Think Different - Jock Horror Autos - First Grow - Soil - Low Budget


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highRhys First Grow Journal

Ok so this is my first grow and im setting up a journal just to show you guys how its getting along and if there is any problems or tips anyone could give me through the way i would really appreciate your feedback. i have done alot of research and im continuing on with it. hope you enjoy.:thumb:

Equipment & Materials

Bucket Size - 10L
Soil - Biobizz All-Mix
Lights - 300W Dual Spectrum 8u CFL
Strain - Think Different, Jock Horror [AUTOS]
Nutrients - BiobIzz BioBloom, Biogrow, alg-a-mic, BioHeaven, Plant Magic, Canna mono Nutrients.
# of Plants: 2
2 Fans
Extractor Fan with carbon filter
Digital thermometer and humidity tester
Ph testing kit
Germinating The Seeds

The germination method i used was soaking them in water for 24hours until the tap root emerges carefully plant the tap root facing down into the soil. i planted them straight into the pots they are going to finish in its meant to be a good way but i used this method just because it was easiest for me.
Think Different Day 1 -
Welcome to 420 and the wonderful world of running a journal. This is easily the best most helpful and informative site of its kind. Subbed, I've done a couple of think diff grows my self in the past. Gives good yield!

Hi mate thanks for subscribing and good to hear about the yield, what methods did you use and if you have any tips for me that would be greatly appreciated.

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