Third LED Closet Grow - Mars Hydro 1000W - 750W

Buds from previous auto's, superskunk is the winner for best taste.

Effect is with all strong. :tokin:

Trimming isnt that good, got lazy from smokealot, do better next time. ;)

Man i like what u can do with these small areas! :thumb:
Last photo there a bit droopy .. are these the ladys that got no sleep?


All 5 ladys didn't get sleep 7-8 days, both leds are connected to one timer.

Rare the ones on the left got droopy while the others didnt.
Wow mate those autos are taking over that SCROG net :) nice even canopy, very nice indeed :) that super skunk looks like some dank meds mate, my mate grew it out a couple of years ago and gave me a 1/2 to sample. I swear me and the Mrs lost all emotion for the week :) very heavy stuff enjoy my friend it's much deserved :Namaste:
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