Nirvana Blue Mystic Auto Grow Journal

Ok, folks - Day 21 the little lady (the front, right POT). Looking healthy and growing like a weed (pun intended). I'm going to keep on keepin' on for this grow!



Well, I walked in today and it is now Day 24 for this Blue Mystic Auto - she looked like she was ready - so I used some green garden wire to bend down the main cola. Very simple form of LST to the main cola only. I need her to stay short due to the tent size. All the colas have just started to turn a yellowish color meaning she is in preflower. Every auto I have grown has started to flower in week 3 or week 4 so this is par for the course. Another healthy auto! Thanks, all!



Today is day 28 for the Blue Mystic Auto. That's right - 4 weeks! I did some additional LST on some secondary colas as well. Flowering has begun and pistils are growing.


Hey, all - I created an excel sheet to start tracking my grows. The gray fields are manual input the rest of the cells are calculated based on the manual input. Not sure if anyone else has another method for tracking their grows.

Today is day 35 (week 5) for the Blue Mystic Auto. She has taken to LST very well and is really filling in and stretching right now. So far I am super happy with the grow. I moved the Blue Mystic to the back pot in the picture.... Happy Holidays (and happy growing) everyone!.




Happy New Year Everyone! I hope 2017 is the year that cannabis is completely legalized!

This grow is cruising right along- going so fast. The Blue Mystic Auto is 7 weeks (42 days) from seed. She is really looking great so far. There is about 4-6 weeks of flowering left before harvest. I always grow all organic - so I am glad folks get to see that you don't need all the extra ferts/nutes/supps and PHd water to grow great plants. Tap water, Half Promix and half Kind soil has done the trick for all my autos.





Today is day 56 (8 weeks) for the Blue Mystic Auto and she is looking great (the pot in the rear). Still have 2-4 weeks of flower left. I am guessing I will get at least 2OZ dried bud.




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Subbed! Your grow looks great. Really exciting to see how this Blue Mystic Auto is coming along - I'm doing my first grow right now, same strain, relatively similar setup. Two weeks from seed and it looks very much like yours did at that age :high-five: Have you used any nutes with it so far?
Hey insom - no nutes man. Just light, soil and tap water. Less is more has always worked for me.

Today is day 64 and the Blue Mystic Auto is almost ready for harvest. I cut a lot of the fan leaves off about a week ago (because I was bored and curious). Anyway, buds are super dense, trichs are mostly cloudy (i personally like 'em cloudy and not amber). Probably my favorite Auto I have grown. I expect close to 2 OZ dried bud from this little lady.





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Nice gives me something to look forward to. Great grow! I cant wait to get started with my Blue Mystic. :thumb:

Im just now prepping my Swiss Cheese for harvest. Then I've got a few weeks before I can get that seed going.
I chopped her down on day 64 from seed... my dry bin is full!! The picture doesn't do justice as most of those buds are 8"-10" long. Can't wait to get the dry weight in a few days....


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