CajunCelt's Sativa - Medical - 12 Strains - Last of 2014

You get your particle accelerator, ill get my flux capacitor and see what trouble we can get into! :)

I didn't even see these posts.
Mad farmers... Yeah buddy.

Few Smoke Reports:
Blue Mystic: Starts like a sativa, head high, tingly body. Ends with the Indica, chillin out. Comparable to blue cheese. Not as much oomph

Blue Dream: Nough said. I cured the crap out of it. 6 weeks.

C99: My happy baby. Love her on Sat morning about 10am. Uplifting high, real mellow though. Like a haze on Valium.

Chocolope Kush: Good night. I made night time oil out of this. Strong Kush, but sativa-ish. No couch lock.

Silver Surfer Haze, the Blimburn strain: Good grief. If you're late to a meeting, take 3 hits of this. Mean Sativa. Real haze.

S. Lemon Haze: Cured long time. Great go to work, morning coffee...unless you over do it. Then she turns on ya. If on blood pressure meds, stay away from my meds. Lol. You'll pay for it. Some already have.
I can't wait to harvest my C99, especially after reading that smoke report. Man, you're gonna make my seed wishlist long as hell lol

I really like the Cindy. I just walk around smiling. It's payback cause you made me chase HGK beans around. I still have that strain on the "list". I want either the HGK, White Fire OG, or Terminator Kush for an Indy strain.

I jarred my Blue Dream this morning... Looking forward to he after a bit of a cure....:circle-of-love:

I bet ya love it. I cured mine for over a month. You know how hard that was? Lol. I'm glad I did.
I'm definitely making oil outta of it.
I'll have plenty of HGK seeds soon, so if you like that og#18 dominant pheno...wink wink.

I love the grenades it makes for colas

Is the other pheno KK? I can't remember. I've heard so much good about it locally for awhile now.
Damn, that's one hell of a gravity bong!

Oh man. I took 1 hit & was pretty impressed. A guy at the hydro so was talking about it. I added the coke bottle & stem. He was talking about a small water bottle & tin foil as a bowl.

Good morning Cajun :ciao:
I just read what ya posted about the C99 Haze ,,I can hardly wait :circle-of-love:

Oh yeah Jaga. One of my keeper strains. I haven't read the journal in awhile, but the C99 didn't germ. I didn't throw her away. I rewatered after scraping the pod 2 weeks later. Bam, lil Cindy.
Great smoke. It & the Green Cr#ck are alot alike. The GC yielded better, but the high is similar.

I looked at the cured buds under the 60x. I pulled them both just right. I'm glad. I don't have to wonder if I have them a fair shot at the perma-jars.

Hey, I'm really digging these multi quote thingys
We used to fill up a 5 gallon bucket or a bathtub at parties and do that. Leaning over, taking a hit and standing up to finish the inhale will throw you that's for sure.

When did you pull your cindy exactly? If you got it at the right time, i wouldn't mind doing that too
We used to fill up a 5 gallon bucket or a bathtub at parties and do that. Leaning over, taking a hit and standing up to finish the inhale will throw you that's for sure.

When did you pull your cindy exactly? If you got it at the right time, i wouldn't mind doing that too

Well crap. So, I really did just steal a well known trick? Id never heard of it. Whew.

She's a nice sativa so don't let the THC degrade much. 99% cloudy, but sooner if you start seeing amber. 50-50 clear/cloudy is good too.
What are doing up so early?

I gotta go in to town to work today. Blah. Come on Friday.
Denver in 7 days.
I haven't slept yet. I ran out a couple days ago, so it's been 22 hour days for the last few days.

I'll be sure to pull her before she ambers. Gonna be nice if she sticks to that short flower time with the wwxbb

That's gonna be so cool for you man, i can't wait til you get there! I'm hoping you'll take lots of pics for us
Crap man. Wish you lived closer. I'd have ya smiling. These long distance friendships are hard. Lol.

Yeah, I'm pretty stoked about it. My bad for whining, but I haven't had a lot reasons to smile in awhile. This past year was afreaking nightmare. You know most of it. I was supposed to moving to Denver, not just this World Weed thingy. I still keep expecting them to tell me I'm not going after all. I've got all the tickets & stuff though. But, Murphy's Law.
I'm closing the edibles/concentrates lecture series on Sat. My niche is the medical side of it.
The Friday before, they're taking me on a grow to hang out with Jorge Cervantes & the Green Man folks. Some party after.
On that Mon., 4/20, they have me a pass to the Red Rock theater show. I'm supposed to be meeting a famous rapper, but I've learned not to hold my breath for stuff.
P.A.C.T. & NORML are video taping my hole thing. It's being used by the Marijuana Policy Project to pass legislation for medical use in f'ed up states like yours & mine.
In my state, 3 medical bills are being presented thanks to the 3 organizations above.
420 has helped me get the word out too& gain/give knowledge.
I told the NORML national president that my local chapter was a joke. Bunch of kids chanting how bad they wanna get high while wearing fake rasta poser stuff. They need serious ppl to deal with serious issues. Like medical cannabis. We talked all about the oil, Rick Simpson, CannaBudwig Protocol. I got them hooked up with PACT & then they did this for me. Crazy world.
Anyway, as a mostly medical user of or wonderful plant, it's nice to get heard over the rec crowd from time to time.
You're a vet too bro. I know guys that couldn't go outside without cannabis. Plus, the chronic illnesses?

Then, they set me up
Cajun, I'm all ears when you speak, you are just so incredible....much love and respect, man....keep teaching all of us because you excited for you to hit Denver....actually I thought you had already moved are in for a treat to go and see what a legal state looks and feels can't be state has legal meds but we are going for rec legal in 2016 and I am fighting the good fight....can't imagine living where it is not legal now....I 'm spoiled rotten and I love it!!!!! C'mon people, listen up and get with the program...exciting times to be making history.....
Thanx Shawnee!
Yeah, this draconian way of approaching cannabis is on its way out. It's time.
I tend to piss off the wrong ppl, but their bosses usually are listening.

Are you native American? I've a funny story of you are.

No, I had to stay here & deal w/ a nightmare, but then the MMP folks got my state all stirred up about medical.

Most people don't understand the people here in this state. If it legalizes, it will make Colorado, California & all seem small potatoes. If you've been here, you know it's true.

We've local strains I'll put up against anything, anywhere.
I really believe it will shock a lot of ppl what this state does when it goes green.
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