PotPie's First Grow - Quest for Indoor Gardening Nollij

Weed in respectable quantity, experience, and the respect of your peers. And if that ain't all folks, you don't have to build your cabinet again for your Christmas grow. You can write up a schedule now for it. A bit presumptive of me, yup and I'd like to see it here please. If I don't hear from you till September, I'll be happy whenever I do. If you don't get too stoned to read and write, go nowhere. Congratulations, PotPie

Well, It's September and I thought I should check back in with Propa Gator and everyone else who helped me throughout this grow. It's been about six weeks since I last posted in this journal and I thought I should write a little wrap up and ask the mods to put this one in the finished pile.

Here are the stats as I can recall them from notes, posts and various recollections:

4 plants from bag seed went all the way to harvest out of 12 started.
Total Grow Period:124 days
Total Veg Period: 56 days
Total Flower Period: 69 days (9 Weeks and 6 days)

Total Harvest: 7.8 oz. (About 221g)
Average Harvest Weight per plant: 1.95 oz (55.25g)
Grams per watt harvested .55g

Smoke Report: Nice, happy head high with minimal couchlock. I am no weed connoisseur (yet) so I gave a few of my friends some healthy samples to get their feedback. My only condition of this gift was to tell me what they honestly thought since I needed a quaisi-independent opinions to see if I did OK on my first grow. The response was very positive. Everyone enjoyed it quite a bit. Needless to say, this made me very happy.:grinjoint:

Things I learned in this grow (in no particular order)
- I don't like trimming!
- I need to pay more attention during veg stage so I don't run out of grow space during flower.
- Use less perlite. It floats and gets in the way a bit.
- Manage temps better. My cabinet got too hot several times during flower and I think it caused me to lose weight at harvest. It also seemed to stop resin production in its tracks.
-Use quality soil for the whole grow. I switched to less expensive soil when I transplanted and while it didn't appear to hurt the plants, I fought fungus gnats the entire time.
-My dog likes sneaking in my grow area when I'm not looking and eating my plants.
- I love growing weed! Ever since I finished this grow, I have wanted to start another one. With that being said, I started another grow this week. I am growing from bag seed again. The reason I am not opting for quality genetics is I may be moving before the end of the year and moving the crop may prove troublesome. If I have to, I will kill this crop and start fresh at the new place with quality stock. I haven't decided if I will post a journal of this grow yet but I probably will. I'll put up a link here if I do.

Thanks again to 420Mag and all of the people that helped me out with this grow. It came out great and I couldn't have done it without this site.

Hello Potpie!
That is a nice report on your grow. I really like the part of what you learned to help us all. I think you did a fantastic job. I have a bad itch to grow again soon as well but I will try to be satisfied with the regular garden for now until my needs arise.
I have learned with your grow too. Thanks alot for all your sharing of Nollij...
Re: PotPie's First Grow - Completed

Nice looking harvest!! Congrats on a nice job.
Thanks for sharing your grow with us!

I'm moving this to completed journals now.

Have you started a new grow you would like to share with us?

If so, please start one here:
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Hope all is well in your world.

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine!

That is a PHAT AZZ BUD. I like that.
I think is real funny on how you posted it with a dollar bill. What do you really know about the US Dollar with the owl and other hidden symbols on the bill. Maybe I'm just a little to stoned and thinking out of the box.

That cola looks great bro!!!! +reps and congratz on ur 2nd place plant of the month!!!

Hope you enjoy My 1st grow
Hey, what's up MI-grower? Thanks for visiting my journal. I liked that cola too.

I have heard about some of the hidden stuff on dollar bills but I never heard about an owl. Where is that?

I just subscribed to your journal but it's gonna take a bit of time to get through 28 pages. Best of luck to you.

The owl is hard to see but it is there look above the 1 on the top right hand corner of the dollar bill between the leaf and the shield surrounding the 1. It's a pagan god named mulick. I dont think I spelt it right but you get my point. Just google it bro there is so much info out there if you really want to look.

Thanks for subscribing to my journal. I hope you enjoy it.
Thanks again Whiskey Papa. I'm still enjoying the fruits of that first grow and even managed to give a few ounces away to friends in need. My second grow was from a different bagseed and I put a long finish on it. It's been very good for my wife's condition but a bit too much couch lock for me. That first grow was just right for me.
Big Congrats on a successfull harvest. Plants look awesome.

another + rep for harvest
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