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Mars-Hydro LED Grow Light Discussion


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Haha, I have been mentioning for a while and I believe you still remember that the new light is some kinda quantum board but different design, so for sure, a little like it, but many aspects still very different.
From the clues I've been picking up, the new model may not require the "traditional" LED glasses, lol (in other words, not a "blurple" light in apparent color). I've been thinking "quantum" type for a while now; it seems like the next logical step for the company. Although I wouldn't be surprised if they manage to put their own spin on it. Regardless, it should be interesting and I'd love to see more about the upcoming product line (and would be interested in getting my hands on one ;) ).

Convince your company to open some kind of presence in my town (small city). It is just economically-depressed enough that you should be able to get deals on future taxes and such with the local government - and get 2,500 people(*) show up to apply for 50 jobs :rolleyes: - but we still have a good infrastructure, various forms of transportation, et cetera. A customer call center, a repair center, a regional warehouse... or side-step any worries over a "trade/tariff war" and do final assembly right here in the United States.

(*) people who understand the concept of work, too; it is still said that, when someone moves away from here to find work, and mentions where they came from (here)... they tend to jump to the head of the line.

If you do, and you hire me, I'd be so appreciative that I'd happily return my first paycheck return half of my first paycheck show lots and lots of gratitude (a man has to eat ;) ). Oh, and then you could hire Birdie, too, and employ her in a country she really wants to live in.

Come on over, open a new branch of Mars-Hydro, lol.

Is that new light out, yet? ;)
We are talking about the lauching local front for many many years, well, you know it is a quite big steps, and the hiring, the local rent, and local everything is different, so it is hard for us to open the office out there. at least I don't believe we will lauching local office in a short time. But what I know is we have a sole agent in Ceczh republic opened a Mars Hydro store front there, haha, wish one day I could visit there. :green_heart:


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Here are a couple pics of the latest girls in flower.

Tent 1 3x3 with a the big epi pro II.

The big girl on the left is an Incredible Bulk . She is ready to come down almost any time. Back Right is a c-99 Blueberry fast. She is 5 weeks into flower. Last is my latest Train Wreck clone that was flipped a week ago.

and the smaller 2x2 with a COB

This is a Black berry Bubble gum. :circle-of-love::peace:
Thanks for the sharing Dave, i thought you might share some day later, but you are so fast! :welldone:Plants looks very healthy! :yahoo:

Dave Groomer

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Interesting strain name. Does it "earn it," in terms of taste / scent?
This is the first time I have grown her. She was the most beautiful plant I have ever grown...then I chopped all her fans and made her ugly
Interesting strain name. Does it "earn it," in terms of taste / scent?
This i the first time I have grown this strain. She was the most beautiful plant I have every grown in flower. I x-mas tree with fan leaves much bigger then my hand. Here is the info on the strain from Herbies:

SeedStockers Blackberry Gum Feminised Seeds Info

Seed Stockers Blackberry Gum is an unusual phenotype found after crossing a Bubble Gum male plant with a dark female Blueberry clone from a cannabis club in Barcelona. The Blackberry Gum line is an unusual fruity phenotype, often with dark colorings in the buds and leaves. The aroma is earthy, spicy and with dark fruity aromas of Blueberry and the very dense sweet Bubble Gum taste together with a flash of cotton candy. Yields are well above average, and the parents guarantee highly potent, resin-crusted buds with a very long lasting effect. THC levels are 23%+ on this variety, its one of the strongest varieties you will find with a great feel-good high.


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Can't wait for it!
I thinks it’s to long. now would be good :19:
Please everyone , wait patiently, we need to make everything perfect to show you. :green_heart:
And please help me spread the words that we will have one programme for tester for this new light soon, anounced on Dec. 12th as well. Cheers! :cool::cool:


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So Mr. Secret A's grow update,. haha ! :19: He said : had a clear up to managed to get some time haha and a trim up. felt a ashamed when people noticed last time , well, I told him, you notice everything!


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