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TDB Indoor & Outdoor Perpetual Grow - Gelato Cookies, Pineapple Thai, Trainwreck, Gorilla Glue Auto - GCS - Organic Dr. Earth Soil Medium


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Round 2 is now underway!

So my last grow did not go as planned as I wound up having 2 seeded hermies.

Didn't take the time to document the pods on the other plant from that grow, but you can check the grow if you want to see what they both looked like, in my signature.

The worst part of it all was that I was really banking on getting a harvest by 420 with them, but it's just a minor set back I said. Thank goodness I kept that mindset cuz things couldn't be looking better.

Round 2

So with this go round', I wanted to get some actual genetics in the mix.

This season's beans:

- 3x Gorilla Glue Auto - GrowersChoiceSeeds (3x Tent)

-4x Pineapple Thai by ClonanTheBarbarian (unverified seed source?) (1 tent, 3 outdoor)

-1x Trainwreck (1 tent)

-3x Bagseed (1 tent, 2 outdoor)

  • Dr. Earth Organic Potting Soil
  • Varying pots, anywhere from 2.5g to 50g
  • Organic Iguana Grow Juice by Advanced Nutrients
  • Super Thrive​
  • Monterey Garden Spray - Spinosad - For pest control​
  • Yellow strips for fungus gnats​
  • Topogrow Grow Tent​
  • 1x 600W LED (Chinese manufacturer)​
  • 1x 200W UFO LED (Purchased from Wish)​

How we got here
My most recently acquired beans include a couple Pineapple thai's and a trainwreck. Recently happened upon a seed from a gelato cookies sack I got as well which I too, planted. I then thought, it would be nice to have an autoflower to fall back on just in case my bag seeds in the tent or outside, fluffs up somehow. So I did a little research and found out GrowersChoiceSeeds to be quite the viable breeder. During my research I happened upon a Gorilla Glue Autoflower that seemed to be right up my alley. High resin production, fast flowering time, and apparently very odorous. So let's take a look at what these little beans look like after having had planted them about a week ago.​

So these were the most recently planted seedlings. As you can see, I'm planning on preparing my pineapple thai to be mainlined. That's why the top looks weird aha. Now we'll move on to the elder plants.​
I have been flowering for a little over a month now with this rotation of plants which include; 1x Pineapple Thai, 1x Trainwreck, 1x bagseed. I'd consider them all to be dwarves. The largest plant in my tent currently is at about a foot and a half(the bagseed).​

(Pineapple Thai cola closeups)

Here's the bagseed lady.

Really curious as to what she is because she is insanely resinous and the smell is beautiful honestly. She's quite a bit behind my pineapple thai and trainwreck dwarves but she will definitely not disappoint based on her current presentation. I know, you're all thinking, "Why have another bagseed plant in the tent if that was essentially what ruined your last harvest?" Well I've vetted this plant out long enough to know that she is for SURE a female. I watched her form preflowers at about week 6 in veg and saw absolutely no pods. I check feverishly every day to make sure there will be none.

So that's the current state of my indoor plants. I'd say my trainwreck and pineapple thai have about another 2-3 weeks to go before their in the harvest zone. The bagseed another 5 or so.

Now let's move on to my outdoor 'curiosities' - if you will.

If you followed my last grow, you may remember Stumpy and Baby New Year. Well they're still alive, and doing alot more than just kickin' haha.

Baby New Year:


Both standing in at about 3 feet, I have Stumpy propped up on another pot to make it soil level with Baby New Year. Baby New Year is in a 50 gallon pot, and Stumpy in a 20 gallon pot. They both are showing symptoms of entering into flowering despite the fact that the outdoor light schedule, here in California is increasing by the day (Currently 13 hours 40 minutes of sunlight, increasing by 2 minute increments every day).

Now I'm curious as to whether Baby New Year will revegetate. Or will I be able to ride her all the way through flower right now? If anyone has any suggestions as to what I should do, I'm definitely open. If anyone knows of any force-flowering techniques for outdoor plants, etc., please feel free to share. Cheers everyone! I'll be coming by next week, and occasionally to check up on the thread and other's! Peace all :D



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Been a little lazy on updates, but my tent's looking quite good! Topped one of my Auto Gorilla Glue's to see how she'd fair. Did so last night and it seems to already be sprouting it's side-branches by this morning. My eldest bagseed plant in the tent is starting to REALLY get pungent. The odor from her reminds me a ton of blueberry. I'm not positive that's what she is, but it would definitely make sense as that's probably what most of my bag seeds are haha. (Bought a unit of blueberry a while back that was seeded.)

I'll start off with pictures of the Auto Gorilla Glue's and then work my way down to my outdoor plants.

As far as my outdoor plants go, they're trucking along. Been feeding them once a week with Organic Iguana Juice Grow by AN. I'm speculating about another 3 weeks til they're ready.

Just a little side-note. Found out my neighbor adjacent from me grows as well, had a little half-foot plant perched on top of their shed to keep away from their dogs haha.

Cheers everyone! Really loving how this season's coming along. Especially since my last one was ruined by hermies x.x​


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good evening mr.bone, you had my attention with GG as I'm awaiting email confirmation on them... Saw you over in mr.Prestons garden and you know how you constantly bumped into new people/shared interest.... Outside being that interest......:high-five:

Gotta love good ol' mother nature. I've been doing cycles of both indoors and outdoors for the past 3 years now. Been more interested in figuring out how to set up a 5-6 footer outside. Could never make that happen indoors as of right now lol. Sad part is that I have enough equipment to supply a warehouse grow op too x.x . Too much output for my wallet though haha. So yeah, definitely been opting to maximizing efficiency outdoors. :cool:


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An overview of the last week or so

AAaaaalright! Checkin in for a little update! Really excited with the progress of all of the plants in my garden! I'll start with my favorite plant and work my way down.

So Stumpy:

From my last 'cannastrophic' grow, I placed her outside in a nice 20 gallon with some Dr. Earth. Feed her every other week with Organic Iguana Juice Grow by AN. Just let her do her thing. Made sure not to over/underwater. . .

Here she is today.

And here is a shot of one of her secondaries!

Clearly she has bounced back from a rough childhood! Really excited for her, as she has a beautiful smell that emanates throughout the whole house when I bring her in for the dark period.

*Beauty Shot inbound - Highly filtered hehe*

As a side note, I also got a new phone which allows me to make gifs pretty easily, as you can tell from above. So you'll see some bud porn like that on occasion. I'll try to steady my hand better in future images.

Anyways, I chopped down my indoor bagseed plant

and now have another one in it's place.

If you can't tell what's going on by now, I'm trying to get rid of the majority of my bagseed plants, to make way for my future crop of Pine Thai, Trainwreck, GGa, etc. as the title of the journal suggests.

I am going to be flipping the tent back to veg starting tomorrow, to allow my GGas to get as big as they can.

Baby New Year was showing signs of reveg, so I gave her a chop as well. Left quite a bit of bud on her for the reveg and upped her nute regimen.

Last pic I took of the two New Year's beans before chopping BNY!(On left) :eek:

Here's a pic of a couple of the branches

Now I'm letting Stumpy go for actually another 3 weeks still. I said in the last update it would be 3 weeks from then, but that was a gross underestimation I'm realizing. Not to also mention it's veg conditions outside so I've really gotta finesse my environment right now.

So that's what's been going on in the past week or so in my garden! Cheers everybody! Also, check out the thread Growin' Gorilla Globally
Me and a few other growers throughout the world will be concurrently growing Gorilla Glue Autos to check out the different variations! Will definitely be a fun little experiment. :ganjamon:

Happy growing all! :yummy::51:
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