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Grow Journal of the Month: Dec 2017
Day 7 after 12/12 flip

I'd like to be saying day 7 of flower but these girls are taking their good old time now... they are I think more into stretching out than starting flowering... I think they got mad at me. Since they are clones and I took the clones right before I harvested (oopsie) they wanted to keep flowering and I took that away from them. I'm going to take clones I think now or the next few days after we build a flowering room. Yeah so day 7 after switch and still no flowers but the coloas are forming and the tops are getting swollen... any day now.

Here's a few pics I took tonight right before lights out. I watered them this morning, just plain ol RO water PH'd to 6.6 or so, I've been PH'ing them a tad higher than 6.5 lately and I think it's helping. Notice no yellowing no spots just some huge ass fan leaves and swollen Budlets (like Chiclets but Budlets I should trade mark that one).

Budlets - TM

Budlets dancing in the wind.. gonna be a sweet sweet new years.

A little eye candy.. it's gonna get a whole lot frostier ... frost alert!

There's the top of one of the smaller ladies - some mighty fine fan leaves there eh?

Mighty fine looking Sea of Green right there - cant wait for the frosties



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very nice jungle of green there, BB


Grow Journal of the Month: Dec 2017
Here we go with day 10 after flip and STILL now flowers yet... dang it. Every morning I get up in the morning and run upstairs hoping to see if my girls and spreading out with flowers and I keep getting let down... damn. They smell good, they look good and the stretch is just about finished (I hope) @ 34". Last grow the tall girls went to 34" finish height with kolas in the 15-18" fore arm length... not braggin just sayin, and they were not very healthy looking at this point. Lockouts/yellow leaves/spots.. thought they were going to die. Not this time. Now I'm looking at the top of tent and it's making me worry.

I've got a good head start on my stealth room. I think I'm going to go super stealth -- do it one time. This room has to be In-Law proof and I mean super bull dog sniff sniff In-Laws proof. I should just tell them its medicinal but that ain't gonna float they've been brainwashed into thinking weed is heroin or worse. Yikes - I'm almost scared.

The room is framed out at 81x54 foot print with 84" head room. I've got some design ideas going on in my head, wow I do home improvement for a living so I'm all over this one. Just loosing sleep on the trap door design but I think I've got a good one. Less is more, form and function, I'm on it.

Here's the girls today, I have to pull them all out to water. Today all RO water at 6.7PH - taking PH for peace of mind, it's science and I'm sticking to it.

I'm one of those detail oriented types, and to go with that results oriented ta boot. Result is most important and here they are getting huge for an indoor grow so the tall girls are showing their Indica roots since they are at least 2x the height of the Sativa strain. Kinda makes sense now that I'm smoking up the last grow, me likey the Sativa gets me going wanna dance in the living room kinda feeling which I like. Winter time is coming so they lay back Indica may be just what the doctor ordered!

Eye candy - for me anyway:

Right here, look in the back round left - does that look like a male??
Could be a hermie gonna watch that one REAL CLOSE

32" of goodness

That's her in her fullness



Grow Journal of the Month: Dec 2017
Nothing much to report... just been growing and growing and S T R E T C H I N G out nicely. Pics coming tomorrow. I've gotta move the ladies into the new flowering room which I will be finishing up tomorrow. I'm brewing my first organic tea with Buffalo Loam, some of our organic compost that we've been making for years now and some EWC and special nutrients (organic). I've been bubbling them for about 20hrs - tomorrow first thing I will water all the ladies and then finish up the flower room and move in day. Yeah the flower room is starting to look like the inside of the space shuttle all shiny and all. The big girls are about 50" or so and getting taller every day. Late last week I somehow messed up and must have touched the digital timer and changed the channel or something cause 2 nights in a row they got 18+ hrs of lights on after 10 days of 12/12... ooopsie, the response from the ladies was to get MUCH larger and they did it very quickly. That is kinda cool. I'll take some pics to compare to the last pics to see the difference a few days made with a lighting snafu. I'm a kinda diggin this cannabis growing thing. I've always had a green thumb or 2 but this is a whole new level of knowledge for me any ways. I'm learning a lot from reading and watching and listening and talking to our girls. i get attached, it's pretty cool to think that these girls are actually the same as the last girls - live on and grow. This is sooo nice. Last grow the ladies looked sick pretty much the whole grow thru, this time they are super healthy so I'm getting better.

I just got an envelope in the mail from Herbies!! I'll post what I got tomorrow.. I can't wait and I'm going to have trouble making room for some more girls.... what to do end this strain I'm growing? I've not seen the potential yet and the last grow the plants always looked locked out of something, not this time so maybe I'm growing some premo and haven't taken advantage of it yet. I'm attached to these girls don't think I want to abandon them just yet.



