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How much longer - Trichome pics


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Please take a look. I'm at week 9 in a 8-9week strain. From what Ive read I should have cloudy and at least a few amber trichomes. I'm seeing mostly clear and cloudy. No amber. So the question is, how many weeks should I expect to see some ambers popping out.

Here are the pics


I know someone is gonna ask so here is the link to the microscope I'm using

Amazon.com : Plugable USB 2.0 Digital Microscope with Flexible Arm Observation Stand for Windows, Mac, Linux (2MP, 250x Magnification) : Camera & Photo


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When they tell you 8 two 9 weeks you got to remember they are growing in almost perfect condition it can take a week or two longer for them to finish Plus everyone pools there's at a different time depending on the Amber crystals I have a blueberry that is at 10 weeks and not ready is an 8 to 9 weeks strain


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Thanks everyone! I was getting a little worried. I guess that 8-9 week BS doesnt account for human error and any other stresses the plants go through.

What started out as an organic grow, turned out to be an almost organic grow. Got a N def. in week 6 flower and had to add some Flora Nova Bloom to correct it. Unfortunately, this led me to have to flush. So now this lady is only getting water till the end. My other plant looks to be about a week or 2 behind so I'll probably continue to use Bloom for her for about a week. I totally thought she was done fattening up but my new SS 315w LEC told me to shut up. Came back from a 2 day trip and she had a noticeable increase in girth.
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