Self Growth Journal #1

Thanks for the praise, it's always a bit difficult knowing how you're doing with no means of comparison on a first grow.

I was actually looking at the Lowryder range but I need to find somewhere local to buy at shop as opposed to across the net, stealth packaging or not they still have details about you.

I have one White Widow left plus five feminised Northern Lights from Nirvana so might put them in before I go spending more cash on seeds.

Got any new pics yet? Want to see how yours are going.

All the best,
Day 22:

Thanks HR, here's Day 23 pics with a couple of the cupboard, the back two are now around 17cms but the front one is a 2/3 cms behind but she's nice a bushy as you can see from the close ups.

Will probably change to flower this weekend but it depends on whether the house is free of certain people as it takes a while to clean everything and make up nutes, which I need to get spot on don't want to ruin it at this stage.

Have had to raise the light about 5cms as the two taller plants were just touching it, not that the LED panel is hot in anyway.

Will post over weekend if I can.

Have a good one people.
Day 25:

Yesterday and today have only been able to have a quick peek in cupboard due to people being around, they're ok and doing very well.

Not had time to take pictures but will do tomorrow, which is also when I'm putting to flower so need to clean out nutes tank thoroughly before I mix up Canna Flora for first time.

Last Friday I moved the light up 2-3" and when I looked today the outside bigger leaves are above the light so they have grown loads in last two days the pics tomorrow should show a real difference from last photos.

I think it was all down to getting my pH right, which didn't really happen until till Day 20, so even though they're feminised white widow seeds, I'm not sure whether I'll get all females due to stress of not having nutes right from start but I've learned a lot from this first attempt so anything I get from it will be a bonus.

Day 26

Have noticed two of three plants are showing some yellowing towards the edges of the older bigger leaves, hoping the change of nutes to flowering solution should deal with that, don't really know why two and not all three as they're all getting sprayed same stuff and all have roots in it.

Oh well have to hope they survive the nutes and light hour changes, I'll find out tomorrow but so far they look ok having been in nutes for 4 sprays and still looking perky.

They really have come along way in exactlky one week if you compare Day 19 pictures to today's, much bushier and at least half the height again in those seven days.

Hey HR, thanks, how might i change that bearing in mind my nutes are supposed to be a complete solution - Canna, which I was told was the best of the best, apart from that they're going great guns now be interesting to see them tomorrow after there first night of 12hrs darkness and new nutes, I feel like an expectant father, lol

I can't even have a peak after 6pm now or they'll get light on them.
Thanks HR, just looked at them this morning and they're fine an perky so they've survived the transition so far so will see if it sorts itself out in next few days otherwise I'll get some solution to deal with it.

I am quite amazed at just how much they've taken off in the last seven days can't wait till they're ready.

Day 27: Pictures

White Widow - Green House Seeds, Aeroponic, Canna Aqua - Flora, 120w LED Panel, Airstone
Day 29:

Hi All, apologies for not posting yesterday didn't take any pictures so didn't bother.

Anyway, here's today's pictures and as you can all see they're doing fine. They're now on day 3 of flowering nutes and light cycle, I'm still spraying with Canna Rhizotonic and added 6ml to the nutes when I changed them to Canna Flora and set the new light hours.

They seem to be doing very well healthy and perky upward leaves just got to hope they're all girls.

Temp is around 28-32c mark, I haven't got a humidity meter so haven't got a clue on that front but would think humidity is extremely low.

Next step is to try to set up some sort of home made CO2 bottle so any advice welcome.

I've seen the set up with brewers yeastand a large bottle but am having trouble finding a Bubbler Airlock locally, as I read somewhere that the yeast can release harmful substances if you don't bother with a bit of water filtering the CO2 release.

The two back plants are around 23-25cms and the smaller front one is not far behind but bushier than the other two.

Hope this journal and photo's are helping in some way.

Best regards, Toaor
Hey HR, they're mainly on the lower side of those temps during the light on periods as I have the cupboard door open it's only when the door is shut, which is about 3 hrs in the morning after light comes on and about 2hrs before light goes off. Once the light is off it cools down to about the 23/24 mark.

Just waiting for the first signs of flowering and I'll start the Bloombastic feeding as well. I've also been looking at various CO2 diffusers and may well go for a a small aquarium type set up for around $30.

All the best,
Day 30:

Still no sign of sex yet but they're only into day 4 of flowering cycle so a bit early to tell.

They're still looking very healthy and perky so much so I've had to move the light up again another 2-3".

Luckily I haven't noticed any smells coming off them as yet but no doubt that will change as they start to bud up, that's if there's any girls among them, here's hoping or I've wasted my time and as I only have the three.

Probably won't get to post over weekend it's not easy to access cupboard, if I do it'll be a quick peak, although to be honest I think I could pretty much leave them alone completely if it wasn't for the Rhizotonic I've been spraying on them, which will stop once they show buds and then I'll start Bloombastic.

Have a good weekend one and all.

Best regards,
Day 33:

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a good weekend.

Just done my weekly nutes change, which take about 90 minutes all up what with washing out the reservoir and trying to clean out the piping and spray nozzles.

Purchased 5 Lowryder 2 seeds on Saturday for my next grow it's a choice between them and Northern Lights but the Lowryders are Autoflowering so thought they'd be good as I can start new seeds off in the same cupboard as light cycle won't change.

That way I start new seeds off three or four weeks apart so as I have a constant crop everything month as I don't reckon I'll get that much off each plant with my little grow room W60cms x D60cms x H120cms.

That's it for now folks hope you're enjoying my little journal I'm certainly enjoying doing it.

Best wishes,

I use an Oxygen based cleaning powder, which so far seems to have done the trick with no damage to plants.

They're now on 52.5ml of Canna Flores, which is heavy feeding, last week I just went for normal as it was the change from Vegging to flowering so thought I'd ease them in gently but it's time to up it now, I've also added 7.5ml of Rhizotonic for the root system, which I'm also spraying on the leaves 4-6 times a day.

They're still growing well and looking very nice plants but after one week of 12/12 light cycle I still can't see any sex, I have a feeling the two taller one's are males and the shorter is female, just a hunch.
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