Self Growth Journal #1

Day 62:

Took a three hour round trip to go pick up my second hand LED 120watt light panel, which I've just put in the cupboard see the two pictures.

This one is only red and blue no orange or green, the light it's emitting is much more red than my other one. I've now taken away the two CFLs and the two small 15watt LED panels that weren't doing much at all I don't think.

Compare the pictures if you want to see how much more light there although it is pretty hard to tell from photographs I admit.

Apart from that nothing to report girls still going for it can't wait till harvest time and hopefully this additonal light will help themon their way.

Best wishes one and all,
Day 64:

Nutes change day, which is actually getting quite difficult now lifting plants in and out of cupboard because their tall and there is no soil medium to stabilise so they tilt as soon as I move them.

I had to srting them together to get them back in cupoboard, which wasn't easy broke a few fan leaves off but the rest is ok I think, watch this space.

Today I've used 15 liters of tap water in my resevoir with:

45ml of Canna Aqua Flores A&B mixed
5ml Canna Rhizotonic
15ml Atami Bloombastic
Ph 6.1
EC 1.59

I then added a couple of liters plain tap water again just to dilute a little as they're on heavy feeding mix again, I've also added another fan and moved the other one.

I now have one blowing gently at the top and another one blowing up from the bottom, see if that cools it down a bit as the temperature was 35 degrees when I opened cupboard up this morning.

All up it takes me about between 60-90 minutes to do my rez clean and nutes change and seeing as I don't smoke around the young ladies, I think I thoroughly deserve a bloody great big one now.

Enjoy your week peoples.

Best wishes one and all,
Thanks HR, looking forward to the smoke, hope it's all been worth it, also can't wait to get started on my next grow seeds have been sent out from GHSC, not sure how many I'll get but I do know one of the guys got 24, that'll keep me going for about 18 months with my small grow room !

I've ordered a 20cms USB laptop cooling fan, which I'm going to stick on the roof of cupboard where extractor ducting is and just turn round the other way so it's sucking the air out, I reckon I can have that going permanently without the sound levels of the proper extractor fan.

Best reagrtds, Toaor
absolutely no smell whatsoever, even if I rub the leaves, tips and buds, just a green smell no hashy tones or skunky smells at all I'm amazed.

Day 67:

Poked my head to cupboard and took these pics this morning, girls looking good and I can now see on the photos the resin crystals starting to show, I can't see them with my old eyes with the lights on need to wear sunglasses but the camera has caught them lovely.

The 20cm laptop cooling fan arrived y'day so will be installing that at some point directly under the exctractor fan hole in roof and will have it running 24/7 because it's almost completely silent unlike the extractor fan, which makes a nice whirring sound everytime it kicks in and can be heard by other people if they happen to be in the right place.

Fortunately, still no smell !

Have a good weekend one and all, probably won't post over weekend am busy so will only poke my head to girls to make sure they're ok but no pictures.

Best regards, Toaor
Thanks HR, no still waiting for seeds they said 6-8 days so probably next week no idea what strains, will let you know when I get them,what they are and how many.

Best regards, Toaor
Day 70:

Hi everyone, hope you enjoyed your weekend's.

Monday is nutes change and clean rez out day, so that's exactly what they've had, they're now back in their little home for the next week.

Here's what they've had:

45ml Canna Aqua Flores A&B in 15 liters of tap water.
15ml Atami Bloombastic for flowering.
7.5ml Cann Rhizontonic for roots.

Then added 2 liters plain tap water and fixed pH at 6.2, EC 1.7.

Took some photos but these were with phone camera so not as good as some of the others with my handheld camera.

I think I've chnaged my mind on rebuilding my grow cupboard instead I've found a perfect fit grow tent Secret Jardin 2, W60cms x D60cms x H140cms, this will fit in my space brilliantly, will give me another 20cms of height and save me sawing, nailing and screwing bits of timber and MDF.

What I like about this is particular range is the extractor vent is on the top not the side as most I've seen are, I cannot have one on side there wouold be no room for ducting to run up side my limit is 65cms width and depth.

It's going to cost me around £60/$95, which I could do without spending but it will save a lot of hassle me thinks.

Have a great week one and all, will post more as and when I can.


PS: My package turned up from Green House Seed Company 10 Super Critical Autoflowering seeds, plus 20 packs of thier own special nutrient formula and a DVD of their Strain Hunter expeditions to India and Africa.

I have no idea what's in nutrient ix it's a bluey green powder I mix with water same for veg as flowering, can also use any other products like Rhizotonic and Bloombastic with it.

Super Critical is a 7 week autoflowering variety for both indoor and outdoor as long as temps above 10C grows 70-120cms on anything between 12-18 hrs of light, these will be my next grow with their nutes.
Yeah can't wait, mine need to finish first though.

Be interesting to try their nutes too and it will save me a bit of time as they are nicely measured out for one bag per 20 liters of water, which is about perfect for my set up and save me measuring out the Canna Aqua A and then B, just open bag a pour and mix instead.

If I can possiboly get away with it I'll have a couple in my outdoor greenhouse but probably be very noticeable.

I purchased my new grow tent earlier D60cms x W60cms x H140cms should be here in a couple of days so the new seeds will go in the new set up too, I'll also be changing my reservoir box to a slightly bigger and much sturdier one,with capacity of 42 liters, I'll only fill with 20 as per their nutes mix recipe.

Laters people,
True professionals in the business me thinks, go find the good strains and bring them to the masses.

Wouldn't you just love to take a few weeks off from life and go do that kinda trip?

Best regards, Toaor
True professionals in the business me thinks, go find the good strains and bring them to the masses.

Wouldn't you just love to take a few weeks off from life and go do that kinda trip?

Best regards, Toaor

I would just like to take a few weeks off, period. :)
LOL, me too, it's now gone 1:10am here and I'm up writing a book, have been most nights for weeks, it's the only time it's quiet enough for me to think straight.

But I've done my 1,000 words for tonight so am off to bed shortly, it's earlier than last night, which was well gone 2am.

Have a good day my friend,
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