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HopHead 1st Journal - Afghani - NL In Soil From 2007 Seeds - Harvested


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This is my first journal, don't really know if I'm doing this right so I'm wide open to any suggestions.

This is my first grow in 8 yrs. I had thought 10 yrs but I checked my archives and 2007 was my last grow.

SEEDS: In 2007 I was given a few seeds and told they were Afghani and Northern Lights. I believe I was given 6 of each. I sowed them Jan 11/07 in soil and 7 emerged. 4 NL and 3 Afghani. I grew them indoors under a 400w HPS in soil. Mar 31/07 I switched to 12/12 to flower. Prior to switching I had made clones for the next harvest of females only. 3 NLs turned out to be female with 1 male. 1 Afghani turned out to be female with 2 males. I grew all 7 together and harvested pretty good bud and over 2600 seeds. I kept the seeds from each plant separated, labeled and frozen until now.

Nov 7, 2015 - sowed 4 NL seeds and 4 Afghani in Miracle Grow Germination Potting Soil 0.0 - 0.01 - 0.0 in 1.5" plastic pots. The pots were on a heating mat under 4 - 4' reg. fluorescent lights in a room around 20 degrees Celsius day and 16 night. (Have other garden plants growing under same lights.) They all germinated after 2-4 days and have been under the same lighting and conditions. One of the NLs (Noil) emerged with cotyledon leaves similar to cabbage family. I like out of the ordinary; will be looking for any growing differences. Seems to be stunted as it opened up noticeably slower than the rest.

Nov 16
This morning I discovered 1 of the NLs is calling it quits.:oops: My suspicion is the roots can't breath.:30: I've used this soil for my garden vegs and although the germination rate is excellent I find the soil is susceptible to waterlogging. I think that's what happened here. I have to be more careful when watering and I will have to remember to add perlite next time. I'm only looking for 4 females to flower so losing one seedling isn't a problem. Might be a sign of weakness on his/her part and/or stupidity on mine. Because the starter soil has practically no nutrients I watered them as the pots got dry with Ohrstrom's Maxicrop Liquid Seaweed 0-0-1. I mix 25ml with 2 L of water. I'll have to see what other fertilizers I have around the house because they will soon need more food. I plan to transplant into 4" pots with much better potting soil after they have 2 sets(4) of true leaves. They now have 1 set(2) of true leaves. Once transplanted I'll be moving them to the growing room under the 400w HPS. Started working on that room yesterday.

The Family








Noil up close

Unnamed tapped out too early

Next posting planned is after transplanting and move into new quarters. Should be about a week.


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2B was not 2b :laugh2:

Looking good! Also growing NL and love afghani :Namaste:


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Noil looks pretty neat! I love the weird ones. Front row and center! Subbed!

Glad to have you along ShiggityFlip. Yea Noil's got my attention because he/she is different along with Abby who was 1st and maybe the most vigorous. Time will tell.


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awwww we cant be down on droopy!!! sh'ell come along and prove herself like the lil engine that could lol.

along for the ride!!!


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awwww we cant be down on droopy!!! sh'ell come along and prove herself like the lil engine that could lol.

along for the ride!!!

Not this time my friend. Droopy is going in the compost pile tomorrow. Last time I looked she seemed to have rigamortis.

Welcome aboard. Will be posting an update tomorrow.


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Yesterday morning, Nov. 17, Day 7 (average of 6, 7, 8 days for different seedlings)

I checked on the Family and they were not happy. I'll describe the leaves as being dull - not shiny or full of life. I was particularly concerned about little Noil. I thought she/he mind not make it without some action on my part.The growing medium/germination soil has practically no ferts and the only nutes are from some seaweed fertilizer (0-0-1) I added. So I looked for some fertilizer but couldn't find any around the house. I guess I used everything this summer for the veg garden. I was able to get some Schultz Liquid Plant Food 10-15-10 at a local hardware store. Would have preferred organic but you do what ya gotta do. Recommended dosage is up to 14 drops in 1 litre of water once or twice a month or 7 drops in 1 litre every time you water. I used 4 drops in 1 litre of water(1/4 solution) and did a foliar spray(very light) to get some immediate absorption. It worked because they looked better by lights out time. One plant still had a drop of water solution in the center where the new leaves emerge so I removed this with a corner of a Kleenex. May not make a difference or it may prevent disease. Better to be safe than sorry.

Nov 18, Day 8

The Family looked ok but I wanted to start feeding ferts in the soil. I'm thinking their lunch boxes that their parents packed for them are getting depleted so it's time to get a good meal for them. While getting ingredients together for soil making I discovered I had some Wegener's Liquid Organic Based 8-6-6 Fertilizer. This is a fert I use for house plants only, because it has molybdenum levels which "may be toxic to ruminant animals"; a warning on the label. It seems like a good fert other than the molybdenum levels so I use it sparingly. Today I decided to do a 50% solution;5ml in 2 litres of water. A little drink for the Family and the rest for my other house plants. Took a trip down the road in search of some ferts. Was able to get a good variety that I'll report on in my next posting. Now I will work on some pics.


