420 Magazine's Member of the Month: February 2017

420 Magazine's Member of the Month - February 2017

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After reading the messages of hope. I figured, I'm here to conquer my fears.

Okay I will represent for all the survivors out there but just know I'm not chasing the spotlight, just what grows under the pot lights. ;) Keepin' it real at the motm table.

But really don't vote for me...lol, I'm busy rolling joints for everyone and refilling the drinks while the poker game continues. I can DO that.

Best wishes!.
I guess those flaming ice picks finally did the judges over. If that wasn't enough I was planning on using chainsaws next time. That was my first flawless donkey ride too, couldn't believe I was able to keep my knees stiff. I'll tell you what, I've never been stared down like I was by that ass on my way to the podium. :shivers: I can still feel his eyes digging a hole in the back of my head. :rofl:

Good luck to everyone this month and as always,

KIG :green_heart:Cheers

Congrats to you! You certainly deserved this honor for sure!!
Dang this month flew by. Good job to everyone that was nominated. Keep doing what your doing. We were given this information so its only rite to pass it along to others who are just as passionate as ourselves if not more. I havent checked the polls in awhile out of fear . . jk . . but congrats in advance to whoever the winner is and a big congrats to all the nominees as well

anything that occurs in nature cannot be unnatural!

The Birth & Evolution Of A Dragon
The poll is now closed.

And the winner is...Cannafan. :bravo:

Well done, Canna, and thank you to each nominee for your contributions to our community. :circle-of-love:
Congratulations cannafan, you're exceptional contributions to this community have come full circle once again. A great honour has been bestowed upon for these countless occurrences of gratitude for all your help around here. Thank you Cannafan :adore:

Pennywise, a great showing my friend. :bravo: keep up the great posts and undying effort to help others. It won't be long before your at the top of the list. Cannoisseuras same goes for you, you're a great asset to this community. Your post count shows that in spades. :Congrats:

G2heal I was so happy to see your name up there, you've been an amazing member since the beginning. Your wonderful spirit and devotion are such a commodity to this site. I never miss a post from my favourite 420 gal:circle-of-love:

Bckush, you're participation in the auto threads is so much appreciated. Keep up the great contributions my friend. Tomula same for you brother, you're a great member. So many helping posts, and relentless support for the newer growers. :adore:

:bravo: to the participants, and thank you all. :Namaste:

KiG Everyone :green_heart:cheers
Congrats. Cannafan!:bravo::high-five:
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