CajunCelt's Spring '14 Grow - Vanilla Kush - 1970 True OG - N.L. - Blue Cheese

I'll post pics when jarring & the colors have come out better.
I'll give dry weights too.

This is a milestone for me in a couple of ways.
It was my comeback grow after many months of laying off.
It was my "Fuck Cancer Grow"
This was the 1st time I've grown for other ppl's medicine.
First time growing outdoors (oops).
This is the end of my Botinicare sponsored nutes.

Pretty weird to me still, but this is probably the last grow using HPS. I'm full on with LED now. I need 1 more light for flowering a 4'x4' space & HIDs will be donated to someone.
<<<<<<<<"Fuck Cancer"<<<<<<<<

I think I'll make a T-Shirt with this on it. :smokin:

Congratulations cajuncelt.
Dreamz, we're brothers in green, the Army & cannabis. Cancer is awesome in many ways. Really. I'll be here tomorrow I'm fairly sure, but some stroke victim never got the time.
Hey you have the stupid cancer my friend or are you speaking of the patients that you are growing for?....i hope this isnt to personal but it is the second reference to Fuck Cancer i think you posted....if it is to personal just tell me and i will fuck off:)....i hope this finds you healthy as Cancer Sux:(

Both, my friend. I'm a cancer survivor & I help with meds for others.
No worries, I'm proud of it!
Hey Cajun.....i am really happy that you beat that shit:) its a mother@#$@#:)......question for you.....a friend of my wives father has terminal brain cancer with 5 tumors on his brain and one on his heart.....just had to have his leg amputated yesterday......they said he has less than a month question is what do you think would be more effective for his pain......oil or butter......i made up a some canna cookies last night for her to take to him tomorrow.....i used a stick and a and the wife each had one to try it out.....whoa.....i could barely walk when it kicked in good:)......she is gonna take those too him but if oil or something else would be better for him that you know of then i would like to try to make it for him.....i hate to see him going thru so much right now....i only have about 2 oz of the critical kush i that enough to make him something that will help?.....Thanks in advanced for your help bro:)
2 oz would make 8g of concentrated oil. Add flaxseed & lecithin, at 10:1, that's 80 doses of oil.
It's 10x stronger than anything you can make in the MBM.

Check out the link at the bottom of my signature to see how to make it. It's pretty easy & well walk you thru it.
Thanks Bro.....i read about half way through the directions started going i will get up in the morning and read it through......i think i have most of the stuff here that it called for......i have some more questions for you but i am calling it a nighht right now:).....i will get up with you tomorrow.....thank you again my friend:)
I just got back from getting what i need as per the list.....i couldnt find the same thermometers but i go two analog ones....i did get the nuwave cooktop......and i did forget the metal 1/2 cup but my wife is going to pick it up on her way home......gonna do an ounce since it is my first time......dont want to screw up all that i have left and have nothing for him:) freezing the bud and everclear now.....will take a shot at this in the morning:)....any tips other than what is in the directions?:)
Thanks again brother:)
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