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Here we go with lady #6. Took me a 5 popped seeds to finally get one to be viable. Only one of the last pair actually came above ground. I'm hopefully off and running.:Namaste:

I have another 3gal pot that I'm going to try and get my last NL seed into.

Growing in sunshine mix #4. I've found that spraying the soil in a mist helps to break the surface tension so the poured water gets absorbed better. Using a 300w LED light (and a couple CFL as temps allow). Pretty much the same set up as my other grows. I am, however, going back to Fox Farms trio for the nutes. I think I can try FF without burning - knocking wood.:wood:

Pace of growth right now is very slow. I just added some FF at a reduced dose. Hope to see some additional growth start. The NL is between paper towels.

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Day 3

Day 6
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Day 10 and she's doing well. I feel as though my other grows have grown much quicker. The White Widow was 2 inches taller at 10 days and bigger sets of leaves. I'm feeling good though after having so many of these germinated seeds not coming out of this soil. The Amnesia doesn't seem to have as much vibrant growth and may have been tough to keep wet enough in the sunshine mix.

I've also got my last CKS Northern Lights to pop. She has been in the paper towel 3 days. Probably not moving her to soil for a day or two. I was thinking of using a rapid rooter in a Dixie cup with soil in it (kinda like Old School). Really hoping I can convert the NL :Namaste:

Here's some of my White Widow for everyone to enjoy....especially my fellow Americans (we need it):passitleft:


Honestly - not sure. I kept them separated through the drying and for the first two weeks in jars. Then I consolidated by putting the larger buds in one jar and all the smaller buds in the other.

While i wish the buds were bigger, they are nice and solid. Same with the smaller buds. Nice tight and compact. Overall I'm very happy.

Either one - I'm sure you're enjoying :Namaste:
Busy day today. I took the NL auto seed that germinated and planted in a rapid rooter in a Dixie cup. Keeping it moist and not drying out. Hoping she comes out in a few days :Namaste:

I also decided to make some bubble hash. Took some photo's and documented it. Second time around and while there is still room for improvement, it came out pretty well. I posted a thread if you want to see the pictures:

Golfer420 makes some bubble hash

Here is the Amnesia Haze at 12 days. I raised the LED's a bit. Looking good so far:thumb:

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Funny I just made bubble hash too..I got 10.1 stoked..then we made brownies..but I think we put to much in the mix..put 2.5 grams in and..holy crap it's the shit..
Happy growing golfer..
I have one AH seed..gonna germ it next grow..
See how yours does brother..cant wait..
It's day 17 and she's looking good. The first picture is yesterday, the second two are from today. I tucked the largest set of fan leaves under tonight to get more light to those lower leaves. You can see where she's been topped. I might go with some lst in the next couple weeks to spread her apart more.

I am being conservative with the FF nutes. So far so good. I think I keep her on the dry side, definitely not overwatered. I also alternate feeding.

The last NL seed I was hoping came up, never did. It looks like it met another dry death. I now have CropKingSeeds Train Wreck auto and Candy Can auto coming soon to get in there with this Amensia Haze.

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Here we are at day 21. She seems small for 3 weeks and I can already see pistils begin to appear. These next few weeks I should see some good pre-flower growth. No flower nutes for a couple more weeks.

You can see clearly where she was topped. The new colas coming up look better today than they did yesterday when I took this photo. Small and compact, but growing as expected.

Here is some of my white widow in my tin. Enjoy :passitleft:

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Here we are at day 23. More pistils evident. This is the earliest any of my autos have shown pistils. She is still small but the future bud sites are evident. I am adding a little video to give a better view of how she's growing. I raised the lights up the other day so they're about 14" from the top. I can only raise it another inch - that hasn't been a problem so far. A week out from being topped, you can see how much growth upwards there has been in the past week.

I have only trimmed about 6 leaves off I total, being very limited in how much I trim.

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Amnesia Haze Day 23 - YouTube
Very nice looking little bushes there..can wait to see the finish..
I haven't topped an auto yet..but I've been getting about 2 zips a auto..
one I got 3.6 oz..
..the more I grow them i keep getting more out of them..
You know how it is here on 420..people are very helpful.
They got me on the right track..
Keepem green brother. .
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