Shark Shock - Nebula & Holy Grail 69 - Beav's 2nd Grow

*books second row seat*

After going through your Painkiller XL journal I just had to tag along for your next grow. Great work my friend.
Howdy Max, I'm glad you found your way over here.

I am a little late to the party, but I am pulling up a chair. I got some babies coming along too. They are around the same age. Maybe we can set up a play date!! :) :peace:
Hi supergroomer, I agree - play dates are important for young uns to get them socialized :thumb:
What a change of pace... I went from what seemed like having way to much going on when everything was flowering to waiting for new seeds to pop up. I have to admit the break is kinda nice though, plenty of time to sit down with a glass of wine and tell stories to the young uns.
Hi Beav,

Would you mind doing a bit of smoke report on the Painkiller XL when it's ready to roll please?

Will do Max, she was jarred up 2 weeks ago so hopefully it's gonna do nothing but get better from here out :)
I've been sneaking samples every now and then and I'm impressed so far. I enjoy being able to function without being knocked on my rear end ;)
Double post
Hey Beav, thanks a lot that was quick. Now that I'm here I am heading back to the beginning to read your journal.

OH YEAH, Subscribed BeaverIslander :love::cco::love:
Just checking in to let you know the Painkillers have been put to bed in seed starter. I can't one-up the microwave method but I popped mine in a paper towel sealed in an old make-up bag and set it next to one of those ceramic wax burners that makes the house stink pretty.

How's that for a ladylike germination method? :battingeyelashes:
You remind me of that song about lady Macgyver or Gadiver or something like tha


3 week update. Up-potted a couple days ago, all systems go.

This is off topic but kind of interesting. I took this clone off of a flowering PainKiller XL, 9 days before harvest, 5 weeks ago and it is just now showing some new growth. I probably should have pitched it long ago but I wanted to see if I could do it if I ever got in a jam. I am starting to think she may make it.
We are at day 28 already and they are still thriving on just the FFOC, no need for nutrients yet.
Did I mention how much I like my BluLab pH pen?


Nebulas in the back, Shark Shock left, Holy Grail right.
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