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Perfect Sun LED: Higher Par Than 1000w HPS, Save $50, Q&A


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Joined for the research on your lights. But I'm getting a dwarf star soon. Also sub'd this thread
You will absolutely love it! Welcome to the PS family. [emoji41]


My girl under the Dwarf Star:



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Re: Perfect Sun LED - Higher Par Than 1000w HPS - Save $50 - Q&A

Thanks, DJ! Swing by anytime.

Wow, lovely. How much did you yield?

Is that a 4x4 space?

Thanks Vex. I believe it was almost 6 or 7 oz., can't recall for sure. the flower room is 3-1/2x5 ft.
The flood table is a 3x3 with 20 gallon res.


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Hi Guys! I just ordered my Goliath! Cant wait! I popped some beans a few days ago under T5's and I'm really excited to get them under the Goliath. Hopefully it makes it to Canada quickly.
Hi Gee64, I'm sure you're gonna love the spectrum that the perfect sun lights put out. I know I'm happy with mine.
Good luck.


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I just want to give a quick hats off to LEDRF for some super service and very fast shipping on my new Dwarf Star. He's a great guy to deal with


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Re: Perfect Sun LED - Higher Par Than 1000w HPS - Save $50 - Q&A

Thought I would drop in and show the two ladies we have under the PS COB. They are seriously loving this light and have since filled up the 4x4 tent and are 7 days into flower (pictures from day 5). They are in 20 gallon pots with DBHBB soil. I think we should have a great yield, what do ya think? :laugh2:

Dream machine (left) and deep cheese (right)




I set up a time lapse camera to catch all of the hard hitting action of the flowering cycle. Also with the light 34" from the canopy we are still seeing 1,000 ppfd.

Thanks again. :48:
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