LordCaliban's 1st Bag Seed Indoor Grow!

Subscribed, have you decided which brand of nutes you will use? I wouldn't use miracle gro, it lacks the micro nutrients a cannabis plant requires to stay healthy, and it's a chemical fertilizer, so you will have to flush, or the buds will likely be harsh. Looking nice so far though, hope you get a girl or two!
Kinda based on my monetary situation right now. I splurged to get the FoxFarms Ocean floor soil when I transplanted to the 5 gallon smart pots, I'm thinking I'll get the Fox Farms Big Bloom 32oz and hopefully that'll be enough for hopefully a lady or two. Hoping my hard water I have sitting in my jugs for a couple days is mineral rich. I'm pretty sure it's calcium dense as I have a Vicks humidifier/vaporizer I use when I'm sick and after a couple uses there's lots of mineral deposits in the bottom of the basin.

Trying to keep it basic and simple. It's currently in a closet in an empty spare room right now. I live in a very very humid area (outdoor humidity tonight peaks at 81% and it's clear night), but with the door cracked the humidity in the closet stays in the 40's though my monitor has shown it's peaked near 60 a couple times during the door closed dark period. I'm hoping to get a blackout shade on my window so I can keep the door cracked during dark time too so it'll increase airflow.

Smell is going to be my next worry. Sometimes close to the door you can smell it but then once the door is open the room has a nice fragrance right now. I've tried to offset this somewhat by cracking the window in the room and I have a blanket blocking the main door on the bottom thus the pressure in the room (built up from the A/C) escapes from the easiest way out which is the cracked window with fan blowing out it. Once I flower and dry though I'm worried if the smell is too heavy it'll blow towards the neighbours house. My next idea is to get some carbon filter and cut it to match the screen on the window and if I can afford it, get a cheap dual window fan that will suck the air out the room and through window but through the filter first.
So it's been 12/12 for a week now and I think two are showing sex. My camera doesn't want to focus well in macro mode so I'll wait till there's longer white hairs coming out to confirm but I think I can say with 75% surety that at least two of my hopeful ladies are female. I took the small guy out to take this picture, the one on the right is growing very fast but she's curving now and once I move the other plant out can't seem to support her weight without bowing over.

What would be a better solution for me? Get a Tomato Lattice to secure her, or just hold her up with some kitchen string? There's a wire shelf up out of view that the one light hangs from so a simple string sling would be easy to execute. Current just twisted her around so the wall is giving some support until I can figure it out tomorrow (her night cycle just started, don't want to interrupt)

I also asked on the budding forum but no answer yet, I can really only afford to get one set of Nutes. Was debating between FoxFarms Big Bloom and Grow Big or possibly Tiger Bloom.


If you can just afford one, I would go with the tiger bloom, because it has all of the micro nutrients, and has higher npk values. You should only start at 1/4 strength, and gradually increase the dosage, and you should be fine. You will have a fair amount of salt buildup, so you should flush from time to time.
Tiger bloom makes those buds nice and fat, you won't regret buying it, but if you plan to grow again, you should think about getting the rest of the trio. It took me awhile to get them all as well, but now I have a decent collection of nutes, and I continue to but them when I can, so now I have a big trunk almost full of shit now. The bills come first, and I know how it is to be on a budget, but you gotta spoil the girls once in awhile.
Thanks, I think I'll go with the Tiger Bloom then. To be honest given the situation in my house, this will probably be my only grow for quite a while and given the size of my plants, I think even a small yield will last me quite a while. But I do appreciate all the info I've been getting, and I know there will come a time when I will grow again.

I've been learning a lot too. I'm more of a "couch lock" person and personally just wanting this for the benefit I get from a really good night sleep after smoking and of course once my stash is curing I hope to still be around the forums to give people my incite from a really simple grow and results.
Thanks, I did some reading on the Lucas Method and a lot of KISS ideas and there's a lot of people using the 1 tsp/gallon with the MaxiBloom and having great results so my bag should be here hopefully Saturday or Monday. I've been on a 12/12 schedule (though some days it might be 13 light/11 dark) for 11 days now. I show no signs of pistils just some spots that look that should start growing pistils out of them (I'll take some pics this weekend).

All 3 are growing very strongly though and getting bigger each day. Should I maybe do a longer dark period over the weekend. Like an 8/16 for a couple days to try and stimulate the flowering process. Or am I just being impatient and growing under CFL just needs a little more time?

Oh and I'm also going to add another two lights hanging above so I should have some decent coverage.
I believe I am able to determine sex on all three plants now. The first pic is of the runt which just started showing these balls on the top half of the plant at many of the nodes. I first thought there's a small chance it could be just new growth spots, but I'm thinking male and would like your guys opinion. The other two larger plants are showing which I believe are hairs now coming out of some of the pistils and no balls like the other plant. Just want some confirmation so I can destroy the supposed male!


Both are starting to show a lot of long white pistils but I'm worried one of the plants is going Hermie on me. I can't tell right now if this is bud growth or those are nut sacks growing in there too. These are several pics of a couple of the nodes on one of the plants. The other plant doesn't have growth like this, but does have a lot of pistils. Curious if it is Hermie as to what I should do. 2 out of 3 were female, if 1 is Hermie then I'm left with just one lady.


Its only on a few nodes, is it worth attempting to pick them off or destroy my chick with a dick and hope lucky lady number 3 doesn't hermie on me too? Would I yield better from two plants with bud and some seeds or stick with just the lone wolf in the end?
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