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Flowers on the fan leaves?


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I thought I was high!... LOL
Maybe it is just something that I have never seen and maybe others have seen it but I was surprised. Has anyone ever seen something like a little flower cluster on the center of a fan leaf?? They were on all of the big fan leaves.
FYI... only plant being grown so I have no comparison but my techniques are well tried and tested so I can be sure it was not an exteral source. I do have pics if needed but I would have to figure out the whole pic thing.
Thanx in advance,

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I have seen that happen once before many years ago. When you think that florets are really modified leaves, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that you will have some flowers on your fan leaves. I hope you can post some pics so we can see more clearly. Very interseting. Thanks for posting this.

Jim Finnel

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here ya go bro...





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Thanx User for posting the pics. :)

Here it is... I would love to know more.
Not a clone.... it was a seed. I have no Idea of the strain.
Thanx again in advance.



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my second batch of indoor growing has been flowering for about 3 weeks .. on one of the females , i am starting to get flowers
growing from most of the top fan leaves ... rechecked the next day and sure enough , there they are .. going to pick them
separately and see if there is a diff in potency ... g
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