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Hey guys and girls and everyone else, I’m macdaddy420 and I’m a weedaholic. I’m currently growing in Canada but come from Australia originally. Soil grower because I’m brand new.
Started a journal, would love you to follow along to learn and grow the best cannabis we can!
Hey Macdaddy welcome to 420mag! :ganjamon: There are so many awesome people around here always willing to help and give input. :yahoo:
I'm a soil grower too! I'll head over to your journal and take a look.
Now that you've got a grow journal going, add it to your signature so you can get more traffic on your journal:
How To Add Links To Signatures
See you around :Namaste: Happy growing!
Welcome to 420,Macdaddy420, from a fellow soil grower :peace:
Welcome. I'm a (soon to be) new soil grower as well.
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