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Gorilla Seeds - Vote For Your Favorite Logger! Gorilla Glue Auto Involved

Gorilla Seeds

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Our friends over at Fast Buds asked us to hook them up with great testers, and we're looking to you guys for help.

The chosen person will get 5 Fast Buds Gorilla Glue Auto, 5 Fast Buds their choice AND any 5-pack from Gorilla Seeds, your choice from any brand.

The requirements: You must have a good log on 420Mag that goes from near the start all the way to the finish. A smoke report is a bonus. We also would like to see involvement from other members and good photos. If you've had good results with AutoFems in the past, that would be a bonus.

Your new log should include both Autos from Fast Buds, but you don't have to pop all 10 seeds. The 5 seeds of your choice from any brand don't have to be in the log - they're just our gift to you to save or pop as you see fit.

How we will chose: Post here with a link to your log, or nominate someone else by posting a link to their log.
Other members can vote on the log they like best, and we will start to evaluate the logs going in order of who has the most votes, and we'll choose who we think is the best fit.

If you guys can think of a better way to choose someone, I'm open to new ideas, so feel free to suggest something else.


Amadeus Forzin

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Fast buds has some awesome strains. We have a couple different strains from them we were going to do next. We currently have 7 autos going but will be clearing up some space in the next week or so. Here is our perpetual journal:

Welcome All My Friends To The Show That Never Ends - Canna M & Nismo12 Team Up!

We also have a nikon D3300 with a macro lens for up close and personal shots. Smoke report? I don't think that'll be an issue.
Thanks for the opportunity and for running these contests. :thanks: :thumb: :48:


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Paul Bunyan was good man but id suggest jacks mum.. That auto she grew...


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Id like to suggest Kushtie, if he's up for it.. The results he gets with his autos in nft would be appreciated by the breeder...

Dan Ultra

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I am finishing up a journal on Fast Buds Pineapple Express Auto and Girl Scout Cookie Auto here

UltraDan Goes Auto - GSC - Pineapple Express - Indoor LED
UltraDan Goes Auto - GSC - Pineapple Express - Indoor LED

Pineapple Express yielded 2.1oz in 55 days from seed.

GSC has a few more days yet.

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dirt mcgert

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I would like to see all the nominees so far grow them out. I feel they would all do fastbuds proud. So that's my nomination good luck everyone:thumb:

Stinky Snid

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I'd like to have a chance, come by my journal and see if its what your looking for. It would be awesome to journal for a purpose again.

Link is in my signature, my perpetual adventure.

Good luck and KiG everyone :green_heart:cheers


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gotta throw my hat in the ring here folks. I am having a blast with my current grow. my past journal was a hoot too. or should I say a hoot or two. lol

both are in my signature right below here lol clickity click clack eh

got me some fastbuds gear already to work on. lsd 25's they look delicious.

I could throw down a journal that would work I think.

you guys n gals will pick the right person regardless of who. there are some awesome growers & writers here.

and remember,
have fun eh
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