Self Growth Journal #1

Wouldn't you just love to smoke some of that !

But I suppose you can always make your own in the same way they showed you how to do it well enough.

What I want to know is what they do with each bud once they've rolled it because it must still be a good smoke if dried out even if they've stripped the outside resin.

All the best, Toaor
it look like they were just throwing them on the ground when they were done, but yea i would love to just walk through hills filled with plants and do what they do on a regular and get paid for it, for a smoker that the dream life if u ask me... you guys know any seed sites that take pre-paid credit cards?? if so let me know, thanks... :tokin:
If it's Pre Paid all of them should take them, they don't care how you pay as long as you pay and with Pre Paid they know there is no problem money paid in already.

Have you been turned down in the past?

Try Amsterdam Seed Bank
Day 72:

Again not much to report they're doing fine still getting fatter just a matter of when to harvest now, I think I'll give them a fresh nutes change on lower dosage next week and flush the week after.

Not sure, advice welcome.

Some of the pistils are turning orange-brown but not many so I don't think they're quite ready I reckon another two weeks in total.

Looking at the photos what's your opinion guys and girls ???

Best wishes one and all,
damn they look good, im only 32 days in and i cant wait till mines look like that, but yea i got turned down by i think it was nirvana seeds, but yea they wouldn't let me purchase them and i had plenty of money on the card so that wasn't the problem, yea i wanna buy seeds bad but i dont have a credit card and i dont trust money orders, i dont know....:tokin:

No scope mate but was looking on Ebay for one earlier, I reckon another couple of weeks yours are a few days ahead of mine if I remember rightly? So I shouldn't be that far away from when you harvest.


Do you not have any shops that sell seeds near you?
Do you know anyone you trust enough to order on their credit card?

Best regards,
My Light of Jah won't be finished for another (I'm guessing here) 4 weeks. My EWS, on the other hand is a different story. One of them I'm guessing should be ready in about a week or so and the other one probably 2-3 weeks. I think the genetics with the EWS are really unstable. Will never buy them again. I will be checking the trichs on the EWS in the next week or so and will be posting pictures in my journal. I would recommend getting a scope at Radio Shack, they have them there for pretty cheap.
Hey HR, looking back onyour journal I think I'm actually about a week or so ahead

Your 1st post was 18th Jan, mine was 9th Jan but I'd planted my seeds and germed before I started posting so was already at day 5 or 6.

What's your opinion on the Purple bulbs you can get?

I'm wondering whether to just stick with the LED panels for the next lot being as they're going to be all Autos, lookiing at doing 2 x Super Critical, 2 x Big Bang and 2 x Lowryder 2

They supposedly take 6, 7 and 9 weeks from seed to harvest respectively, I'm going to go with an 18/6 all the way through and just see how they go.

If I can get away with it I'm going to put couple in the new plastic greenhouse I put up last weekend.

I've seen post recommending anything from 30-100 x magnification, looking for a scope what's the best magnification to get ?

I found these Maplin was formerly Radio Shack here in UK:

USB Digital Microscope with 200x Magnification : Magnifiers Microscopes : Maplin
USB Digital Microscope with 400x Magnification Free Delivery : Magnifiers Microscopes : Maplin
100x Microscope : Magnifiers Microscopes : Maplin

USB would make life easy to take close up photos straight on PC/laptop but are a bit expensive for the amount of use they'll get.

I have now decided that I have to harvest two weeks from today, as it's school holidays after that and until I harvest I can't put up new tent, which I won't be able to do with nosey teenagers around !

So Monday Nutes change will put them on lower dose of everything and the following Monday will just use pH balanced water nothing else, then harvest on the Friday.

Otherwise I won't be able to do anything done for another two weeks and they'll have probably gone too far by then and be degrading, I could be wrong.

Have a great weekend one and all.
Toaor look online for the eyeclops, u can hook it up to ur computer and u can see the trichs on ur computer screen, they cost like $60, and they are really good. look into it if thats the kind u want... :tokin:
Hey Guys and Girls, nothing much to report they're just getting fatter now and waiting to harvest, which will be Friday 8th, when I will also be seeting up the new grow tent Secret Jardin 2 D60cms x W60cms x H140cms, it'll give me 20cms extra height and will be completely light proof, my current homemade cupboard box is not.

That may cause problems with high temperatures but I have an extractor fan I can use but would prefer not ot if I can help it as it makes a noise I could do without.

I'm going to try with the 20cms usb computer fan I bought, installing it in the outlet tube then it can run 24/7 as it's almost completely silent, whereas the extractor makes a noise around 40 deibels, I know I checked with a couple of Android apps I downloaded.

If anyone's interested I also found light meter sensors that will tell you exactly how much light your plants are getting from your lights and in what spectrums, they were Android so I'm sure iPhone will have similar.

I've started off some more seeds 2 x Big Bang Auto, 2 x Super Critical Auto and 2 x Lowryder 2 Auto.

The seeds were soaked in plain tap water over night and I've planted into Root Riot cubes put them all in ice cream container and covered with cling film with book on top.

That's it for now.

Best regards, Toaor
they also have an app that is a digital scale, theres a couple different ones, not the ones were u use a pecil or were u balance it on ur finger, use the one where u would use it like any other digital scale.. hot shit.. works perfect... :tokin:
Hey HR, I'll start a new journal as soon as the seeds have popped, which should be today/tomorrow I hope.

Day 88 - Harvest Time

Hello everyone, today is the final day of flowering and I've now cut them down and harvested the buds, I've also ripped down the old wooden box grow room and installed a Secret Jardin 2 - Dimensions D60cms X W60cms X H140cms a tiny bit smaller in foot print by a few centimetrees but more hieght by 20cms.

These are all the pics I took of plants cut down, buds, old grow room, new grow tent, new seedlings, I hope you've enjoyed looking at my journal, if so follow my other two links below.

Thanks for all the advice, let's just hope the smoke is all worth it.

Best wishes to one and all,

Yeah will do but at present they're not showing through, it's on my list just wanted to get them sorted and in new grow tent, I'll be completely changing the box next week anyway with piping for automatice irrigation.

thanks for the advice anyway.
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