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I just removed the potato slices and doused the area with BAR's Broke Ass fungus gnat spray. Everything in the seedling cabinet is Apple Fresh now. The outdoor plants will get a taste tomorrow.
hi mate,

So welcome to Debbie, Donna and Linda.

I'm in. Do you already know what you plan to do ?
Good morning, MF. Nice update. :thanks: Looking good. Love the spud slices - the things we'll do, eh? I'd dance naked round the garden if I thought it would help my girls. Oh, hang on. I did. And it didn't.
Bad news....the gnats are winning the battle in the seedling cabinet. Linda still looks pretty good, but Donna and Debbie are on life support. Air-pots are no good when you have gnats. They were coming and going as they pleased through the holes in the sides of the pots. I probably did as much damage as the gnats by spraying too much. Tonight I removed them from the air-pots and put them into solo cups. They are outside for the night while the cabinet is de-gnatted.

Good news....Grace is doing great and has new growth where she was FIM'd. I should be home in time tomorrow to get some pics. I'll have a better idea on the other 3 by then, too.
That moment when you want to hit the like button to show support even though it's bad news... I'm feeling so conflicted, lol!

I hope you are able to get the gnat problem sorted out.

The news for the most part is not good. RIP Donna and Debbie. The gnats got the best of them and it took me too long to do anything different to try and save them.

Here's Linda, who spent the night outside and got full sun today. I think she'll be outdoors for the duration.


Grace is stretching like crazy and already smells great! I don't think my FIM worked 100%. More like a top in the last pic. I'm not going to try it again on her.



They got some good sun all day and the same is forecast for tomorrow. With all that Linda has been through, I think I'll wait a couple days before I transplant to a 5 gal pot.
That moment when you want to hit the like button to show support even though it's bad news... I'm feeling so conflicted, lol!

I hope you are able to get the gnat problem sorted out.


Thanks Obi. I know what you mean about hitting Like when the news is bad. I always feel weird and hope it isn't taken the wrong way.

Nice job on your grow, sir!
I was able to get outside for a few minutes yesterday with the girls between thunderstorms but couldn't get any pics. Grace is starting to shoot some pistils and is smelling really good. The only productive thing I was able to do was to get Linda transplanted into her 5 gal air-pot. If it ever stops raining I'll get some pics.
Damn MF sorry to hear of the loss of 2 of your girls. Stupid bugs anyway. I haven't had issues with bugs in my tent but I anal about cleanliness. Everytime I empty my tent, I go and clean it up with 10% bleach solution. I hate having any issues so I try and mitigate in the beginning.

Best luck to you for the rest of your grow

Hey brother, Im just confused on why it says MaggiesFarm? thats a dispensary here in the springs.

I'm just as confused why a dispensary would be named after a Dylan song. :hmmmm:
A lot has happened with these 2 girls since my last real update. The FIM on Grace didn't work but she started flowering on Aug 10. She's been fed 5 ml/gal TigerBloom, 5ml/gal CalMg+ and 5ml/gal unsulphered molasses twice this week. No defol done to her but I've been tucking fan leaves and did some LST. Linda is chugging along on 6.5pH rainwater for now. I will not be trying a FIM on her.

Here are some pics of Grace with some light restraint. She's a beautiful girl.






Now for some shots of Linda. She is starting to smell good, too.


I like that last pic with the FTBs in the background and Grace photobombing the shot on the left!

These autos are fun to grow and I may try to get another set going and harvested before it gets too cold. Any suggestions on what seeds I should try?
You can even see first thrics coming, and yes you're right, she's beautiful !! Linda looks like my baby one, cute, little but thick

I've been reading few articles in my language on different FIM techniques, seems not to be easy as the moment to do it and the place to cut must be perfect to work, and looks like to be a good technique for scrog yards, does it worth it with an outdoor girl ?

Thanks for the kind words guys.

I definitely should not have tried my first FIM on an autoflower LOL. I topped both FTBs without any problems and should have stuck with that.
Hey MaggiesFarm, sorry about your loss. I like topping myself, it works every time and I top as many times as possible to bush them out. I've topped Medi2 in veg probably 20+ sites over a 30 day period. Looking good man keep it up.
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