Self Growth Journal #1

Thanks HR, I'm very pleased with a first attempt and am already thinking about my next grow and how I'll change certain things.

Regarding CO2, I read in a grow manual about carbonated water sprayed on to foliage, have you heard of this method? If so, any good?

I actually purchased a can for aquarium plants and have just sprayed in cupboard a couple of times so far.

All the best, Toaor
I did a search on here and there are various reports mostly good some bad but they seemed to use water with other ingredients like flavours or sugars, I've just boght some carbonated water with nothing else in it, I'll g ive them a spray tomorrow, will probnably mix the Rhizotonic I've been spraying.

I also did a plastic soda bottle with Bakers Yeast, not sure if that's the same as Brewers, with some sugar and warm water, I put a tissue over the top to stop any spores being released.

Let you know how it affects them if it does.

All the best, Toaor
Day 35:

Not really a lot to report they're still doing well as you can see from photos.

Not sure if the home made CO2 with bakers yeast, sugar, water and the CO2 spray can I'm using are making any difference but they seem to have grown lots in last two days. Haven't used the carbonated water yet but will mix it up with Rhizotonic and give it a go later.

I'm having to move the light up every other day and I usually raise it by 2-3" each time and I'm running out of room because the light hangers are quite long so need to get some chain to redo them shorter otherwise I only have about another 3" to raise it next time and that'll be it with only 1.2m height the reservoir box being over 30cms and now the plants over 30cms so might even have to start bending the tops over.

Is that advisable during flowering???

Best wishes one and all,
Day 39:

Fresh Nutes today they're now 14 days into the flowering light cycle but still no signs of sex yet, getting impatient as I'm sure the two taller ones are going to turn out male.

Had to put new shorter chains on my light fitting as was running out of room to raise it but now I have about anopther 8" I can go up.

Only a few pics today as there ain't muc h change they're just getting bigger.

Have a good week.

White Widow, Aeroponic, Canna Aqua & Flores, Rhizotonic, 120watt LED Panel.


Day 40:

Still no signs of sex yet, any ideas people?

Is this just a quirk of White Widow not showing signs early?

How long doe sit normally take to sex plants?

Any suggestions on how I can find out would be much appreciated.

No photos today as there's basically nothing happening.

Best wishes, Toaor
Hey HR, nice to have you back hope the family things are all sorted.

Nahh still can't tell although I think I can see the tiniest startings of sex flowers but if I'm right they're all male !!!!

I've just got to carry on until I'm certain as and as soon as I know I'll cull any males, if it's all three I'll have to start from scratch again only I'll make a few modifications to the cupboard, mainly to give me back the few inches I lost by making a sealed box inside a cupboard, I'll framed it at the front and top only.

Still waiting for some 15w 225 LED panels for the sides as top leaves stopping some of the light getting through but I just found out they're on back order, which is typical, these people like taking your money online and then piss about delivering.

I have five Lowryder 2 seeds to try next or Northern Lights but Autoflowering if it works would be the most sensible way forward for me as I can keep light cycle the same and start off new seedlings before crop is ready.

Hope I haven't wasted the last 40+ days just one female will make it worth it.

Day 43:

Well I'm amazed 18 days of lights on 12/12 and still nothing tangible, certainly no pistiles just the smallest of nubbins but even they are fully enough formed for me to tell.

I have read on various journals that this is where the problem occurs using LEDs, they seem great for vegging but have read several times of flowering taking longer and even needing supplemental lighting.

Have a great weekend one and all.
Day 44:

In the words of the famous song: What a difference a day makes, 24 little hours"


Toaor is happy to announce that as far as one can tell with a tiny little magnifying glass on a Swiss Army knife gadget that I am now the proud father to three girls, yippee 3/3, go Toaor, go Toaor!

Sorry I got a bit carried away there but as you can guess I'm very pleased to know the sex now I just have to be patient for another few weeks.

I've just changed the Nutes a couple of days earlier than their normal weekly Monday routine because they actually started flowering I've added 1ml of Atami Bloombastic per liter, which in my case is 15 liters - Canna Aqua Flores.

Raised the lgith yet again and only have about another 2-3" left to go and then I'm going to have to bend them down.

No pictures today but hopefully by the time I post the next lot the flowers will be obvious not just the three sets of white hairs I spotted with my tiny magnifier.

Best wishes one and all.
A very happy Toaor
Thanks HR, it's a big relief after 44 days of careful tending, I didn't want to have to start again without getting a single bud but now I can at least look forward to something.

I'm still waiting for LED side panels and may even go get a 125/250w Red CFL and swap out the existing 120w LED panel as there isn't room for both.

Or maybe just add some small 11/23w CFLs around the sides of the LED panel, will have to see how well they bud up.

How are your girls coming on?

Yeah I looked at the latest photos they're doing great nice shiny leaves, mine look quite dull and flat but healthy and perky.

I am sooo jealous of your grow area, if only I had that much space !!!

I could get a 2m floor space in loft but it would just be too much of pain getting in and out, not only that the thermal footprint would be picked up by the old flying buzzards that patrol the skies.

Have a good week.
Day 49 or Day 24/25 of Flowering.

Just been in to the girls as haven't been able to for three days really, too many people around!

They're doing fine as you can see in the flowering close up I took.

I also added the two 15 watt 225 LED Red & Blue panels down sides and two 11 watt CFLs also in pictures so as you can how the lgiht changes.

I can't really add any more lighting without sending temperatures sky rocketing and I don't have any other way of extracting heat, the extractor I've got is too noisy to be on more thana few minutes ata time when the heating is on during the night when it's quiet it is very noticeable!

That's why I went for LEDs in the first place so if they don't bud up nicely going to have to have a major rethink, watch this space.

Best regards one and all,


How long does it normally take from spotting first flowering signs to them being ready for harvesting?

Lots of seed companies put anything between 6-10 weeks but is that from putting them into 12/12 light cycle or from first signs of flowering?

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