Raising Jock Horror Clones


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New grow - new thread. More so for my own documentation, because in comparison to my first grow, there don't seem to be too many cheerleaders here anymore :(

Anyway, here it goes! I'll start by using the AeroGarden (awesome!), then graduate the clones to the 4x2x5 grow tent in Pamelina Autopots with an automatic watering system. See my last grow for more details on all of that.

I hope you enjoy, and I love encouragement, even a simple thumbs up is great.
Took 4 clones on July 20th. Dipped them in Clonex rooting gel, and Hormex rooting power, cut some empty AeroGarden plugs length-wise, then covered them with misted cups. I have been misting them once a day, and they are still perky 3 days later. They are under a 19/5 light cycle.


I cut the bottom out of a storage box, and place it over the AeroGarden - move on, nothing to see here folks!

August 3rd, the roots are really growing on two of the four cuttings. No sign of roots on the other two, so they were terminated.

The roots are easily 12" long now, so theoretically I could put them in a pot. But, I am not going to. I was so impressed by the AeroGarden the first time around that I will keep, and train them, right in there for another 6 weeks. Let the flowering plants are at the end of week 4, and will be harvested at the end of week 10.

The clones were deliberately taken at the end of week 2 of flower and is called Monster Cropping. "The premise is that after the flowering clone reverts back to the vegetative state, the resulting plant will grow extremely bushy. They will form tons of nodes and side branches. Lots of side branches mean lots of buds exposed to direct light. High yields are the direct consequence of homogeneous light distribution to a high number of buds."

Anyway, here are the clones, two weeks after cutting:


August 15th: The clones are growing to fast! Nice and bushy! Probably because of the clones being taken during the flower stage. I thought that they would take a bit longer to recover, and switch back to veg, but it looks like they are way happy. I don't think that I mentioned this before, but I topped each plant once on 8/8. These pictures are from 8/12, three weeks after taking the cuttings. These are AFTER taking 6-8 of the largest leaves off each plant!


August 20th: They are very bushy, and between 8" and 10" tall. I probably should have done another round of topping last week, but I plan to do some more topping and cleaning off large leaves later tonight. Those bottom leaves are looking soft, and droopy, but the new growth looks awesome. I am really getting to a dilemma. I don't know if I can keep them under this box for another 4 weeks! That is what the current flowering plants need to finish, and make room for the next generation.

Nov 18th. When cleaning up the plants, I took away a lesson for the next grow. Don't cheap out on that extra bag of perlite! It is much easier to manage the plant when the top of the media is even with the top of the pot. Especially since I took these cuttings from when the plants were already in flower. This resulted in a much more dense and short plant than either growing them from seed, or taking the cuttings while in vegetative state.

So, I was going to be done with this strain for a bit, and try something else from seed - until my wife protested, and wanted another harvest of Jock Horror. Well. . . they are in week 8 - and I have NO idea if they will still root, and re-veg. But, I will give it a try honey :). So, I took 6 cuttings from the bottom part of the left plant, put them in the AeroGarden, and we will see.

BTW - this is an update picture from today. Lesson to be learned? If plant don't have roots, don't forget to mist them at least once a day!!! With the Thanksgiving days, I don't recall if I forgot them one, or two days. . . But they are weeds right? They will bounce back :)

Nov 25th. After 9 or 10 weeks of flower (do I count from pistels appearing, or from start of 12/12???). Anyway, I am calling her done. I disconnected their water supply, and turned the lights off. Wednesday I will cut them down.

Left plant:

Right plant:


Frosty :)


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Hope all is well in your world.

How did this grow turn out?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

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I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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