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Sponsored Grow: Dutch Seeds Shop Multi Strain LED Grow: Jack Herrer, White Russian, Green Crack x Amnesia Haze, Northern Lights & San Fernando Valley


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Hi guys & gals. I'm back getting ready to start my 3rd indoor grow. I received these seeds today from our sponsor @Dutch Seeds Shop. I received 5 different strains in total. Totally stoked to get them started. Just wanted to give a big thanks to our sponsor Dutch Seeds Shop to be able to grow these ladies out and detail everything I do along the way. With that being said here's some details of the grow.


FIrst up is Jack Herrer. I've been looking forward to start one of these frkm from following along a few other journals. Here's some of the info on the site itself. She produces up to 800 grams/ m2. Plant is rated as average height. Flowering time comes in at 85-95 days. Thc contect was rated as high and the strain comes in as a hybrid.

The second strain on the list is White Russian. She sure is a gorgeous plant. Yields up to 400-450 grams/ M2. Also is considered as average height. She has a short flowering time of only 55-60 days with a THC content of 22%.

Third on the list...the one I'm excited the most about. Oddly, I was unable to find this strain on their site. So I used Google to pull up some information on this strain. Green Crack x Amnesia Haze has a flowering time of 9-11 weeks. With a THC level of 17-21% the smoke also includes a citrus/earthy taste with hints of pine. I've always have been a fan of the citrus flavors.

Strain number 4 one we all have heard of at some point in time. Northern Lights can yield 500-600 grams/M2. With a height considered compact she also has a shorter fkowering time of 55-65 days. THC level is considered to be high. Indicia type strain.

Last on the list and the 5th strain is San Fernando Valley. I've personally never heard of this strain so I did a little extra reading up on it. With a flowering time of 7-9 weeks she can also pack punch with THC coming in at up to 19%. She is 90% indica to 10% stativa. Her overall yield also includes 1.96 oz/ ft2.

So now that we have all the strains out, I'd like to give my grow details. I have 3 separate grow spaces. One for seedlings and one each for veg and flower. Each stage is light with LED lighting and temp controlled by fans and air conditioning. I'll be using Fox Farm Ocean Forest for soil along with the trio for nutes when we get down the road. Training and topping will be used as well. Today I'll be dropping them into their shot glasses and in time moved to paper towel and sandwich baggys. From there I'll start then in the trustworthy Solo Cups then into 3-5 gallon fabric pots. My goal is to veg them 8 weeks after ground break. Plant size and growth can change this once I get there. With all that being said......Time to get the glasses and water ready!!!! Thanks again Dutch Seeds Shop for the opportunity and to everyone who comes to follow along for the ride.


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Thanks alot. My first multi strain run. Looking to knock this one out of the park.
You've got this.
Are you planning to LST or Scrog at all?
I wonder how even the canopy will be with the different strains. :)


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Yep. Training will be applied once I get past topping them. Most of them are known to be average heights as well. At worst I can just bend down the tallest stems if and when it gets to that point.
Sounds legit to me. :thumb:


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Awesome. Glad to see you doing it, Matt!
Strains sound fire :cool:
Yes they do. The Green Crack x Amnesia Haze is the one I'm looking forward to the most. But the Jack Herrer is a very close 2nd. I just harvested just one of my plants. A few weeks early but even with a quick dry on one bud to smoke got me pretty damn high. I can't wait til it cures. It gave me almost 3 ounces which I know I could have tripled that easily if I waited. But it'll last me until my next 4 in flower finish up. Thanks for stopping in too. I'm hoping to gather a big audience. I'll be introducing a new light too soon. More detail to come in that.


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Planted 3 of the 5 today. Jack Herrer & White Russian still waiting to see roots on. I'm not feeling to well today. Went to a family reunion to only find that everyone there was sick. Yesterday was also my daughter's 2nd birthday. Gonna lay down a while and try to kick this cold asap.


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I'm in to watch this 1. I'm also toying with dss genetics so far I'm pumped. My auto gelato is turning into a monster and just started a critical auto. Good luck on your grow
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