420 Magazine's Member of the Month: November 2017

420 Magazine's Member of the Month - November 2017

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I'll reach out to and thank those who voted for me and the first person who took the plunge and made the nomination.....pretty cool feeling I won't lie LOL.
Thanks Van, I've got a little time to check some Trichoms! Girls are on cruise control.
And I know you are definitely enjoying your's. .

Unfortunately not really....LOL......cleaning the hell out of my Veg area. I gotta keep cleaning it over and over....I want to ensure any of the mites I had on the last grow are freaking gone!!!! I have cleaned the Veg tent 5 times. Still spraying and scrubbing stuff. Will be toking up here shortly....so it will get better! Have Blueberry and Blue Kush I have to trim and jar afterwards. Hell yeah brother, good times!
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