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Cannabis to prevent deaths of despair


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I've had and continue to have both of those things at varying levels of intensity throughout my life...I can't imagine what kind of state I'd be in if I wasn't partaking in some ganja through it.

On the other hand, sometimes I wonder if I didn't start in the first place (at a young age) if I would have been better off. Society on a macro and micro level copped a big attitude and wasn't accepting of me for many, many years which didn't make things easy. Of course they really had no clue...as long as I didn't LOOK or SMELL they never noticed me acting any differently. They had no clue. Now if I happened to forgot my drops or a mint or a ciggi...watch out it was like a olympic ski jump size look down their nose at me or worse!


i think there are unknowns in your situation. how do you want to deal with the pressure? are you high strung or mellow? do you just wanna obliterate like getting drunk? i know for me, i’d reach for some afghan, especially NL, and a hybrid with just enough kick to roll you out and help you focus while not edging on your nerves. gg#4 is a great med too.
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