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Yesterday, Nov 19, I was moving the Family around a bit when Arlo folded over.:oops: Tried holding him/her up straight with a twist tie but damage had been done; so fatality #2. :rip:

My mistakes that I know about so far are;
1 - the germination soil is susceptible to waterlogging; I should have added perlite.
2 - the germination soil has practically no food; I should have moistened it with a fertilizer and nutes solution.
3 - I started the plants too far from the lights.

The remaining 6 plants have been fed with 1/4 strength Schultz Plant Food as the soil dries and they are looking much better/stronger.

Yesterday I mixed my soil. In the basement I have a plastic garbage bin where I recycle potting soil, houseplant leaves, stalks, failed plants, etc. and occasionally I find earthworms in it. To this I added ABS Greenwood Professional Mix Type VPW 30 ("sphagnum peat/perlite/vermiculite/dolomitic limestone/natural wetting agent/starter charge of major and minor elements"), ASB Greenworld Cow Manure Compost (left over from summer veg garden), earthworm castings, blood meal, phosphate and bat guano. Time will tell if I've overdone phosphorus. It's my understanding that some of the phosphate I've added will take some time before it becomes available to be absorbed by the roots. So I'm crossing my fingers.

Last night I started soaking 4 more Afghani/NL seeds. If these germinate I'll have 10 plants if there's no more fatalities. So with 10 I should have at least 4 females to flower. Also, I want to improve my growing skills; especially at the seedling stage where I have to do better before spending money on seeds. With over 2000 Afghani/NL seeds practicing has no limits.Lol

Today I sowed the 4 seeds after 15.5 hrs of soaking. 2 are from an Afghani mother and either an Afghani or NL father and the other 2 seeds are from a NL mother and either an Afghani or NL father. I sowed 1 Afghani(mother) seed in my premixed soil and the other Afghani seed in the same germinating soil I used the first time. This time I added perlite and wetted the medium:31::peace: with 1/4 strength Schultz Plant food solution. I had mixed 1 litre of the solution so when this is gone I'll switch to something else. I did the same thing with the NL (mother) seeds. And then I placed them on my heating pad along with the rest of the Family about 3" from the fluorescent lights. I would like them an inch closer but plant markers are in the way. It's much closer than before so I expect to see an improvement over the first week of growth compared to the first batch.


I think Little Noil will need some therapy. Maybe a Plant psychologist. Could be expensive.:6:



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Hang in there Hophead. The rest look good and Noil will get there. Sometimes the girls like to make us wait.

LoL. Hi ShiggityFlip. Yea, so it sounds like you think Little Noil is a girl. Hopefully, we'll get a chance to find out. It's strange that she or he hasn't grown at all in the last week. The rest of the Family are on their second set of true leaves. It makes me more interested to see what she/he will become. Not a practical plant to grow so far, but you never know. At least I don't. I expect most people would cull her at this point. Gardening is probably my greatest passion so this is all very intriguing to me.


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Nov 22, 2015 Day 12

Transplanted 5 plants into 6" pots with my soil mix and moved them to the grow room with 430w HPS. First I added some wood ashes to increase the potash content. The soil was a little dry so I watered from the bottom until I saw surface dampness. Keeping the light about 24" above plants until just before the lights turn off and then I'll lower to about 18". I'm putting them on 18/6. I have a light meter so I'll lower the lamp using that as a reference. They look much stronger after being fed the last few days with a solution containing;
Nutri Plus Ocean Pure Fish fert 2.5 - 4 - 0.5
Seaboost 0.1 - 0.1 - 2
Schultz 10 - 15 - 10
Now that they are in soil I probably won't have to feed them anymore. I expect to just have to water.

Of the 4 seeds planted on Nov 20 the NL in soil popped up first. No sign of the others yet.



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They will be happy in the new pots. When transplanting make sure not to press on the soil too much. You want a nice loose soil structure with a lot of air. It looks like the holes of your pots are on the bottom of the pot not the sides. If so make sure to raise the pots up slightly out of the water so the pot can breathe. Keep it up, good things are happening.


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They will be happy in the new pots. When transplanting make sure not to press on the soil too much. You want a nice loose soil structure with a lot of air. It looks like the holes of your pots are on the bottom of the pot not the sides. If so make sure to raise the pots up slightly out of the water so the pot can breathe. Keep it up, good things are happening.

Thanks for your good advice and positive words ShiggityFlip. You're absolutely right about the loose soil. I do a lot of transplanting in the spring of flowers, herbs and some vegetables so I've developed that knack of firming soil without too much compaction. I've actually gardened in one form or another for over 40 yrs. Oops, that makes me feel old. In reality I started really young; before I went to school. :laugh2:
The 6" pots have bottom holes that open on the side as well. I'll be posting pics tomorrow so I'll get a close up of those. Also the saucer has raised circular molding which provides a little space under the pot. I follow the golden rule of "Don't put the babies to bed wet." That translates to empty the saucers before nightfall. Thanks again. All suggestions, advice as well as criticism is welcomed. I continue to learn as I test limits.


