How long do people veg for a 4x4 scrog? Got 5 plants

Assuming they are not autos..You can veg for as long as you want..The major limiting factor will be the height of your grow..I think you Might add LST along with the topping..JMHO..
These are 4 ladies in a 3x3x6 tent..Aggressively LSTd, 2 tier scrog..No topping
I Veged for 35 days
Picture taken last week at 5 wks since flipping
Today will be Day 1 of the Final Flush
Thanx..I like em..My 1st grow too!
Too lazy to make a journal, but I do keep pictures..LOL



yeah i think thats what im planing on doing, think its going to take another 5 weeks before i even switch anyway, ill put them in then im planning on starting another 5 seeds 3 weeks into flower.

do any of you no any indica strains with short flower times?
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