KingJohnC's Lush Lighting LED Dominator 2x Soil Indoor Grow Journal & Review

Welcome to my KingJohnC Lush Lighting LED Dominator 2X Soil Indoor Grow Journal and Review!

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In this journal I will test a Lush Lighting LED Dominator 2x panel.

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Our LED grow lights and LED agriculture lights are unique and are revolutionizing the industry. This is not just a claim, these really are that different and powerful. These are the most energetic grow lights ever created. Lush Lighting sells LED lights in Colorado and all 50 states. Our hydro LED lights consist of the highest quality chips available, along with perfect engineering, in order to maximize light output. Our LED's are fixed to a specially designed heat synch plate to keep light operating under 100º! Framed with steel, these lights are built to last! For our customer's convenience we have sealed the containment of the LED's in order to keep this area free of debris. This low maintenance unit only requires an occasional cleaning of the exterior glass. Our units are available in 120v or 240v. We will need to make this an option at check out. What makes Lush Lighting products so unique is the use of blue photons, even for flowering plants. Blue photons contain more electric charge and these photons convert into electrons with more charge. This is used on a molecular level for plants to split water and capture the hydrogen while releasing the oxygen. We have four products at the moment. One large and one small flowering light as well as one large and one small vegetating light. The large flowering light is the Dominator, while the small flowering light is the Lumenator. The large vegetating light is the Vegetator while the small vegetating light is the Herbalvador.
Lush Lighting is the first company to stabilize the production of highly energized photons in grow lights! LED's can now reduce your operating cost while increasing your revenue!
Our LED Hydro Lights Products
The first LED grow lights that flower plants 4' away with buds hanging to the floor!

Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights - Flowering and Vegetation
Limited Flowering Colors- Vegetation Stage Only
2x Lens Doubles LED Light Intensity

70,000 lumens & 1,300 µmoles
20" away from Dominator 2x!

200 High Intensity 3 watt LED's!

435 watts, about 1/3 the power of HPS!

Generate a fraction of the heat of HID!

Grow healthier foliage and more roots!

Overlap light for even canopy coverage!

Improve essential oil and resin production!

Covers up to a 4'x4' area

Concentrated over a 3'x3' area

Dominator 2x

What strain is it?
Ak47xAlaskan Thunder, AK48, Hindu Kush and Brainstorm Haze

Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Ak47xAlaskan Thunder mostly Indica High in CBD, Ak48 mostly Indica, Hindu Kush mostly Indica High in CBD and Brainstorm Haze mostly Sativa.

Is it in Veg or Flower stage?

Vegetative Growth for 3-5 more weeks.

If in Veg... For how long?

30 days- 80 days

If in Flower stage... For how long?

Indoor or outdoor?


Soil or Hydro?


If soil... what is in your mix?

soilless mixture consisting of 85% Pro-Mix HP, 15% vermiculite and mycorrhizae pro-mix hp mycorrhizae growing medium

If soil... What size pot?

1 gallon

Size of light?

435 watt Lush Lighting LED Dominator 2X panel

Is it aircooled?

Temp of Room/cab?
RH of Room/cab?
PH of media or res?

pH 5.8

Any Pests ?


How often are you watering?

as required every 3-4 days

Type and strength of ferts used?

General Hydroponics Flora series 3 part nutrients currently at 3/4 strength. For flowering General Hydroponic Liquid KoolBloom, Dry KoolBloom and Humboldt County's Own Snow Storm Ultra will be used as flowering supplements. flora series liquid koolbloom dry koolbloom products
Grow_Bay_1_2014-03-26_-_001.JPG phresh filter 6in x 24in 550cfm


These high performance inline fans feature superior steel construction with powder coated baked paint and convenient North-American sizes from 4 to 12 inches. Speed controllable and balanced motors with permanently lubricated ball bearings ensure vibration-free operation. Proudly made in Canada by Atmosphere. The Vortex Powerfan comes with a 6' power cord, ready to plug in, installed by the manufacturer. These blowers feature a 10 year warranty. vortex inline fan 6in 452cfm

Grow_Bay_1_2014-03-26_-_003.JPG ltl speed day night fan controller mercury 3









































Kushington Farms grows with Lush Lighting LED Dominator 2X panels and has excellent harvests!

@Kushington Farms

Finished Plants 100% LED Grown

A special thank you to @labexperiment who greatly assisted with the construction and fitting of equipment in Grow Bay #1.
re: KingJohnC's Lush Lighting LED Dominator 2x Soil Indoor Grow Journal & Review

I have yet to figure out what lush lighting does with their lights to make them 'the first LED light to grow buds hanging to the floor from 4' away' and I have gone over their website with a fine tooth comb. So hopefully you will be able to shed some light on that.

For example I am curious as to whose diodes and what wavelengths they use and what are they driving them at? Last time I checked out their site could not find any of that.
re: KingJohnC's Lush Lighting LED Dominator 2x Soil Indoor Grow Journal & Review

I believe that Lush Lighting uses Cree designed LED diodes, I had asked about what are spectrum of the LED diodes that Lush Lighting uses and was told it is a proprietary formula.
re: KingJohnC's Lush Lighting LED Dominator 2x Soil Indoor Grow Journal & Review

Subbed up KJC, Nice clean setup as always, looking forward to this grow.
Good luck.;)
re: KingJohnC's Lush Lighting LED Dominator 2x Soil Indoor Grow Journal & Review

Well one could always buy a light and take it apart and see what diode part #'s are. Heck probably would not even have to take it apart just measure wavelengths.

Cree are probably one of if not the best diode manufacturers, well of the big/well known ones at least.
re: KingJohnC's Lush Lighting LED Dominator 2x Soil Indoor Grow Journal & Review

subs :) excellent setup
re: KingJohnC's Lush Lighting LED Dominator 2x Soil Indoor Grow Journal & Review

Subbed, Thanks for the invite King John C, it's looks like you have been very busy!
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