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Yesterday I pulled the plug on Little Noil; no vital signs.:rip: Noil didn't grow at all after emerging from the soil. I don't know if it's my mistakes (many) or the seed itself (genetic weakness) or both. Here's a pic. Any ideas ?

Another seed emerged from the soil. No sign of the 2 seeds sown in the growing medium yet. The perlite I added was used for cloning years ago, had rooting powder and a lot of fine perlite dust. I knew at the time I added it that it probably would not work well. Did I mention I like to test the limits ? The next day I found a bag of perlite without the fine perlite dust. Oh well. Sowed 3 more seeds yesterday in the soil I mixed. I had come across an article on sexing seeds while searching strains for arthritis so I had to try it out. I picked out 1 Afghani and 2 NL that appeared to have the deepest volcanos.

Here are pics of the latest addition to the family.

Abby is having a tough time; I'm hoping the worst is over. I'm quite certain I overwatered. When I transplanted her/him the soil was the least moist of all the transplants. All 6" pots were bottom watered equally after transplanting. The next day Abby's leaves began drooping. Because his/her soil had been the least moist I thought maybe the bottom watering hadn't reached her roots yet so I watered sparingly from the top. For the last 4-5 days things haven't changed much. Today I noticed the newest leaves are moving toward the light as I rotate the pot so I'm hopeful he/she will recover. So from here forward I'll be lifting the pots to check for weight and won't water until they are dry. Here is the latest pic of Abby.

And here are pics of the other Family members.

Here is a pic of a light meter I'm using for reference.

The HPS bulb is 12" above the top of Ally.

About 16" from the top of Nell.

Temp & Hum

I'm looking around for a new HPS bulb. This bulb is 430w with a magnetic ballast. Maybe next year I'll upgrade to a 600 or 1000w electronic ballast that will drive both HPS and MH. But for now I have to decide on a 400w or 430w bulb. I'm considering either PHILIP HPS 430w SON/AGRO or USHIO OPTI-RED 400w HPS. These two are supposed to have added blue light to aid veg growth. Any suggestions on these two or any other bulbs ?

I ordered and paid for 5 regular Haze Xtreme seeds from Crop King and they gave me 10. :thumb:Was my first order but it won't be my last. Anybody have suggestions on which strain is most effective for arthritis? My arthritis is in my knees and they have bothered me for many years.

Just like to add I appreciate all the positive words and thoughts that saturate this forum. A newly discovered (by me) Garden of Eden. Thanks.


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The Family is now 9. The two most recent Adma & Nash are in 1.5" pots. Adli & Nile have recently been transplanted to 6" pots. These 4 plants had lime added to the soil before planting and are growing very well. I've made lots of mistakes so far but I think I've finally got the hang of it. After 8 yrs away from growing I've had to relearn.

I tested my soil's pH (1st test) a week ago with a Kelway tester that gave me a reading of 4.8. I don't know how accurate this tester is but it probably is in the ballpark. I had noticed that some older leaves were yellowing and the tips of a few leaves were clawing. I added 1 Tbsp. of finely ground lime to each of the 5 plants that were in the 6" pots and scratched it in the top .5 - 1" of the soil.

Last night after lights were off I switched the HPS to a 400w MH. Both HPS and MH are old magnetic ballasts I last used 8 yrs ago. I'm starting to research LED's as I'll probably add a 200w LED when I start flowering. I'm looking at MarsHydro II. Any thoughts on the subject ?

Also thinking about setting up another grow room for vegging. The present grow room (5' x 4') will be for flowering with the 430w HPS and hopefully a 200w LED. I want to clone the Family of 9 before switching to 12/12 so I'll need the other room for vegging with the MH..

The Family of 9. Hopefully no more, no less. Moved to the floor with room to grow.

Abby is recovering from over watering and spent the last week in intensive care. It was touch and go but now there are positive signs of new growth.

Adli, 12 days old is looking good.

Adma, 4 days old, newest family member, volcano end so will see if female.

Ally showing signs of low pH, some yellowing along leaf edges, and some brown spots on second pair of true leaves. Otherwise looks good, showing best tolerance to low pH. Breeding stock ?

Atly showing signs of low pH, yellowing and clawing.

Nash, 5 days old, volcano end, female ?

Nell with yellowing and signs of overwatering, not as severe as Abby.

Nile, 13 days old and looking good.

Noel with yellowing.

I've ordered a Bluelab soil pH probe but am not expecting delivery anytime soon so in the meantime I'll be monitoring. My hope is that with watering the lime scratched into the top 1" of soil will make its way to the roots and nutrients will become available for absorption. I know lime takes time to work but I'm optimistic by the healthy appearance of the newest 4 family members who's soil was mixed with added lime.
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