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Buds Buddy's 1st Grow Journal

Buds Buddy

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I noticed a little bit of light bleaching on my N.L. so I needed to raise them a few inches. The N.L. is now my tallest plant.
Just spent the last hour mixing 20 gallons of 1/2 Strength Nutes to last the next 4-5 days. Not enjoying that part so much. Be glad when I start running Auto Pots. More tomorrow.

Buds Buddy

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Hey there everyone .... HAPPY 4th of JULY !!! And I'd like to give a special Thank You to all our Vets for serving our country.
On with today's business since I have lots to do today to get this tent in order.
It's Day 33 of my grow & so far I'm pretty happy with the results. 4 of the 6 auto's are starting to get a decent size. Not sure what's with the Critical & Cross bred Critical. They aren't moving along as fast as the others. Not sure if these are shorter growing strains or just slower growing strains; but they aren't keeping up with the rest.
Got my nutes all mixed up last night. Kept the same 5.8 pH & the ppm is now running between 850 - 900 ppm. So I went up from about 600 to 850 ppm. Fed each plant 1/2 gallon this morning & then took my before defoliation & bondage pictures which I'm fixing to post in just a minute.
My tent is staying at 79 F about 99% of the time & hasn't gotten over 81 F since adding the 2nd humidifier. My RH is staying between 60% - 65% also & that's where I want it for another week or two till I start seeing flowers growing. At that time I'll turn 1 humidifier off & go to 45% - 55% RH. It's sure taking a lot of water in these humidifiers. I add 4 gallons of water per day to each one. I guess that tells you how dry AZ. weather is.
OK, I need to post these pics & get back to work so I can get some After Defol pics up today.

Buds Buddy

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OK, It's time to bring out the Naked Ladies !!! I stripped all my girls down. Sometimes I think I get a little over zealous though. They should be fine by tomorrow. They'll get over it. I had to take pics though so I could keep them in my memories. Wanna see ?
OK, Here we go. Try not to stare too hard. My girls are a little shy .... LOL.
Oh yeah, Both my Photo's both had a baby today. Hell if I know who the father is.

Buds Buddy

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Looking good bro you definitely defoliated em lol
In a week you wont be able to tell I did anything. They're already perking back up. I started stripping everything off the bottoms a couple grows ago. It helps make the top buds bigger & you don't end up with a ton of tiny ones.

Buds Buddy

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Every thing looks bright & perky this morning so my babies are recovering well. What really stinks is I have a good 5+ weeks to go & ran out of stuff yesterday morning. It stinks because I had a little situation happen where I thought I was selling my house a few months ago so I gave my 8 Big Bud Clones to my buddy. He just finished them so if I'd of kept them I'd be in good shape right now. Worst part is he went on vacation yesterday & wont be back for 2 weeks. So I went to the dispensary for my 1st time yesterday. I was always worried about high prices but it wasn't that bad. They had packs of 5 pre-rolls (1/2 gr. each joint) for $10. I just bought 3 of them to try out for my 1st trip there. Bought GSC, Cookies OG & Zkittles. Tried 2 out of 3 so far & I have to say $10 is a darn good price for what I got. I've had my card for 4 months now & finally went to a dispensary. Always worried someone from work will see my car at one. But I found one nearby in a strip mall so I could be in any of the places there so it works for me.
Speaking of work ... I better get going. I volunteered to work a 10 today. 90% of the shop has the day off. Only those who wanted to work are going in. I'm in love with that green stuff too (money) so I'm going in.
I'll do another update on my grow this Sunday. Mostly just wanted to say something about my 1st trip to the dispensary.


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I am looking forward to visiting local dispensaries here in December or so when they start opening and as a medical patient it is not supposed to be too awfully expensive. I have gone out to Colorado several times and I can attest that recreational dispensary pot is quite expensive... we drop a good $1000 each time we do it. Illinois just went recreational, but I hear that with my Missouri medical card I will be able to get the medical rate at their dispensaries too. Life is good.
Good for you volunteering today! I volunteered to go into the EMA today to give those guys a break, but they ended up closing the office after a citywide revolt against the commissioners who didn't want to call today a holiday. Today I guess we sit and enjoy even more rain, after the 6" we just got last night. My neighbor is building an ark, and has promised me a berth.

Old Salt

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Today I guess we sit and enjoy even more rain, after the 6" we just got last night. My neighbor is building an ark, and has promised me a berth.
I hate it when we get that much rain. I'm up high enough that the house doesn't flood, but the forest behind us drains down our driveway, taking it with it. I'd hate it even more if the house flooded, but my back isn't up to quick driveway repairs anymore.

Buds Buddy

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Hey there Candy Farmers ... What's Up ? Today is day 35 of my grow & I'm pleased for the most part. I did some info checking on the Critical 2.0 & yes it's a shorter growing strain. Sounds like they max out at about 3'.
Been a couple days since my defol & everything is filling back in again nicely. Had to tie more branches back today to get more light in there. They fill back in so fast. Still feeding week 5 & 6 Nutes to the Auto's & Week 3 & 4 Nutes to the Photo's. I feed 36 - 48 oz. per plant twice per day. pH going in is 5.8 & run off is 5.7 every time. I don't understand Smokie & Farside saying the pH will fluctuate all over the place like in their grows. Mine doesn't. It only drops 0.1 so it just doesn't make sense. However, Farside does have a great looking grow so who knows ?
Today I started tying back branches on my Afghan Kush (Photo) & topped it some more. It looks like it's getting ready to take off so figured it was time.
I bought some more wire shelves so now my Photo's are on racks also. All in all, so far so good.
I'll try to post pics tomorrow.
AK 47 has some small flower tops forming so I'll be sure to get pics of that.


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Well idk how yours is so consistent unless your plants arent uptaking their nutrients or something man.. your plants look good, idk what causes mine to fluctuate so much but to me it makes sense that it would fluctuate.. I'm putting different pH water in Everytime, higher and lower ppm levels, different nutrients ect, to me it makes sense to fluctuate and yours being so consistent is the weird part.
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