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First Grow - CFL, Bubble DWC, Purple Wreck


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Hi all,

Followed Roseman over here. I read his tutorial several times and decided to jump in and try my hand at growing. This is my first grow.

The strain I choose is Purple Wreck. I built my own DWC bubleponics set up following Roseman's tutorial. I set up a closet.

I started 6 seeds. All 6 sprouted. Three were much larger than the other three. Two of the three runts actually withered and died as the stronger plants shaded them. One of the runts is sticking around but just barely. The three strong ones are what you see in the pictures.

I vegg'ed for 5 weeks.

I used Botanicare nutrients.

Please pardon the crappy phone pics.

Here are pictures from week 3 of flowering:

Here they tonight at week 4 of flowering:



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Week 5 of 12/12.

Hairs are turning brown. Buds are starting to fatten up a bit. Everything is covered with trichs. Looks like someone sprinkled sugar over the plants. Smell is fairly mild.

I moved my PH from 5.5-6.0 to 5.8-6.2.

I also changed my fertilizer. When I went to my local hydro shop I was about to buy the vanilla bloom fertilizer from Botnicare and realized they changed their formula. The old one was (iirc) 2-3-5. The new one is something like 1-2-5. They sold an organic bloom fertilizer with 2-2-5 so I switched to that. The girls didn't seem to notice the change.

Again, my apologies for the crappy phone pics.



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Week 6 photos. It's hard to tell from the crappy phone pictures but the buds are growing.

The plants themselves took a hit. I made a rookie mistake, I read a lot of threads about ph that said it should be 6.5-ish. So I bumped my ph up to 6.5-ish. My girls stared to show symptoms of various lock outs. All the posts were about soil growers, I am growing hydro. I dropped my ph back to 5.5. There weren't a lot of leaves damaged so I am hoping they get better quickly.

Week 6; purple wreck, 3 plants.



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I harvested yesterday. 8 weeks of 12/12. I had about 70-80% cloudy, about 20-30% amber.

I pulled them down a little early, I had wanted to go to 9 full weeks. But I have to go out of town for several days this week so no choice the girls had to come down.

I would post pictures but you all have seen them dozens of times - lots of buds hanging in a cardboard box. I got a handful of what I consider large buds. One about the size of my fist. A couple more the size of pine cones. And many dozens smaller buds. I also got two very full gallon zip lock bags of trim leaves that I hope to turn into hash.

A couple things, I got more than I thought I would. A lot more. I don't have a weight yet nor even an estimate as this is my first grow so I really don't know how much I am looking at. As this is my first grow I learned about sissor hash first hand. The wife and I were pretty baked on some very smooth tasting hash while I was finishing up the trimming.

I'll post the dry weight when I am done curing.

My thanks to all those who post help and guidance for n00bs like me.


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Ok, final weight was a bit of a disappointment - 49.5 grams off three plants. But it was my first grow. I expect more next time ;)



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Looks good for a first grow Ren. I am doing something similar now flowing Roseman's Tutorial and with a little help from Crazy.

I am going to use a 400 HPS for Flowering. I got 4 female plants going, Hoping to hit a z with each plant if I am lucky. lol


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Thanks all.

Picking up a grow tent and more lights for the next grow. Getting out of the closet. Even if I had more lights I didn't have room to hang them. I need more room.

Reefa Cheefa

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Hey man those buds look really nice! For going the whole way with CFLs thats pretty impressive! Id get at least a 250w hps to flower next time, you'll see a big difference :ganjamon:


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You did great, bro, and are to be applauded. First time, CFLs, your eally did good. My first grow was an embarrassing mess. You did something to be very proud of. I wish I ahd found this thread earlier.
Welcome to 420! You came to the right place.

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I agree 110% with everyone! You did great! First grow - DONE!!!!! You will be amazed how many small things will just fall into place now for you. You got smoke from your first try! You'll get nugs from your second!

+Reps for being in the game!!!


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Thanks for sharing your grow with us!

I'm moving this to completed journals now.

Have you started a new grow you would like to share with us?

If so, please start one here:
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Hope all is well in your world.

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine!


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Awesome grow man!!! This concept is practically what I am looking to try to pursue. Might I ask what you ended up using for your 8CFLS, are they all the same? Im just glad to see that it CAN be pulled off with 8.

I may try going 6 6500k and 2 2500k for veg and swap it for flowering, still not 100% sure. Also would you mind going into detail which nutes are in that family, I cant seem to find a hydro store around so I'll have to order online I guess. Thanks and again awesome first grow!:high-five:
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