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JoeCal's 2017 Sour Diesel, Perpetual Cycle, 600W, Soil Grow!


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Hello! Welcome everyone to my first journal! :welcome:

This is my first journal and about my seventh attempt to grow fat juicy cannabis nugs. Only about two of those attempts made it to the final week of growing. My last attempt at growing had spider mites during flowering so i shut the whole operation down and stopped for a few months. The harvest before that was my best one with about 8 oz dry off of 4 plants but there was still many mistakes. The few grows before that were riddled with learning curves that I'd rather not mention :laugh2:
Now this time I've invested more in hopes that I can get to where I really want to be. I figured I'd make a journal on here because I've learned almost everything I know from these forums/websites, and I feel like I've reached a point where I have a nice grasp on things and I'd like to share with other experienced green thumbs.

I bought feminized Sour Diesel seeds from crop king seeds and since they were so expensive to me (about $20 per seed) I didn't want to just grow them all at once and have it fail since I'm still learning the process, and since the light is pretty expensive to run I didn't want to grow only 1-2 plants at a time. So, my plan is to create mothers which i can then clone and create possibly infinite more plants from my 2 seeds ($40) I've never created a clone before so this is new to me.

Here's what I'm rocking right now for a setup.

**Quick Breakdown**
-One smaller 1.5 x 1.5 x 4ft clone box
-One medium 3 x 3 x 6ft veg tent
-One large 4 x 3 x 8ft flowering closet

-Feminized Sour Diesel seeds - Germinated in a paper towel and baggie for 3 days. Growing two mothers.

-Happy Frog Soil - I started growing with Fox Farm and I liked how it went, but this time the grow store guy kept insisting i get happy frog so I did. For the first few times watering in the Happy Frog soil, the water seemed to sink in the soil in a strange way and make air pockets. It was about the fourth time watering my two seedlings when the air pocket uprooted my little ladies twisting them and causing both to have a twisted stem jsut above the soil level and I feel like it stressed them out at an early stage and I'm pretty upset with this Happy frog soil.

-Planted straight into 1 Gallon pots after germination into 5 gallon pots when ready for flowering

-General Hydroponics 3 bottle food supply stuff
-PH Up/Down
-PH Meters
-PPM Meter
-Clone-ex Rooting Gel
-I use city tap water that I leave out in a 5 gallon bucket for 24/48 hours to help evaporate any chlorine and shit.
-One of the tubed florescent lights for the clone box
-One 400w MH light for veg
-One 600w HPS for flowering

-Homemade plywood cloning box - 1.5 x 1.5 x 4ft Made with plywood and some 2x4's

-Matrix growing tent for vegetation - 3 x 3 x 6ft Bought on amazon. It's ok.

-Homemade plywood flowering box - 4 x 3 x 8ft - Made with 2x4's and plywood and then painted white inside. I had a extra door laying around the house so I threw that on to make it more official. (i work construction)


This grow began on August 3rd. I'll try to catch you up to speed.

-The only issue I've encountered so far were some little gnats which may have come from the soil so I bought some little yellow sticky cards and after a few weeks the cards worked very well and collected what seems to be all of them.

Ok, so I germinated 2 feminized Sour Diesel seeds in a wet paper towel/plastic bag method to begin.
They took 2/3 days to poke out.
I planted them straight into a 1 gallon pot with Happy Frog soil on August 3rd.
I water them at a PH between 5.95 and 6.05, i try to be precise around 6.
At about the 4th week of them sprouting I began feeding.
I started the feedings at half strength with 1 ml of Cal-Mag.
They need water every Friday and Tuesday it seems So every Tuesday they get fed.

Each week I increase the food by 1/4 with another 1ml of Cal-mag each time. So like 1/2 then 3/4 then 1 then 1 1/4 and then maxed out at 1 and 1/2 strength and 5 Cal-Mag. That was too much food on week 8 or so where I started to see symptoms of nute burn. So Ive decreased the food by 1/4 and have steadied out at about 1and1/4 strength food with 4 ML of Cal-Mag.

I grew them originally in the large flowering box as this was the only box i had when this grow began. Using a 400w MH light on a 18/6 schedule. The large closet was first used for all stages of the plants life with a 400w grow light for previous grows, switching between the MH light and the 400w HPS light when I switched from veg to flower. But this time, I wanted to start the perpetual cycle I've always read and dream't about so I went ahead and built the small clone box and bought the veg tent and bigger lights so I can have all 3 stages of life properly.

So about a week ago when the tent came in the mail I switched the two mothers from the large closet to the medium veg tent to prepare the large closet for flowering.
I moved the 400w MH light from the large closet to the medium tent and so far the temps stay at about 81F degrees and about 40-50% humidity which is decent.

So now that I have the two mothers in a steady environment I've begun cloning.
I clone a few from each mother, every other Sunday for the past 6 weeks because you normally don't get a 100% success rate I snip about 8 branches and only pick the best 2 or 3 clones to move forward.
So I have 3 batches of female clones.
Batch One began showing roots about 2 weeks ago and were planted into clear 18 oz solo cups and then covered with red solo cups. I fed them when I seen roots and overfed them so theres more yellowing of the leaves than there should be. I burnt them a little. =( But a few grew past it and look very nice =)

Batch Two should show roots in the next day or 2

Batch Three was cut like 2 days ago and are freshly chilling.

