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I am new to growing and have two plants at about 3 weeks now with very little growth. They have 2 sets of true leaves and thats it. I am using a seedling soil recommended for this and purchased my seeds online. I am using 2 each 25w CFL and are placed just a few inches from the tops. I water them when the soil is dry about every 3 days and they are in small containers. My concern is the lack of growth and should I just be more patient or do what I am thinking and get different soil, a slightly bigger container and transplant them. My fear is they are not strong enough to be transplanted. Any recommendations are appreciated.
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My guess is they want more light... I use a 24 watt 2 foot t5 for my cloning chamber. I pot my clones and they can live with very little growth for about 6 weeks in there. They get a little taller but the small amount of light doesn't even trigger side branching.

My solution for now would be to get the lights a little closer, maybe like a inch and a half or less. From my experience as long as the plant doesn't touch the actual bulb you can get as close as you can.
Thanks Twox I may try the bigger lights but everything Ive read says these SHOULD BE enough. I am trying to post somme pics now. I went to the store and bought some different soil and pots and may transfer them over to that.
I wasnt able to figure how to post a pic but I did transfer them over to bigger pots 2Gal and new soil. The small pots were both moist and plant A had lots of roots wrapped around. That was the shorter pot. Plant B was the taller and had roots all the way to the bottom and again the soil was moist. I threw those pots out and I see now they were not what I shouldve used. The plants are drooping and fairly yellow. I am sure they were over watered with poor drainage. I hope they survive and will wait and see. I pick up a grow tent next weekend and will set up the HP light. Thanks for your help.
I think you are expecting too much. The first couple of weeks is (or should) be all about root growth.
Do not water every few days. Let those roots search out moisture at the bottom so they grow big and strong. The top soil should always be dry unless you just watered them. When completely dry at the top couple of inches, there will still be lots of water down at the bottom. If well watered at transplant, they should be able to go at least two-three weeks in 2 gal pots. You'll want more light, but new seedlings don't need a lot as long as the light is kept close.

These are all at 15 days from seeds going into soil. I do not germinate in paper towels. I just drop the seeds directly into the cups. Three plants were watered one time only. The smallest plant had not had a drink yet. It turned out fine. It had the best root development and once watered, it grew like a weed. :cheesygrinsmiley:
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