fingers crossed.
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