Macdaddy's Quarantine Outdoor Escape 2020


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Hey guys, long time. Glad to be back this year with some new strains and some new knowledge and ideas.
I will be growing 2x Big Blue Mother skunker 1x Sweet Blue Sputty and 1x bag seed.
I’m currently waiting on the breeder seeds and am vegetating a few bag seeds looking for a female.
I plan to grow using advanced nutrients pH perfect 3 stage.
I am going to be using bottomless pots outdoors with a mix of soils in them.
Things I want to improve this season.
Size of plants
. I’m using larger pots and bottomless pots to increase the size.
Yield, last season I found indicas didn’t flower early enough and I was left with some cold affected buds. Hopefully using Sativas instead will negate that problem.
Training. I’d like to improve my training techniques. How and when to top for the best growth, and refining my LST.
Bugs. I would like to have the fewest bugs I can, I have sand to stop whitefly reproduction and will be looking for a good foliar bug spray through the 420 magazine forums.

I will upload pictures as soon as my seeds have arrived.
As I was telling a friend... you know who’s prepared for a quarantine??? Gamers and Growers!!!!
I’m almost glad for quarantine, can spend more time getting ready for the season!! Oh and gaming of course :lot-o-toke:
I'm in! Are you going to be growing in the ground, containers, or bags? Can't wait for the details to unfold.

Re-read, bottomless pots. I'll be ok. :hookah:
Last season I grew in fabric “smart” pots and had some success. I found the plants were limited by that.
Hey guys, so about 4-5 days later. I’m starting to run into some nutrient deficiencies due to reusing some soil (thanks covid-19)
These are just my bag seeds so I’m not too stressed.
Still waiting on my seeds and nutrients.
Decided to make a little bit more of a food source available to my outdoor plants. I took a wheelbarrow full off soil from the forest next to my house and added that on top of my pots awaiting plants.


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Those need to be transplanted into bigger pots with some quality soil. What is the PH of your runoff? I'm seeing a good bit of heat stress, too.
Those need to be transplanted into bigger pots with some quality soil. What is the PH of your runoff? I'm seeing a good bit of heat stress, too.
I guess I’ve got some things to do tomorrow then! I can’t get new soil so I think taking soil from the forest. First foot and a half is great black soil
I'm concerned about the drainage and the roots. We have nothing but black dirt here and all I've managed to create out of it is a mud pie.
I am using smart pots, which will hopefully allow for some drainage at least.
Don't let the dirt get dry and make a mud clod. I wish I were able to gift you some soil, but I'm broke. I need to buy myself a backup bulb in case something happens to the one I have, but I'm a few dollars short.
I will keep my eye on it being a mud puddle.
I know the feeling haha
My outdoor pots have got a mix of vermiculite and perlite mixed in. So I’m not worried about drainage once they are outside. My main concern is discerning which of the bag seeds is female and can be prepped for outside.
Ok guys 12 hours post transplant. I took the 5 bag seed plants out of their red solo cups and placed them inside 2 gallon fabric pots. I dusted the edge of the transplant hole with a rooting hormone. Hopefully they will enjoy the new soil they have been given and may even reduce some of these deficiencies I’m seeing.
also raised my light a good 6-10” to avoid placing any heat stress or further damage to the plants.
with the lights on

Without the lights on
Quick update: nutrients arriving sometime this week.
Seeds arriving soon hopefully (back ordered)
Soil I took from the forest we were worried about it being too thick and becoming a mud pie. However after a day in the sun and under lights overnight the soil has dried up considerably. I’ve found it’s quite loose and crumbly as it’s drying.
Hey guys, update from this afternoon. Lst 3 days ago. Some of them are adjusting well.
2 plants I topped and lst’d.
2 plants I tied down
And one turned out to be a male.(autoflower)
Received a top after it reached 5 nodes. Responding well in the new soil and being tied down.
Tied this plant down. Topped yesterday
Just tied down.

I’m still waiting on my nutrients. Should be here Monday or Tuesday.
New seeds are still back ordered. Going to flower a branch to determine a sex for all of these once they have a long enough branch.
19/5/20 update. No seeds yet, AN ph perfect grow micro bloom arrived last week.
Bag seeds are doing well after an up pot and a feed.
Changed from outdoor bottomless pots to individual raised beds. Covered the holes I dug for the bottomless pots with a larger raised bed.
Looking forward to putting some girls in the ground in there!
Gday guys and girls, time for an update.
Still waiting on my feminized seeds, supposed to have arrived by the 27th, (Express shipping my ass)
The bag seeds I have growing outside are doing well, took clones from the more all yesterday, give them a few weeks to root and then I will flower them to find out if they are fem or not.
Not much else happening outdoors, things will be picking up quickly once my fem seeds arrive.
I have Been training these plants using topping and LST.
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