420 Magazine's Member of the Month: June 2017

420 Magazine's Member of the Month - June 2017

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Last call for PM's to me or any Mod with your nominations for June's Member of the Month.

Your opportunity to acknowledge an exemplary 420 Magazine member. :circle-of-love:

(Nominations for Mustang Sally and Long Tall Sally may not be accepted).

The poll is now open. Here are the nominations for this month's title.

Thank you to everyone who nominated a member, and good luck to each one of our worthy shortlist. :circle-of-love:

@Hyena Merica
From the nominations: "Hyena Merica is a model member. He helps everyone that asks for advice, is always polite, when people contradict him or his growing ways, he is always receptive and kindly replies. Most of all he journals and photos really really well. He's a class act and deserves consideration for sure."

@Gauge Steel
From the nominations: "Gauge helped welcome me to the site from the beginning. His kind words, willingness to help others, and active time spent on 420 have helped me to see the kind of member one should strive to become. He was one of the first to subscribe to my first grow journal. Had he not reached out and showed me people out there actually do actively participate even with new members, my journal would have ended up in the abandoned section."

From the nominations: "I nominate Radogast as Member of the Month for this month. I've been following his journal since it won Grow Journal of the Month, and he seems like a good grower and a gentle soul. He is unfailingly kind and polite and is a great representative of a responsible Cannabis grower who is also just a good person. I also love his off-topic gardening thread too!"

From the nominations: "A grower seeking pristine genetics, a quest for the ultimate bud. He is a troubleshooter with a keen eye for problems to solve. He has a wealth of information ready to share with anyone. He talks the talk and his plants speak a thousand words. His membership is a valuable to us all."

From the nominations: "I would like to nominate Duggan for MOTM. He takes the time to help the little guy and the newbie. When I post something that he has more experience with than I do, he jumps in with suggestions and how I should try for better results and I find that so remarkable as this is only my second grow. Things like this help me and others a lot."

From the nominations: "GrowchyGreenz is always kind, polite and thoughtful. His journals are informative, thorough and fun and I see him helping out with questions and answers. He's just a good member to have here, helping make 420 Magazine the positive place it is. He really deserves to win Member of the Month!"
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Is their a poll to vote? Congratulations to all the nominees.

in the black row of tabs at the top of the page select the 420 Lounge tab, the select 420 Contests from the drop down list. Then select The Members of the Month - June 2017 entry and you are there. Let me know if you find it okay?
in the black row of tabs at the top of the page select the 420 Lounge tab, the select 420 Contests from the drop down list. Then select The Members of the Month - June 2017 entry and you are there. Let me know if you find it okay?
Thanks. I can see the post just can't see a poll anywhere. Last month a had to view from web to see the poll at the top of the thread but I do not see one this time at all.
if you follow this does it help - Forum-420 LOUNGE - 420 Contests - 420 Magazine's Member of the Month - June 2017
I did that too and tried to view in web. No luck. I'll try again later. If I cant figure it out I'll message Teddy I guess.... Thanks

From the first post in-thread:
Voting From Mobile Device: In contests with polls, it is not possible to vote using the 420 Magazine mobile app directly. You can vote from a smartphone by choosing "Web View" on the app and viewing 420 Magazine in the "Desktop version" on your mobile browser. You may have to pinch outwards to zoom in close enough for comfortable voting. If this process is not suitable, please log in from a PC or Laptop until we get this feature added to the app.

Hope this helps.
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