PotPie's First Grow - Quest for Indoor Gardening Nollij

Lol, yes really actually. I have other pics on here of some of my other plants but this particular setup was for tomatoes and actually is housing basil right now. People down here pay good money for sweet basil. Like $25 a lb if you deal with some of the high end restaurants. I really should start posting some grow threads of my other plants. ie :not tomatoes and basil. This room is nearly identical to some other rooms I have made in the past. I liike the 8" aircooled reflectors. With a 8" max fan pulling on the one end the reflectors stay completally cool.
Just a quick update. I mentioned that I harvested a 2 small branches the other day. Here they are after drying for 2 days. Thanks for looking.

Those are some really nice buds. Wish I could pick them off my screen. Great job. Lucky you...

Hey 420Mag Growers, I harvested all 4 plants yesterday. Here is the cabinet with the light removed and most of the harvest in the picture.

Here's some of the smaller nugs that were nice nugs but not really big enough to hang up. The stuff in the jar is the two small branches I harvested a few days ago.

And this is the main cola from my biggest plant. I am a proud papa:bong:

I didn't bother with a wet weighing but I will try to get a weight when I put this into jars in a few days.

Thank everyone for the kind words, reps and for your votes in the plant of the month contest. I got second in the contest.:woohoo: I am pretty proud of that too. Thanks everyone for your support!

P.S. Congrats on being voted member of the month Hazeseeker! Throwing down two simultaneous grows and keeping up with all the people here a420Mag. Way to go.:slide:
It looks like all your hard worked paid off. Congratulations on a fantastic grow.. :cheer:
Thanks everyone for the kind words and reps.

Hello PotPie fantastic grow! how how much did that weigh in at?
Hey Dr.! I just weighed everything last night after I got it trimmed up and ready for jars. After 6days of drying the 4 plants netted approx. 7.8oz (220g).

Each plant averaged just shy of 2z

Thanks for reading:peace:
Weed in respectable quantity, experience, and the respect of your peers. And if that ain't all folks, you don't have to build your cabinet again for your Christmas grow. You can write up a schedule now for it. A bit presumptive of me, yup and I'd like to see it here please. If I don't hear from you till September, I'll be happy whenever I do. If you don't get too stoned to read and write, go nowhere. Congratulations, PotPie
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