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First Ever Grow - Lemon Haze Auto - 250W HPS

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Hello 420 firstly id like to start by saying how helpful this forum has been, i would not have been able to even think about starting a grow if it where not for all the useful information i have gathered from this forum! i have two tents one much larger but for now i want to see if i can successfully grow just 1 auto plant (others make it look easy but im still slightly doubtful of my ability ha)

what im using for this grow:

250w senua HPS
4" HYBRID FLOW black orchid extraction fan
6" clip fan
4" black orchid inline fan
lemon x haze auto fem seed
senua grow tent small (50cmx50cmx100cm
root riot cube
root nurse 12 litre smart pot
carbon filter

i planted just the one seed in a root riot and after 3 days she had sprouted so i placed her in her final container (i hear this is best as to avoid stressing the plant??) a 12 litre smart pot, i had some issues initially with temperature dduring the day going up to the 35'c i found this to be because i was using a 4" inline axial fan for both the intake and exhaust so i replaced the exhaust system with a 245cfm rated fan as opposed to a 104cfm and that problem is now sorted, im in the 24-27'c region lights on and 18-20'c lights off, humidity is rather low so im misting my tent quite often to keep that in the 30-40% region...

im now at the time of writing on day 10 and thought id upload my first photos for you all!

here is some closer shots as i noticed almost like a white dust on the leaves of these photos zoomed in but im assuming this is from regular misting??

and lastly this is my tent setup.. im having to have the fan==>ducting==>carbon filter as the filter wouldn't fit inside the tent :/ i will update every couple of days and all advice is absolutely welcome the more the merrier thanks and wish me luck :D
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Hi thanks for stopping by, seems healthy I am assuming it's just from spraying the plant a lot and I'm going to give them a wipe later on today to see if it brushes off, I didn't fill completely as I only had 10 litres of biobizz all mix and I also want to kept the height down for my first grow ( limited height of 100cm in this tent)

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Stinky Snid

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Sign me up for this one too... A single plant always get the most attention from you. She looks fine to me, the little white spots are just it's natural trichomes (no thc) it is as defence mechanisms against your environment. I could possibly be mildew but I highly doubt it at this stage in life,.. Don't try and wipe it off, you may damage the leaves inner cells beyond repair, a small scratch can lead to necrosis very quickly. I'd say leave it be.

KiG :green_heart:cheers
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13 Days in! ---- Hey guys iv been kinda busy over the weekend so i was quite happy with the growth in these last 3 days as far as i can tell all is going well, im having to reduce fan speeds alot at the moment as the temperature in the tent has been wanting to drop down as low as 20'c but other than that this is just a quick update with some photos for y'all :D

decided to rotate the photos the right way up this time too

thanks for the support and please if you notice anything off with her by all means gimme some help, thanks silky.
Looking good man, now just play with the the kiss method for one or two more weeks then you can abuse that girl!! Planning any lst?

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Kiss method ?? Ha I'm a real noob here , possibly thinking about lst but I'm not exactly sure when I should start

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"Keep it simple stupid" hahah just water on the light side for one or two weeks and then keep to topping before you jump into lst, kiss ;) I'm growing lemon haze right now and can take a good feeding, she's happily taking 1000 ppm in week three veg! But that is from clone not seed, what nutrients are you planning to use??

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I have a biobizz try pack with grow bloom and top max but I'm by entirely sure when to start using each of these yet

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Just wait for at least another week and start feeding grow, biobizz are meant to be organic yeah? Try supplementing with a compost tea every now and then

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Day 17 - hi guys theres been some nice growth in these last few days so il upload a few photos and hopefully you can tell me if things look well??

iv purchased a couple of items in the last few days too, i now have a 30x 60x and 100x magnifier so i can keep an eye out for any unwanted pests, i also purchased a horti shield bug blocker for my intake fan which will be my first line of defence (probably shoulda bought earlier than now!)

the leaves seem to be pointing somewhat up a little but other than that she seems healthy....

iv started her on biobizz grow today with her feed at the ratio of 1ml/ 1 1/4 pints hopefully its not too soon!
Looking perfect for day 17 man, love the thick stalk with lovely spaced internodes, are you bending the base everyday for a thick trunk?


Stinky Snid

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She looks great, leaves pointing upward, a nice green hue... Looking great so far Silky, make sure you dilute the nute mix to 1/4-1/2 strength to start off...don't want to burn that beauty :thumb:

KiG :green_heart:cheers
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Day 24 - right so theres been alot of growth in this last week, iv also now started adding low doses of biobizz grow which each feed and as of day 28 il start to add bloom i think(correct me if this is a bad idea ha)

now iv started seeing a few of these bud sites and one in particular is actually hidden under a large leaf which cant be good so should i pin the large leaf back? probably will anyway i guess the site would rather have the light over just a leaf right?

lastly but most important from this update is iv got a couple of spots one one leaf the rest of the plant is fine

can any1 help identify the problem? im hoping its just a case of spilling a little water during feeding but all help would be great thanks!
Hey Silky, I use BioBizz too,and the chart says to start BioBloom at 2nd week in flowering. For that yellow spot,from what I found it can be Copper,Potassium or Nitrogen deficiency, but wait to hear an expert about it. I don't think it's a big problem if it is only on that leaf.
Also if you can move that bud out of the leaf's shadow it will absorb more light and potentially grow a lot bigger than leaving it like this...it's like LST,if you pull your branches out of the main stem all those buds sites will take more even light and grow bigger.
However to me seems an healthy good looking plant!;)
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hi guy just a quickie here im in need of help, so its day 27 from seed on a 6 week auto and the bottom leaves are going yellow should i be concerned?? iv been feeding her biobizz grow and started adding bloom yesterday too i just dont want to wait too long if theres a problem