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Grow Journal of the Month: Dec 2017
Looking awesome dude! LIttle late but I'm in! :bravo:

Need a closer pic of the nodes to see clearly if hermied or not
Pics coming in a few ... still drinking my coffee. Hermied?? ouch naw they'd have to get pretty stressed, I think I weeded out the hermies the last grow and these are clones of the 2 strains I started with. One strain is obviously sativa dominant and the tall girls look indica dominant. I've been smoking the indica dominant strain lately and I dont think it's as strong as the short girls are but it sure did pack on the buds and is doing even better this time around. I just fed them all today with the compost tea I made yesterday. I'm going to I think just keep making teas now that I've got the hang of it, pretty simple really. We will see how they respond to the feeding and I'll keep that recipe going. I'm getting a PPM meter here in the next few days so I can be sure I'm not over doing it with the tea.


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Duuude I'm late also... But I'm here now and I'm stayin! Those plants are beautiful, you're doing a great job. Love all the pictures +reps!


Grow Journal of the Month: Dec 2017
Here we go with some more pics today. Yesterday I fed the ladies with my first attempt at brewing all organic compost tea. Everyone seems to be VERY happy today - it's green in there! Starting to see the first signs of frost too... so I'm going with a FROST WARNING issued for Monday into Tuesday!

Here's some pics and I got a shipment from Herbies so there's the next round coming up. They will be getting germinated sometime soon, as soon as I get my stealth grow room finished - there's some pics of my progress as well. Sunday will be wet bed (sand and cement) for the floor with a drain added just in case of a leak as I will have water complete with RO water filter and a utility sink to wash etc. This is on my 3rd floor and I'm going for total stealth no sound no lights visible no smells nada...

One big huge deal came true this week - Cannabis is now decriminalized in our city!! I get a fine $25 for up to 30gr. and loose my bag of weed which of course goes in the cops pockets. Anyways hopefully soon it will be legal, be nice if it was for recreational use but probably just for medicinal use which I will be a happy card carrying member for sure!

New seeds for next round - upper left container - free cheese auto!

A few pics of my stealth room getting close to moving in.. I've got a ton of work but I'm motivated.

Frost warning !!



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Beautiful! doing great my friend. They're stoked


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That room is going to be killer. The plants look amazing, you are going to have a forest of colas in there soon enough.

I have become jaded to a lot of aspects of growing over the years, but one thing that still excites me is seeing fresh new breeders packs. Wondering what monsters lurk inside them.

Can't wait to see the room finished.


Grow Journal of the Month: Dec 2017
Day 19 of flower update:

Fed the girls with my special organic compost tea, runt girl started to yellow for a day then today she was totally nice a green with new growth. Time to transplant her, bad timing but she's crying for a new pot looks like.
The big girls are at 55" tall - wow WAY big but my flower/grow room should be finished just in the nick time ...

Here's a few pics from this am - girls are getting big - grow room prep for the floor (cement) done - that hurt 3rd floor 3" wet bed 45sq ft = 30 buckets cement ouch, my achy breaky back, done and smooth and flat, electric is in just need to tile and put in a stealth door and vent which is a tie-in to existing so that will be pretty easy.

Frosty nugs any day now... getting lots of pistols shooting out everywhere.

Light is almost all the way to ceiling of tent and plants are on the floor cept the 2 sativa strains in front

Grow room new floor - nice and 3" thick flat wetbed that will be very quiet no fan noise - soon to be tiled.



Grow Journal of the Month: Dec 2017
Ohhh boy. I read that as tilled and not tiled... all I'm thinking is " Your going to put a raised bed inside?! Now that is organic dedication right there.... Can you tell it's going to be one of those weeks?
Hahaha - yeah tiled floor coming soon.... next day or so maybe tonight!! depends. I just bought some more lighting off flea bay, someone was selling some LED lights that were "used once" and they are the same lights from one of the vendor sponsors here on 420mag. New 5w osram chips n all!! So I'll have plenty of lighting and lots of room.



Grow Journal of the Month: Dec 2017
Ok nothing much to report - fed the girls with my organic tea made from our all organic compost from our bin with Buffalo loam added in and 2 cups of EWC and some earth juice organic bloom flower nutes. I tested the tea with my new PPM meter and I'm at 450ppm (I think is PPM) - ph reading is perfect at 6.6ish and WOW frosty buds are in our future. I'm getting some nice flowers starting to form and the colas are starting to pack on some tiny leaves and fill out.

I just got a new LED light to add to the 600w HPS - its a 700w TopLed Mars II and I have another TopLed Mars II 900w on the way in the mail I'll have it tomorrow. I will be hanging the LEDs in the grow room with the 600w hps - that should be a killer combo and all organic. I got the LEDs off ePay for a song they were used one run, the 700w looked brand new and VERY well built. It's a freaking bright light I gotta wear shades now... pics of my progress tomorrow and I'll take pics of the new lights hanging before move in!!
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