The flowering hasn't begun yet and will begin in about 2 weeks so I thought now would be a nice time to start the journal. There's so much to talk about it was difficult typing all this down to try to catch everyone up. Thanks for coming by!:allgood:


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So you will notice that the two mothers have multiple tops. On the 2nd batch of clones I cut the tops of each mother to help keep them short and help promote lower growth. So you can see the wilting tops in the back of that batch starting to yellow.
Those 2 tops are the only upper branches I've cut off of them, essentially lollipopping the mothers by removing all lower stuff.


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Well I'm not sure if anyone cares but I figured I'd continue because I was bored today so here's whats happenin...

I transplanted the mothers this week instead of cutting a new batch of clones for two reasons:
- I felt the moms needed a break from continuous healing and it was about time to upgrade anyways
- The clones aren't rooting as fast as planned
The transplanting went flawless, easily the best transplant I've ever done and it was mainly because I watered the soil fully first which I never did before and then the next day watered again right as I transplanted - into already watered soil.
Here's the before and after.
Before in 1 Gal

After in 5 Gallon

Ahh the clones:circle-of-love: My babies:love:
The ones planted in the solo cups that are in the veg room are all growing well. Since that issue that I had with first feeding them, it seems most of them them have grown 2 tops which is cool, but I'm concerned about the amount of stress they've already endured. One of them, the first one planted, "Geni" is perfect looking though and doing great so it may be the new mother looking forward.
You can see the temps are starting to drop down past 68 degrees at night which I know is slowing growth so I've started to push their time schedule by one hour each day so that in a few days the light will run at night and shut off in the morning when the home heating turns on so hopefully they wont get cold at night anymore. Otherwise everything is excellent.

The newly cut clones are the biggest problem. Without the new clones rooting within 14 days it pushes my whole system outta whack.
The plan was that every other Sunday I would cut a new batch and push the old ones forwards. But my clones are taking 19+ days to show roots! Its dramatically slowing my whole system down! It must be the temps dropping below 68 degrees at night so I placed a heating pad I bought underneath them. I heard if you place the mat directly underneath you will burn them so the first night I placed a little metal cap I found to give space between the bottom of the clone box and the mat. After the first night of using the mat it seemed a little hot at 87 degrees so I places a few more caps to give more space and even that was too hot above 83 degrees so I placed a cardboard box there too and now it seems to be working better at about 77. Its been three days since and I've gotten 3 to root so far so clearly it was a temperature issue. I'll just have to keep working on it.
Its been about 23 days since the right half was cut and about 12 days on the left side and none have roots.
Humidity is always above 80-90% and temps during the day are about 75 degrees.



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Since nobody seems interested at all I'm probably going to stop making this. Its quite a bit of work to make this journal and its tons of work maintaining the garden anyways, so since it doesnt appear to interest anyone, I cant find the motivation to keep this thing going. Maybe I'll update in a few months when there's flowers or something.

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Hope all is well in your world.

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Happy Holidays!
So I'd like to keep this journal afloat, sorry for lack of updates. Everything is going well and I'm on week 5 for the Moms (batch 1) and week 3 for the six plants of batch 1. I would take more photos but I'm aftaid nobody really cares so I'll take more next time when the flowers are more pronounced. I'm going to add a dwc hydro bucket to my veg tent today as a gift to myself for Christmas lol I'll show you it later.
The only issue I seem to be having is with the moms having a yellow tint and the top leaves curling upwards. There's no way it's JUST heat stress because the plants beside them are fine and it's consistently less than 75 degrees in the entire tent. So I'm a little baffled.


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Im in week 6-7 of the moms and week 3-4 of batch 1. I’ve done so much and had so many changes I could write a book on growing but since I’m sure nobody cares I’ll just post some pictures.


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I do have one question for anyone out there knowledgeable to answer. You can see the top fan leaves of the mother's hardcore curling upwards which is usually heat stress but the temps are 63-75 degree F steady always and the other plants in the tent are fine and at the same height, I underfed them a little so they have some deficiency's and I'm pretty sure the curling is because of a certain nutrient deficiency plus strong hid lights. Anyone know what nutrient it needs? Or any other ideas why they're curling up so much? I understand they curl to retain water/moisture but the water schedules on these plants are flawless and the humidity is 20-40% in flowering so there's gotta be more to it. These plants are trying to tell me something and I'm just not getting the message.


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Ya know, ever since I was like 18 I’ve followed these forums and learned almost everything I know from them, and not that I can grow, I was stoked to actually post and meet people and be able to communicate with like minded people. So it’s depressing knowing that nobody cares even when I ask for help. There’s no point in continuing this journal, it’s pointless and a waste of time. Thanks for nothin guys.


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Looks good brother. I'd be more than happy to help you with any issues you may be having... where are you at right now?

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