Fluxing It Up One Last Time! The Flux To End All Fluxes! LA Style!

The small one :lot-o-toke:Mate I have been passing by this page over the last few days :) each time starting from the top ta bottom :) And each time im thinking how proud I would be to have a monster like that growing :drool:I seen you put a new post up so I rushed over to see how are doing (just cause!)so I start at the top with the picture of yer Viking long ship each time a joy and a source of inspiration LMAO I scroll down to find you saying the Wee one :bravo::bravo::bravo:Freakin awesome is all I have to say ,,, eye candy from another dimension she is a beaut :)
Man hope things are better for you we just did a full moon a couple of days back an I was thnking of ya :sorry:that im such a loon an ,, sheesh I couldnt explain brother life seems to get in the way for me a lot ,, Old age sucks an im getting there so fast these days :volcano-smiley:
Your well wisher follower and friend :Namaste:
Thanks that was very helpful and kind of you, great to be amongst the 420 spirit again
Well were fluxing along nicely and its the boring bit lol. Normally I'd just chuck a flux under a cpl of CFLs in a cupboard and forget it! Well apart from a readjust every other day! :) Yet I've the run om in this spot so she's getting decent light levels and growing well. So as said just readjust your tethers at least every other day keeping your eye on the levels of each limb! :)
Not boring, not boring, not boring, not boring.
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