OG Kush & WWxBB Grow - Indoor Tent


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1st indoor grow
I ordered seeds from herbies and after a few weeks nothing. So I sent an email notifying them of this and they resent for me received two weeks later! I ordered feminised white widow seeds I also got a dinafem og kush and 2 afganis as freebis!
The next day I germed 1 wwxbb and the og kush within 24 hrs both had popped using the paper towel method I then placed these into small pots with clean potting soil.
24 hrs later they had popped out the soil!! Cheering!!

I chucked them straight in the tent setup
800mm x 800mm x 2100 grow lush tent
2 13w CFL
1 250w dual spectrum CFL
1 150w led ufo
6 inch extraction fan only on when lights are on
6 inch induction
1 oscillating fan on 24/7
Temps stay between 19 and 27
Humidity between 35-60% 40-50% most of the time
Watered every other day if needed
Currently no ferts
Lights in veg stag 18-6
Soil grow with perlite
OG KUSH displaying indica dominant traits
White widow x big bud is mostly sativa
Both about the same size today at 2.5 weeks old
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I have also added Epsom salt to the potting mix I will be adding go go juice with seaweed kelp. It is benaficial bacteria for the soil to help with nutrient uptake and root growth along with the nutes which I'll be running organic Charlie carp with seaweed N1.5 P0.5 K0.75 during veg and liquid potash when I switch to flower N 0 P 2.0 K 14.0
I can't seem to upload pics atm
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I normally top and lst aswell with my outdoor but being feminised seeds I'm hesitant to stress them too much and hermie them so I'll probably lst only still undecided got to look a bit more into it.

Can LST make your plant hermi? I've never heard of that but now that I'm thinking about it, it makes sense. I was gonna do a lot of LST on my two girls, but knowing that it can make them hermi, I might not being doing it as much lol

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re: OG Kush & WWxBB Grow Indoor Tent

re: OG Kush & WWxBB Grow - Indoor Tent

I've also given them their first feed today at quarter strength with the Charlie carp and the gogo juice and seaweed kelp. We will see how they react! These were transplanted a few days ago from the cups as they had roots coming out the bottom these pots will be for vegging I will transplant once more in a couple weeks just before I turn them to flower.
Picked up a new Charlie carp today which is N10 P2 K6 which appears ideal for veg
I am using natural spring water
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