420 Magazine's Member of the Month: June 2017

420 Magazine's Member of the Month - June 2017

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Congratulations to everyone who made the list this month, thank you to everyone who has helped someone out in the past and may you all keep sharing your knowledge. You are all winners!

Welcome to the group SmokingOutlet and thank you very much for being another participating sponsor to the contests. Great to see when people from the sponsors list actually come in to the threads to say hi and chat! +reps to that!
I want to humbly express my thanks for the nomination.

Contests aren't why I write for the site, but it is an honor to be recognized.

I don't regard MOTM as a contest. I see it more as a ring of honor. I have great admiration for the nominees each month. They are usually the most productive growers, and the folks who consistently offer the best advice and information.

Just to be included in that group is the prize. That's why I never vote in this contest. I'm honest so I wanted to disclose that.

We're here because we love sharing. What a cool community. Thanks. :love:

Peace, Hyena
I agree with everything you said except that it will be an easy vote this month. On the bright side I have it narrowed down a bit and it will definitely be one of 6 finalists

:rofl: It's never easy around here is it OG!

When are we doing the talent competition anyways? lol!
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